From a refugee camp in Nepal,
Tika Acharya has come long way

The NH Union Leader has nominated resettled Bhutanese Tika Acharya as one of the ‘40 Under Forty‘ who are helping make New Hampshire a better place to live in 2013. The following is his profile reproduced from Union Leader.

MANCHESTER— Over the past three years, Tika Acharya has led a nonprofit refugee organization, worked for the state as a contract administrator, interned at a major insurance company and, along the way, raised a newborn son.

Tika Acharya (Picture courtesy : NH Union Leader)

It’s a busy life, considering that prior to his arrival in the United States three years ago, Acharya and his family spent much of their lives in refugee camps in Nepal. Acharya is a refugee from Bhutan, a small country in the mountains between India and the Tibetan region of China.

Acharya is among the hundreds of Bhutanese refugees who have settled in Manchester in recent years, and he has emerged as a leader of the community not only here, but across the state.

He’s the executive director of the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire, an organization that aims to unite and assist the more than 2,000 refugees from the country that have been resettled in New Hampshire over the past few years.

Acharya said the Bhutanese face many challenges, given the slow economy and the language barrier, which can be especially daunting for members of the older generation.

The youth, however, are learning fast, Acharya said. “We’re optimistic and hopeful we’ll be able to overcome these challenges and make a productive contribution to the U.S.,” he said.

Acharya is part of a four-generation family in Manchester; his parents and grandparents have joined him and his wife and 3-year-old son, who was born shortly after they arrived in the country.

Having graduated from college in India with degrees in business administration, Acharya has used his language skills and training to help the wider community, which is generally less educated.

He is organizing after-school tutoring for Bhutanese youth and other training programs. “We want our kids to get into top colleges like MIT,” he said. “We also want our people to get involved in entrepreneurship, so they are not only employees but employers and can help the economy to grow.”

Acharya is also involved in plans to open Manchester’s first Bhutanese grocery store, which is planned for a site across from the Market Basket on Elm Street. The store will specialize in products from India, with which the Bhutanese have cultural affinity.



  1. Making anybody ready for MIT is a wonderful and most delightful job. To show an example to others, I believe Acharya would have tried for nearby UNH. It is always easy to talk and very difficult to get the things done in action. I am a regular reader of BNS and I noticed more news from NH. What about the news from rest of forty nine states? Are people in the other states not doing anything or don’t they want to share with BNS? hurry and hopefully get good things done!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The grassroot level knows the situation prevailing. Unemployment rates are burning problem, housing with most expensive rent fee, reduction of state benefits, language n cultural bariers, unaffordable childcare fees, pregnancy unemp.wages are not at all known by unexperienced leaders, deeprooted caste divided and religiously discriminated new immigrants society in the state with most fabricated polishing exxagerations never fulfill the real need of the community!!

  3. Dear Bed (So called),
    I feel petty on you man! Jealousy is always harmful to you but not to others. Please cultivate a habit of appreciation of good job done by others if you are not being able to contribute your time and energy for the sake of community. I just wonder how ugly the world would have looked like had there been too many people around this beautiful earth! Shame on you!

  4. Oh boy!! It’s a whole new prospect. It’s better said than done. It’s a wonderful piece of news except for building a mountain of a mouse-hole. Mr. Acharya, it takes individual commitment for MIT and not your thoughts. Do you know MIT asks for Ph.D commitments?
    And Mr. Bed you are right. A young lady was hit by a car and died last weekend in CT. Where is BNS? It’s unfortunate that she wasn’t a MBA to make to BNS, or an insurance agent or a banker!!
    Be impartial, win people’s heart.
    Include people of other walks and leave entrepreneurs alone.

  5. There are others more than 100, 000 who had most bitterest experiencs about refugee lives and got new lives in various donor nations. It was all due to cunning leaders who advocated the meaning of democracy and human rights rsonal business and selfish motives and had to lead half of their lives in the forest in Nepal with most miserable situation. Its a shame to mention personal progress where more than 75% of the public do not recommend unless the commitment is done for the whole general needy public. The nation of great people like Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln will never be misleaded by procrastination and false assurances. For the people, by the people and of the people principle will definitely be understood by all and day wiil come with utmost CHECKS AND BALANCES within the immigrant society in the near future!

