Families plead for unconditional release of exiled youths from Bhutan jails


Families of different 12 exiled youths arrested and detailed by the Bhutanese authority charging them with various accusations have appealed for their unconditional release at the earliest possible time.

The first part of the appeal

In an appeal sent to the Amnesty International, they have highlighted the latest status of their family members saying they have been spending hard times inside the bars. The appeal said, the youths are being kept in jails without any reasons.

A prisoner’s mother, Damber Kumari Adhikari, of Beldangi-II camp, who recently visited the Chemgang Center Jail in Thimphu, said, ” I humbly request all the humanitarian organizations assisting the Bhutanese refugees and the concerned ones to draw their attention towards creating pressure on the Government of Bhutan for the quick release of those innocent people on humanitarian ground.”

Adhikari’s son, Om Nath, was arrested by the Royal Bhutan Army in February 2008 when he had gone to Bhutan to meet his relatives and borrow some money for pursuing his higher studies, the appeal said.

Second part of the appeal

According to Adhikari, none of the 12 youths have been produced in the court since their arrest.

Talking to Bhutan News Service, Adhikari said that some of them have been serious ill and no attention has been paid towards their treatment by the government.

“If the international community doesn’t listen to our woe and ask the government to set them free from jails, their health would further deteriorates,” she said. “A fair trial should be guaranteed for those innocent youths.”