Fire breaks out in Sanischare

File photo/BNS
File photo/BNS

Fire, which started about a few hours ago in Sanischare refugee camp destroyed about 50 huts. It is reported that the fire is yet to come under control.

According to our Jhapa correspondent, Hari Kumar Dahal, the  fire is said to have started from Sector-D/3 while performing  Laxmi pooja.

Details to follow.


  1. Extremely sad to hear such a devastating news when everyone is expected to be celebrating the Greatest Festival. My sympathy goes to each person suffering and pray to Goddess Laxmi to grant each one peace and wellbeing.
    Can any body update on the site on the magnitude of the disaster and the specific location.

  2. Yes, it is truly shocking news. I think people need to seek early solution rather than wasting time in such a devastating area. People should stop thinking that repatriation is going to happen soon. Look for better avenues at least for the future generations!!