Exiled youth nabbed for obtaining Nepali citizenship illegally


A Bhutanese citizen in exile, currently teaching at Siddhartha Higher Secondary School in Damak in Jhapa district, has been found receiving Nepali citizenship from Rautahat district administration.

Damak Police Inspector, Hari Khatiwada, identified the detained refugee as T Neupane.

Following complaints from parents, a special police squad arrest Neupane, who was also accused of molesting the students.

Neupane was appointed as the secondary level teacher for math and science from the beginning of this academic session, but was later fired following complaints from students.

According to Inspector Khatiwada, he has been handed over to the Rautahat police for necessary investigation and action against him.

It is said that Neupane had received the Nepali citizenship from Rautahat district naming Chandralal Neupane as his father.


  1. Dear Editor,
    I am a regular reader of your website. I enjoy reading the news tit-bits, and so forth. I appreciate the amount of time you and energy you donate to this site, and on top of all, you have a very good command on the language skills.
    But, sometimes you come up with this type of news article!! Are you saying Mr. T Neopane is a molester first and illegally obtained a citizenship? or he illegally obtained a citizenship and was also a molester?
    I guess priority counts in a news article, and if we do not have the full name of the person in picture, we usually do not identify …!
    I know it is easy said than done…but still wanted to share with you. Publish this comment if you like, if not remember it.

  2. What’s big deal about obtaining Nepali citizenship? Why is it so important? I will never accept legally or obtain citizenship illegally of Nepal where there is no future for Bhutanese refugees and their children. Thousands of Nepali people are leaving their country everyday for better life elsewhere. Even if a Bhutanese refugee is found obtaining Nepali citizenship he or she should not be prosecuted rather should be granted citizenship since they have been living there for a long long time. In US you are eligible for citizenship after five years of getting green card. Why not Nepal grant citizenship to refugees if they want to live there. Why arrest them and give unnecessary trouble?

  3. Dog bites man leg is not news but when man bites dog legs is news. Here the same things happen. Nepal government donot know how many people relocated malpracticing Bhutanese identy they are now in foregn land.Most of the Bhutaneses people having nepalese citizenship is not in legal way they bribe their staff and hold nepalese citizen. Why nepal government pusnished in brautal way.Neupane not only the example character of this event.He has to get punishment as per his crime.But there most be fair judgement to every individual.
    Learners can make many mistake.

  4. First of all I hate Nepal’s Citizenship act and the law makers. Nepal – the foundation of Nepalese can’t grant Nepalese citizen to Nepalese origin Bhutanese who went to Nepal in centuries ago or 3 to 5 generation ago. It’s shame to say Nepalese being a Nepalese origin. We stayed in Refugee Camp in Nepal for 20 and more years. Still we are not qualified for citizenship. Why? I think we should have been qualified by our identity itself. Nepal government never took strong stem to solve the refugee problem neither became able to grant citizen. Rather. Restricted doing jobs in Nepal. This is great unfair on Nepalese origin by Nepal Government. So, I stopped saying Nepali …instead I say I am Bhutanese or American now. Coz it doesn’t make sense to say Nepali.. I do preserve my culture and tradition but feel guilty to say Nepali. Although Bhutan evicted us – I still say I am Bhutanese because I hope for the change in Bhutan and go back one day and develop my people there.