Peace puja ends; Lamas offer lamps to revere Bhutanese martyrdom


A four-day long peace puja, organized by Beldangi-I camp management committee in collaboration with various religious groups, concluded Sunday amidst a grand closing ceremony.

Camp residents and guests welcome the Lamas in the event/Lok Mahara

The event with a theme – all regions for peace in the world – gathered over 10,000 people from camps and various places of Nepal and India, Camp Secretary TB Gurung informed Bhutan News Service.

The inauguration marked a religious rally of various groups followed by speeches from delegates and guests in the mass gathering.

Leaders from political parties, human rights organizations, Camp Supervisors from Refugee Coordination United, officials from District Administration Office and security heads, among others were present during the inauguration program.

Meanwhile, Jeetan Subba of Punya Foundation briefed guests and audience on the foundation’s objectives and programs.

Lamas recite sacred verses in the puja

During the event, Drukpa Rimpoche, the third incarnation of Guru Rimpoche, preached sacred verses and offered butter lamp in the name of all known and unknown Bhutanese martyrs.

Chairman of Bhutanese Refugee Representative Repatriation Committee (BRRC), Dr. Bhampa Rai, formally inaugurated the four-day long Buddhist function by lighting a candle in the name of all martyrs.

Various guests, some of the martyr’s family members, pancha kanyas, school teachers, students and general people lighted 1008 butter lamps to express respect to martyrs, Gurung said.

“Despite mass drive to resettlement countries, we were surprised to see such a large folk of people during the event,” Gurung said.

According to Gurung, such a large number of visitors was only possible due the presence of the reincarnated lama during the program.

Lok Mahara reported for BNS from Beldangi-I


  1. As a Buddhist myself, I have never heard about the reincarnation Guru Rimpoche. I think the news about people gathering in a large group was possible due to the presence of drukpa rimpoche is a little exaggerating.

  2. Good luck Buddhist lama, monks and gullible supporters of punya foundation.
    Pashupati,Lakshmi,Prakash, Raghu are the directors of deceptive game in this puran or so called salvation of martyrs.
    Buddhist are still waiting bad consequences in the refugee camp.Opportunities are grabbed in the first hand by Hindus and their puran moved to Atlanta, Georiga, but so called salvation of martyre in Buddhist methodology went back to the camp.

    Here is the main Bhutanese people should understand. How hands are clapped with joys by those opportunities.
    Buddhist,kirats needs more blessing to understand all these game.


  3. It takes time for our people to learn the habit of appreciation.

    What you guys have learnt so far is to pull legs. Now all of you guys commenting here are in third countries. You need to change your mind. Wake up guys, WAKE UP. Learn something good in the advanced nations and bring it into practice. Do something good. Get rid of castism, religious descrimination. Do something good for the community, participate in good work. If you don’t want to participate that’s fine, atleast do not disturb who is doing nobel job.

    I hope you all guys will learn something good this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  4. I appreciated the sincere efforts of the Puny Foundation for organizing various inclusive programs in the different parts of the world. I cherished the contributions made by the generous contributors to make these events possible.

    I was much delighted at heart to see the Lamas, the mass and the dignitaries’ alike taking part in the program. The people who are still dwelling in the camps must have felt the way I experienced. It was a much needed break for the attendees, I guessed.
    Despite the sincere efforts of the Foundation, there are many suspicious and negatives minds surfacing in the comments.

    I think the sense of oneness and brotherhood should culminate from the inner hearts of our people that will usher bliss and prosperity in the community to adore the final objectives of our Honorable martyrs before giving up their lives for the establishment of Human Rights and Democracy in Bhutan.

