First woman Dzongda assumes office


The country’s first woman Dzongda, Ngawang Pem, officially assumed office today. His Majesty the King had appointed her as Tsirang Dzongda on the 26th of last month.

Prior to her current appointment, Ngawang Pem served as the Chief Human Resource Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

Courtesy : BBS


  1. Hi mam my name is Suraksha Rao .I was there in Bhutan for 18 years.My father used to work in Chhukha as an Superedentent Officer in Chhukha Hydro Project.His name is Kameswara Rao L.It was good to see Bhutan when i opened my mail.Bhutan is such a beautiful place where i feel that ur 2 eyes r not enough.The people,the climate n the country is wonderful.I can speek 6 languages among which i love Dzongkha because i can speek.If life permits i would love to come to Bhutan.

  2. A very special congratulation to Ms Pem on her becoming madam dzongda . No one should entertain an iota of doubt in capability of the Bhutanese womenfolks ,my observation has been rather more positive about them than their opposite numbers ,instead. Rather late than never.