Exiled youths join Maiti Nepal for awareness


Dozen of Bhutanese youths from Beldangi-I camp have been staging street drama on domestic violence and violence on children at various places of Nepal-India border since a week.

The awareness program with a team – role of youths in controlling sexual violence on children in border areas – also features a drama of Bhutanese children conceptualized by Arjun Pradhan.

Bhutanese artists performing street drama in Kakarvitaa/Arjun Prahan
Bhutanese artists performing street drama in Kakarvitaa/Arjun Prahan

The drama titled as ‘my right’ speaks of horrible situation the Bhutanese children are undergoing through since two decades.

Various children artists and youths associated with Refugee Eye, an active youth circle in camp, are playing various roles in the drama.

Maiti Nepal informed that it would stage street dramas of various artist groups of Nepal, India and Bhutan until the next week in various places of India and Nepal.


  1. Thank you for bringing this article. This is the area of big concern. We as exile Bhutanese needs to support this maitai nepal through volunteer donation.This is amazing spirit from the already voilence, affected and victimised victims. Thank you all organisers from the camp to put on this show.

  2. When we are reaping the fruit in the resettlement countries, enjoying the life,it real test, you guys go on performing “Natak” in the street. What a sheer foolish. Common guys come out of the well,try to realize your dream,Leave up to your dream but don’t carried away by the emotions. I felt great sympathetic to see the picture and your state of lives.
    I don’t mean to heart you but,I am letting u know that 30000 plus previous camp mates are enjoying the life after resettlement. If u opt it you can also enjoy the same magnitudute of lives and its zeal.