Four Nepali held in connection to rape


Oct 22: Four ethnic Nepalis have been held by Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) in connection with a rape case that occurred in Dagapela district recently.
Two minors were raped repeatedly by Dhan Bahadur Darjey, 27, Kishor Darjey, 34, Ashok Kumar, 27, and Arthman Rai, 19. The first two of the culprits are reported to be taxi drivers where as other two turned out to be businessmen.
According to RBP, the sister of one of the victims took two girls to Dagapela zero point on October 7. The girls were lured with Ngultrum (The Bhutanese currency) 10,000 each and furthered taken to Gaylephug, another city in Bhutan.
The police source further disclosed that the girls were brought to Sunkosh where they were raped by the taxi drivers. Also, they were raped repeatedly by the owner and the assistant of the truck in which they were on their way to Dagapela.
The police found the girls at Gantikhola on October 13, and they were handed over to the parents.
The RBP has not disclosed the victims’ identity yet.


  1. I am bit surprised the way editors try to play with the word Nepali. What is the problem in reporting the reproduction as it is from the primary news?which has been done in the past in some accasion!

    Why the the broader term like Bhutanese is not used here. Bhutan has never reported lately on ethnic grounds at least.

    Just sound funny that all of us in TCS are writing everything as Bhutanese but write as ethnic Nepalis for the citizenship of Bhutan who are inside.
    If you go by this article, why not write in every article as ethnic Nepalese instead of Bhutanese in all our news and reports??

    I am sometimes confused the way you guys want to bring the attention.
    Please follow the norms in a way that credibility of the news is respected and this website is respected by all, including inside from Bhutan.

    Thank you and with good intention suggestions are made.

  2. I shouldn’t point the fingers on others. Instead one needs to understand the factual situation. Mr. Sharma wanted to change the wording in the topic and keeps his opinion that sounds logical. Mr. Sharma’s favourite color is blue and mine is green, he loves coke and I like fanta.
    Similary, keeping the ethnic identity is not wrong, and shouldn’t get confuse with nationality. It is the unity among the diversity that makes the wheel rotating. This shouldn’t be a concern.
    For me the situation to narrate here is little bit racial but the beauty of Hinduism is in its caste system.