Fire engulfs Wamrong town


Oct 09: The country has seen one of its deadly fire incidents with the spread of fire that engulfed twelve houses at Samdrup Jongkhar-Trashigang highway today.

The fire is reported to start at noon from a house below the main lines of shop in Wamrong town due to an electric short circuit.

The fire spread so quickly that the people couldn’t control it which caught nearby bamboo hut. At least 26 families had to succumb to the fire. The students and some volunteers succeeded to stop further spread of fire.

With the help of two Dantak water tankers and two water-filled trucks, the fire could be controlled later. The relief center established in Trashigang distributed UNICEF family kits.

Tarpaulin sheets were also distributed to help people save their belongings that were found spread over roads. The latest disaster added to the plight of the people who have not yet recovered from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and the torrent rainfall that hit their lives recently.