Fire victims want CDO, UNHCR to listen at their grievances


Beldangi fire victims on Monday blocked entrance to the refugee camps for two hours demanding presence of Chief District Officer and top UNHCR officials to listen at their grievances.

Beldangi fire victims in a sit in protest at the entrance of the camp on Monday (Picture : Dikesh Lama)

The victims have accused the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Nepal of not supplying construction materials to build their huts in their original place, from where they were displaced.

“We are expecting visit of the Chief District Officer to solve the problem at the earliest possible time,” Camp Secretary Dhan Bir Subba told Bhutan News Service. “They agreed to clear the entrance following verbal assurance about his visit to address their concerns.”

While, the agencies have been insisting the displaced refugees to shift to various empty huts created due to resettlement of fellow-Bhutanese.

The Victims said, no such huts were available for them as the UNHCR instructed the camp residents to dismantle those huts and start growing vegetables.

Currently, they have been putting pressures of the camp management committee and camp-based Refugee Coordination Unit (RCU) offices, they even locked various offices for a few hours yesterday.

Relief package distributed to the fire victims by the Caritas Nepal (Picture : TB Chhetri/BNS)

According to victims whom the BNS talked to they were given ration by the World Food Programme (WFP) only after a week. They said they have no place to keep their ration.

The Caritas Nepal and District Administration Office of Jhapa provided cash assistance of Rs 2000 and Rs 1500 each for every burnt and dismantled huts.

The victims have occupied one of the camp schools, and it is learnt that regular classes of school children have been adversely affected due to their shelter.

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