  6. Hello Stetson,
    you feel it bad or uneasy because I believe you also fall in the same boundary. I think Acharya was in his job in India before he got resettled in the USA and hopefully he was enjoying his life with his job. Also, I believe he was not in the refugee camp for many years. Ok.. there are people who served the schools in refugee camps after their degree completion not because they were incapable to find jobs outside. Still those mind set up people are doing volunteer jobs in the Bhutanese societies now. I am little bit confused about BNS…. where are those people contributions in your column or as a news? BNS is within only some states in the usa. MIT and Princeton will come latter before we go to community colleges. best

  7. That news is only a portion and the main theme is missing there. Let me clear you in simple way. If some of you are still negative, then it will be like, “Twelve years dog’s tail in a cylinder, still curve”. Union Leader, the leading news agency of NH selects the top 40 young brightest achievers who are under the age of forty annually. He is selected among the hundreds of thousand young NH residents. May be Union Leader is wrong to select him for an antagonist, but I personally think that it is pride for all the Bhutanese wherever we are living because at least one has represented our diaspora. We should have same moment when Anuradha Koirala and Puspa Basnet became CNN hero. Don’t blame me as a spoke person. I am trying to be alike firefighters to extinguish ongoing flames. Follow this link for more info.

  8. Believe me guys, at the same time you only you who were busy writing the shit about Tika Acharya, He was having a Meeting with NH Governor. so take a few seconds to feel the shame on you and promise your self to write some encouraging snippets for good work and healthy criticism for bad. Cheers!

  9. Everyone appreciate good work. If you are taking this article in negative prospect, you are dumb and know only to bark , in the same way don’t know how to react.

  10. Whoever do more publicities of his/her progress attached with communities are bullshit!! Selfpraise has no recommendation!! 99% of the public now knew who who in NH where they openly started doing business/gettin fund from federal govt.and totally hidden frm public regarding finance and covering media showing good deeds! Publishers should nt boast of choosing such guys out of hundreds who are really honest n sincere and not crazy in unnecessary self praise! We are being sold internally by few and we really need justice for the voiceless!!

  11. How can you say that this person made NH better place to live in 2013 where more than 75% of the immigrants are in depressisive situations with joblessness, language barries, new environment with new cultures, etc.etc. Most have flew to other states due climax in partiality in employment and many to find safe, dignified n inclusive society with better emp.hrs. with benefits. Noone had has ever thought NH bhutanese be so conservative and misleaded so early without possessing American citizenships. Oneday the volcano will be erupted where no one stop to find justice and right. Noone has the guts n rights to make all like the goat of sacrifice!! The media shouldn’t be so blind to choose the right person or misuse the rights and put everyone in darkness…!! Afterall everybody has done better for self like Mr Acharya who is trying to full everyone who reads this article by rendering the help of media!!!!!!!!!

  12. It sounds interesting to me that Mr. Tika Acharya is nominated for 40 under 40 new emerging leaders in New Hampshire. I think those who nominated Mr. Tika as a 40 under 40 leader, have done great mistakes because Tika Acharya is a bussiness minded man who can manipulate everyone easily and pleased everyone by using words not by deeds. The process is easy to be nominated, just provide your informations and your accomplishment. For him it is easy to do that. The organization he is running now is under his control and the people who are working are all his supporters. He does not like to keep skilled , profound, talented staff around him becoz he does not like to compete and wants to make an organization as sole property of his own. He is helping is own family to get job in dignitary position not for other people. Union leader judgement for nominating him is just by words not by deeds….

