Film producer against the ‘order’


March 3, 2013: A local film producer, Drugay of Herder’s Entertainment, refused to screen his film-‘Kaa ja’ again to the court as he already got clearance from the film review board. He said he was not obligated to show the film for the purpose of jurisdiction as ordered by the Supreme Court.

The film ‘Kaaja’ is about the system of delivering justice in Bhutan which also reflects the misuse of power and authority for corruptive practices. “It is a fiction work about seeking justice and the consequence when there is no justice prevailed”, clarifies Drugay.

The SC order signed by the registrar, Kinley Namgay, was sent to the secretary of Motion Pictures Association the copy of which was also sent to National Film and Television board and InfoCom and Media Authority.

The judges argue that the official symbols –patang and kabney-used by higher authority have been used in the film without getting approval. But producer Drugay put a logic of non-existence of such law.
“I am not obligate to screen the film for the justices and if I have to so, they must pay and see the film,” Drugay was firmly resolute.

Some judges are skeptical that the film might contain elements of inciting violence and possibly cause disharmony in the society or be inflammatory against the public officials. So it is important that they see the movie.

It is a kind of censorship that the government and the justice system of Bhutan are poised to put upon film industry for bearing some “uncomfortable” scenes. Seeking justice in the country which was once under a theocratic rule has not been always a fair game. This is what Drugay want to present for the Bhutanese audience.


  1. Please send a copy to USA, we want to watch this movie. Bhutan doesn’t deserve change, let it keep on believing cave is its own world.

    We Bhutanese audience want to watch “Kaaja” here in USA.