    Thank you
    DB Adhikari
    Tucson, Arizona

  5. Thanks for those who involved in the salvation program. @Biraj: Biraj must understand the programme philosophy…and punya foundation………Biraj g do come with u r original name if u want justice and fair trail.
    Gauri Sharma

  6. @Braj
    Who is ”Raghu” referred to in your comment?.There lies ambiguity as there are many Raghus including me .Feel free to mention Raghu’s last name.It is important to avoid ambiguity when giving a comment.
    Raghu Osti

  7. One of may mother goat died living small babies during the time southern Bhutan was under disturbance. It was a kind of unbearable lost we had to go through because my every family members loved the mother goat badly.
    In my understanding, salivation of my mother goat is incomplete and impossible to perform unless anyone from my family is present there. And prior permission should be taken to perform salvation of my mother goat from my family in case no one can attain.
    Who you think punya foundation or you fokls are for justice and trail. What fair trail you are talking about “monkey one” No thanks.No one has rights to force me do any thing i don’t want to.



  8. There is no doubt that the organizers deserve sincere thanks for their efforts to make these series of salvation program happen in a way that included all religious groups thereby showing religious “unity in diversity”. However, some comments including of Braj are reflecting the same kind of “leg-pulling” tendency that we practiced for more than two decades in the history of our democratic movement. In fact, emergence of this kinds of negative comments for goods works bear no significance. They just reflect the negative attitude of people and there is immediate need for these people to be psychologically treated. So, Mr.Brag, you might have to look for positive attitude developing books and go through them or go for psychological counseling, there is no way.

  9. Khem,
    Because of the Salvation program of unknown and unofficial martyrs, I am fully motivated creating a huge army, combating sensetive area and prejudice sets of mind.
    Can you clap with one hand? Simelarly,good work of good people needs to be apoluaded with both sprits.
    This negetave comments definately guide thier next steps. People have to be concious in a sensitive hours in the community. Again community,society is for all and it is more than you and i. We always need to make habit of designing a good coverage. No one should feel left alone, discriminated,segrigated and singled out on the gound of religion,culture and cast system.
    It doesn’t matter how much you refer, follow, and watch Ramayana and Mahabharata,it was good for it’s own time. Certainly they are not a books of positive sourses. Rather i prefer we have books that emphises on insights of how Bhutanese society is built up and what were the domenating factor such a discriminating policies up hold our society for long time. Think how ladies and men are discriminated, and different casts. Who made such a nasty rules.???
    I know you need to change your mentality.

  10. Gauri sharma,
    Your comments are good for kids. Have you ever thought who provide all the assistance you got in the resetted country? You even didn’t think once why all these helps are brought in your door. You might have thought some one need to feed you or help you because we were being helped in the refugee camp for 20 years. May be you were too young, if not could you recall the situation we had in Maidhar before the arrival of UNHCR?
    You need some kind of servicing in some part of your head. May be occational oil change can help.

  11. Biraj!!! I am not as young as u are. I think u need to go for treatment rather than blaming me…. I had taken many Biraj like u from Kankai river in early 90’s. I was the first family to be in Kankai mai…. u trumatised Biraj later than me….. U are neither the hero nor villan for resettlement program…This is not u r father’s dwory nor u r’s concept… mate mind u r language for commenting others….I have seen many people like u writing in false name… if u have heart to seek justice come with u r original name… that would be bloody fantastic…. Biraj…..
    u r comments seem like a small kid whinging for coconut biscuits …and a cone of ice cream..

  12. Braj,
    Are you mentally sound??? I doubt seeing the amount of negetivity in your mind.The example given to me in your comment above ( regarding lottery….) doesn’t apply in this case.Non of the lottery companies are as foolish as you , to be so ambigious.They are so careful to avoid ambiguity.Since my name follows after prakash subedi and pashupati timsina in the comments above,you have included me as a member of Punya Foundation but your generalization is zero even negetive………Dr Laxmi Prasad Dhakal,Prakash and Pashupati do not no me at all and I have never talked to how can you tell me as director of deceptive game??? I liked their job so i supported it.was that my crime??If you have heart, do ask them whether they know me . Otherwise ,don’t bark if you can’t give a proof.Simply jotting few filthy sentences don’t become comment.use civilized language to criticise others.thanks for reading it.
    Raghu Osti