  13. I am so ashamed to read bed’s comment. what a jerk he is? Why is he envious of our fellow brother who has been very progressive. What kind of mindset you have poor brother? He went to study in India and got job out there. Have you contributed anything for his study dude? Would you not do the same if you owe money enough to stagger anyone? He was probably in huge debt that time so he struggled to pay it off remaining outside the camp. I wonder why you come to USA as there are hundreds of refugees still in camp. Are you not opportunist bro? Remember when you point one finger to anyone, rest are still towards you. If there was any device to measure your jealousy I would first insert that in your stinky brain. You are such an unbelievable jerk….. Oh I forgot, he was a teacher in refugee camp for over 3 years before he went out to pursue his dream.

  14. very interesting
    Mr. Hari!!!
    How do you verify his debt? were you his secretary back while he was a student? no one likes self boasting. my question to you ‘why do you come to usa’ ? do you have your answer ? do you want to argue that people who come to usa are opportunists? If that is your logic and reasoning, I have nothing to say. dude, are you working under his supervision???????


  15. Dear Immigrant,Dan, Truth, bed, Germy, BhuneAmeri, DIVERSITY (after all, they all could be same person with different ugly faces),
    I mentioned in another news article as well that I am a native American borne, educated and raised in New Hampshire. I know how 40 under 40 works. What is wrong with you when he is nominated 40 under 40 by Union Leader, one of the prestigious news papers in the state of New Hampshire? For sure, it is not him who went to the paper begging for the title but rather they came to the decision by the largest number of nominations they received from people of different walks of life in the state. You should rather be proud of him for his progress rather than be jealous. It is not his fault to be nominated for the prestigious title. It looks like the above mentioned person with different disguised faces is bastard and stupid. He claims himself as Mr. KNOW ALL but knows zero about America. It is worthwhile for him to leave his all ill thoughts in the name of god and come forward in community service so that he would also have equal opportunity to be nominated for 40 under 40 down the road if he leaves all his odds. Peace on you man!

  16. Hats off to you Stetson. I am very happy today by reading your comment. It made my day. Those jerk you named are so selfish and immoral. They are back to square one if you know what I mean. The stupidest of all is a man with very beautiful name Bed.We grow too soon old and too late smart- wisdom comes with age, but I don’t this that’s gonna be the case with this guy. So, I think he should start his life over again because this immature jerk has no common sense. What is he trying to convey to the readers by posting ugly comments outweigh by jealousy? He should in my opinion be thankful for having this person(Tika) as our fellow brother. They would worship him if he was somewhere from China. This vision less crap knows but just to tarnish reputation of a very successful person like Tika sir. Guys stop character assassination game before it take unfortunate turn. Guys deep river flows with silent majesty and only shallow brooks like you are noisy. Learn to appreciate that’s American way. Let us give him support and rally behind him. Learn to lightly dance on the edge of time like a dew on the tip of leaf. Condemn none: If you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you can’t, fold your hands, bless your brother, and let them go on their own way.

  17. Stetson You are a bastard and the one with the ugliest face among all if you cant differentiate my writing from others, i doubt if you ever have been to school. Anyways I once again repat my appreciation for Tika Acharya’s work and achievement. No doubt that He is trying to make NH a good place for immigrants to live.

  18. Mr. Stetson, It is glad to read your comment. I really appreciate those who did great job in Community and other other organization. For Mr. Tika, he is not a true leader. He is just a guy who study bussiness to sell the product with the profit. He is not leader to serve community and what he has been doing in the name of an organization is just to manipulate and to get success himself. I have no problem with his success but i think no one can use organization as step to personal success. He has links with various dignitaries but he has no connection with people. I mean to say that stop manipulating people feelings and serve the community unbiasly.I don’t have problem Mr. Tika but the problem is being the youth leader stop following the path of past leaders in the camp. Otherwise there will be condition, no one trust , respect and even american people loose ur trust. This is my feed back only. nOthing personal.

  19. Poor Diversity.
    Writing this comments or expressing yourself might made you little lightest or happy. But the reality is; you are the same Olds kokies, Adult up! !! I wonder you even don’t know how you came to USA.
    Suggestion for you Diversity; Go to the bathroom, look at your face in the toilet sink and scream very loudly. After that wash your face, Out of bathroom and relax with a glass of cold drinking water. This is how you should treat your jealously.
    Learn something about appreciation and positive thoughts. Lesson up from your neighbor, city, States and USA.

