Exploring- Baudha, Ishaai, Hindu, Musalman: Music Video


Religion, to be precise, is the organization of spirituality into something that became the hand maiden of conquerors. In fact, nearly all religions were brought to people and imposed on them by these subjugators and ultimately used as a tool to control their minds.

The spiritual basis of all religions is something that builds unity. Sadly today, owing largely to a rising gap among different worships and faiths, Man has been able to build too many walls, but not enough bridges!

While exploring deep into the lyrics, images, and flow of the melody embedded in the music video of “Baudha, Ishaai, Hindu, Musalman”, it predominantly fills the air with divinely appealing dharmic chants and exalting sounds of love, humanity, and wisdom.  One cannot deny the fact that the world would have been the most beautiful haven in the entire universe, had there been no spats and clashes among humans due to religious contradictions.  Above all, one needn’t necessarily see a scholar to acknowledge a very thin line between Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian.

Indeed, the video is a ‘clarion call’ for world peace, compassion, and unity. After all, as the tape unfolds– all religions are primarily the man-made doctrines and pathways to attain Nirvana, Swarga, Jannat or Paradise, supposedly after an unleash of the last nail in the coffin, an afterlife.

With quite a conciliating effect, the video spells out largely with Buddhist mantras followed by some preludial hymns of other religions. As the reel rolls out with a humble appeal for goodwill and cordiality among humans, a brief argument appears to break out among four adults seemingly representing all four major religions.

Meanwhile, amid the dispute, a chubby young boy wearing all four religious insignias suddenly approaches them. Interestingly, seeing the strange gesture on the part of the juvenile, the stench of hatred is abruptly overpowered by an aroma of peace. A short while later, they’d repent, realize and finally get enlightened.

Indisputably, if we could only generalize and instill in our young children — the relevance of love, oneness, and equality against the domain of increasing crevasses between religions, the upcoming generation would certainly be witnessing a newer planet in the days ahead.

Nonetheless, in a jungle of mushrooming ‘rocks and blues’ the producer of this music video appears to seek a different genre of music befitting the very essence of today’s peace and harmony against the backdrop of never-ending war and hatred. Hence, the message and intent of this production are very clear: If your God is telling you to hate any group of people, you are listening to the wrong voice in your head.

The strains, theme, images, and actions are perfectly blended. Vocal and lyrical lines are superb. Of all, the choreographer deserves a pat on the shoulder.

By all accounts, this project appears to be the maiden music video of Ajnabee Creations based in Adelaide, South Australia. The proprietor – Mr. Yati Raj Ajnabee—is keen on connecting the world through his creations.  Good luck to Ajnabee Creations for future endeavors!

Lyrics: Yati Raj Ajnabee
Music: Karma Gyalchen
Vocal: Karma Gyalchen/Banika Pradhan
Director: Sonam Pakhrin
Actors: Various Artists

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