Ex- secy shot dead (Breaking News)


Beldangi, Feb 20: Ramesh Subba, the former camp secretary of Beldangi I camp was shot dead yesterday evening.

Subba, the temporary resident of Beldangi I sector G was shot dead by unidentified armed gunmen at Itabhatta in Mechinagar Municipality, three kilometers west of Kakarvitta. His dead body is kept at Bhadrapur Hospital for postmartem.

According to T.B Gurung, the camp secretary of Beldangi I, police investigation is underway and no one is arrested in connection to the murder until the filing of this report. 

Earlier different media sources had revealed that Subba was affilated to the United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan(URFB), which had owned-up responsibility to serial bomb blasts in Bhutan at various times.

Subba, who had been spending underground life after a year of the completion of his tenure in camp management committee, was also accused of his involvement in connection to the murder of social activist K.B. Khadka last year.

Details to follow .


  1. Ramesh Subba deserved to be killed two years ago so that two other social workers would be saved . Santi Ram, KB Khadka ……….Its a judgement of God & punishment of those two souls whom he killed without reasons.

  2. Dear negative commentators,
    You are very wrong to write such message. This is not humanity. We have lost another valuable life in our community. Both KB and Subba are human beings. The loss of both life is dear to us. We have to stop the attitude of revenge.

    By writting this you have exposed yourself near to the murderer, have you been in the any of western countries, you will be the prime suspect.

    So please stop this game of revenge, this not goood for all of us and you. We all know your emotions of losing KB who was my close mate for long time in Bhutan but you cannot write such narrow message in the name of freedom in the media like this.
    Please I fold my hands and stop instigating two sides, the ultimate loss is ours and many will see as not less than animals.

    Moderators! I advise you in the name of freedom, you cannot let people like unanimous to post such comment.
    You have two responsibilities:
    One to potray the right message in the community.
    Two to protect this webpage from being a scrap, coz onde day US president may prefer to read this web. Pl do not equate anything in the name of freedom, if there is any investigation in future, chances are there you will be questioned
    No malice

  3. Death is not the solution to any crime or inhuman deeds. People are inborn with inherited and acquired capabilities. Certain cosmic fundamentals make a saint a sane and vice-versa. Some claim as phenomenal extravagant.
    I only heard of Late Mr. Subbaji, and never met him in person. I personally know their parents and we the Dagapeleans are always grateful to that family. The reason behind is we need to trace the forward and backward linkage of the goods and services from Kalikhola to our respective destination. In the process to commute, we need to shelter many days on the path selecting the caves, undertrees, nearby houses, dharmasala, etc. Subbaji’s house happened to be located at the way.
    And Subbaji’s house is the favorite spot for all. His parents always used to welcome guests mentioning that ‘Guests are God’ and ‘Share is Love’. Their way of expression, smiling faces gave balm to the aching and tired bodies of the travellers. Is this not praise worthy? The values are immortal and the path they showed shall link to spiritual satisfaction.
    Just from inference, I could trace that Ramesh was a man of gut and ability. He represented the larger community and became the executive head of the camp by wining the minds of thousands of people. He cried when our own people were suffering and spent days and night serving them.
    However we present in writing death is irreparable and one way system. Sorry to hear the death of Mr. Subbaji.
    May great almighty give fair judgement to Late Subbaji and may his soul rest in peace.
    My deep condolence to the family members of Late Subbaji.

  4. Hey, Dear Parsu and other commenter.

    I respect your thought parsu. And we all know that it is better to love the enemies and friend because they are the two side of coin. But we also know that politics is an dirty game. And the politics of the country can be judged by how the animal are treated so, i hope that Mr. subba doesnot know the value of the animal and he plays very bad with two mutual friend. And everyone in this whole world know that खुनको बद्ला खुन नी हुन्छ| so, he plays with two soul and result to death. Any way, i am very sad to listen this news.

    friends, Writing unwanted and unhonesty word in media is the violations of the media, Today the media play very good role in this world. And the media is the main thing which share the news and the views of all the Bhutanese who had spend their 18 year in the shiny cloud.

    Thanks Bikash.
    Try to love enemies also.

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