  20. We all salute you… I agree with Deepak.. Hats off.congratulations to you. You deserve it …

    Let filthy creatures like Bed and Diversity rests in hell… Damn care them.. I know they are virus in the community…

  21. Oh guss I am so obsessed to read the previous comments. Why on earth some people try to pull down other for sans reason. One should be proud of somebody’s success. Better u try to follow him closely and learn the tricks of success. That will develop a positive mindset and led u to your destiny. I myself experiencing such an ordeal of jealousy and leg pulling from our own community people. This is the shit about our guys. If they are unable to kiss the success then they try to dismental other who have been experiencing to test the success of their hard work. I am one of the victim of such treacherous feelings.
    Tikaji congrats it is ur movement grab it and take easy, move forward and u will definitely see the horizon of success at one point of time.

  22. I like to make a comeback here one more time to finish up with Bed and many other like him because they really got on my nerve. This ominous act of character assassination with very visible purpose of defaming my brother(not from same mother) isn’t tolerable to me. Put your mind on something constructive rather being malicious gossip. If you have a human heart, you don’t have to be a secretary or puppet in your words to appraise good deed and understand person’s obligation(Bed refer your comment to Hari and Lal). I wonder how you escape leaving behind your brother’s in African zoos. I know you would punch on my face if I was there in front of U. Imagine how things blown out of proportion without evidence changes the whole scenario. This has to change bro. We could suggest him in areas where he need to improve but just playing blame game isn’t worth anything. You dream by night in the dusty recess of your mind and wake up to find that it was all vanity; but he is the dreamers of the day and a very dangerous man because he pursues his dream with open eyes to make it possible.

  23. People are suffering from an irrational jealousy. It may cause depression and anxiety disorder which is serious concern in the community. Please stay away from this to be civilized, to improve the quality of your life in America and be kind/nice to one another to achieve success in your life. Think several times and take it positive.

  24. Congratulation Mr.Tika Acharya you are the best … It’s better to keep it up ..I really appreciate your great talent and leadership .I read some stupid cense less comment and I new that this is the nature of hope less people, who never bring change in their life and in community .”thought are free”but it’s better to shear your good thought which may help you to be strong and people may trust you guys .Mr .Tika acharya we all are proud of you … You did great job …keep it up your great thought and sprit …

  25. Dear all
    If someone achieves positive qualities to uplift the standard way of life in the community’s diaspora, we should always appreciate him or her commitments and also we must have the quality to accept their endeavors with the positive view.

    Congratulation ! Mr. Acharya for being chose as 40 under 40.

  26. Dear All,
    Please cultivate the flowers of appreciation instead of thorns.This is an example of one of our former refugee youth who has gone through tons of difficulties in his life to come upto this status.
    Show the community if you could be the same example but donot post bizarre comments to discourage this youth to continue his work.

  27. I have been in Manchester, NH ever since I am resettled here. Since than I knew Tika. I have to tell this to the public whoever is decaying his personality, his positive energy towards serving Bhutanese community of NH is rear species in the world. Have you ever done any work in your life time that Tika has and has been doing? If yes you can write here. I know Tika uses his networking for getting jobs for his family. What would you do if your Salee ask your reference. Would you give or not? Don’t you bring in unbeatable reference if your wife is fighting for her desired job? Almost all the Bhutanese resettled in NH are getting help BCNH. All most 5 of Bhutanese got job in BCNH. I know Tikas voice is their voice. But I know that is the only way to success in Bhutanese society. If I give any space for those who has different opinion in Board he/she will manipulate other members and ditch me out. To success we need to manipulate other, if u do not have that quality, you will be stuck to base always. So far what Tika has done is excellent. If any of you do not like him and wanna to research you are welcome to come I will make you a guest and give you a free ride. Lastly he deserves to be selected as a under 40 successful leader in NH