King addresses fifth session


The King has presided over the closing ceremony of the fifth session of the Bhutanese parliament that began on May 28 and concluded on July 14.

Different Bills, including the much-debated Tobacco Control Bill of Bhutan, Royal Monetary Authority of  Bhutan Bill, among others were endorsed during the session.

The budget for the financial year 2010-2011 amounting to Nu 35, 803.547 million was also endorsed. The Public Accounts Committee  of the NA presented re­view audit reports up to 2006, along with reports of 2007 and 2008. The committee also presented the performance audit report of Bhutan Broad­casting Service Corporation Limited and performance audit report on farm roads.The National Assembly (NA) introduced Financial Service Bill of Bhutan 2010, Water Bill of Bhutan 2010, and Personal Income Tax Bill 2010.

The NC made amendments to the Penal Code of Bhutan 2004 and the Civil and Crimi­nal Procedure Code of Bhutan 2001. The house discussed and made recommendations on the Economic Develop­ment Policy 2010.

The NC  adopted the Anti-Corruption Amendment Bill 2010 and Childcare and Pro­tection Bill of Bhutan 2010. Also, it resolved that employees of constitutional offices shall no more be with the Royal Civil Service Com­mission. The Civil Service Bill of Bhutan 2009 was adopted and voting procedures in NC finalised.

The house also resolved the establishment of Relief Fund of His Majesty the King and revision of taxes to be done by the parliament.

Further, the house decided to submit issues on passing of budget bill to the Druk Gyalpo in view of the deadlock over interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution between the two houses.


  1. The king should declare how much of the total annual budget for 2010-2011 is internally being generated and how much self sufficiency Bhutan has achieved since this was declared as the primary goal in the Fifth Five Year Plan in 1980-81.GNH is directly linked to the goal of self sufficiency and without achieving an acceptable percentage of self-sufficiency this concept of GNH will prove hollow and meaningless. Also I would have loved to know what programmes government introduced to help the unemployed people financially or there was no program at all. Bhutanese Parliament should focus more on pressing issues of poverty elimination and job creation rather than waste too much of time on laws which are not going to help people financially.