Five exiled women on fast-unto-death hospitalised


At least four exiled women, who have been on the ongoing fast-unto-death since Tuesday, are under medical observation in the camp-based health center. They have already completed 75 hours of fast to death, Friday afternoon.

Those under medical supervision included Indira Bhattarai (25), Chandra Maya Khadka (37), Indra Kala Bhandari (25) and Radhikar Poudel (22), informed an AMDA representative.

Meanwhile, Renuka Mongar (27), whose blood-sugar level has fallen extremely low, has been admitted in AMDA Hospital, Damak.

Almost all in the hunger strike are getting support even while going to toilet, said Durga Devi Bista, who has been leading the women team.

Meanwhile, the organizing committee told Bhutan News Service that preparations to start similar hunger strike in Khudunabari and Sanischare were underway.

“If our demands are not met on time, we are ready to sacrifice our lives,” said Bista.



  1. It is a great shame on Government of Nepal (GON)for not doing anything to address the just and simple demands of Bhutanese refugee demonstrators. They should be (without any delay) provided with refugee status and treat equal as other fellow refugees in the camps. Government of Nepal should be held direct responsible if anything happens to the hunger strikers.

    My sympathy to the brave ladies and pray your demands are fulfilled before being forced to prolong your last resort movement.

  2. Great same to Nepal Government not to be able to address even a simple issue. Nepali Local officials previously had taken big bribes to issue refugee Identification to Nepali people/ But till now they have been lacking to address the genuine Bhutanese Issues. They Even demanded that their people should be resettled in USA or other western countries with Bhutanese refugees but, they still are baring Bhutanese to be real Bhutanese with proper identifications. Same Same Same-Great Same to Nepal Govt.