Europe bids good bye to Tihar


Bhutanese resettled in different parts of Europe have waved good bye to Tihar with the final observation of Bhai Teeka on Sunday.

Different reports from different countries say that Deusi-Bhaili became a major part in keeping up with the long practiced culture.

Ram Baniya from Alta, Northern Norway informed BNS that a Deusi-Bhaili team of some 35 members joyfully chanted Deusi and Bhaili in the apartments of Bhutanese here.

Bhutanese in the Netherlands gather to mark the festival.

“The Teeka ceremony was as usual”, Baniya said. There are 12 families living in Alta, the first destination for Bhutanese resettled in Norway.

The youths in Rogaland, Western Norway started Deusi-Bhaili from Friday evening which concluded late night on Sunday. There were two Deusi-Bhaili teams in this region which successfully traveled to all four municipalities lying far apart where Bhutanese are resettled.

While Deusi-Bhaili was still on its way, folk here observed Bhai Teeka as per the Hindu rituals.

The celebration kicked off in the same way in Denmark. A group of some youths organized Deusi-Bhaili program in some parts.

“Though we were very few, we tried to preserve our culture and hand it over to the younger generation,” said Jit Maya Rai from Denmark.

Owing to a recently concluded “Get Together Program” in UK, no any formal community program got organized here. “There was just a gathering of the neighbors”, informed Tara Nidhi Niraula from Manchester, UK.

The Netherlands observed a grand Deusi function. Many youths spontaneously started Deusi Bhaili from the apartments in the transit centre where newly arrived Bhutanese live. The function got concluded in a Dashain Tihar Special Program organized by Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN). A six-hour program organized by BCN in Utrecht, some 55 kilometer away from Amsterdam, the capital city, concluded with Deusi-Bhaili, dances and Nepali food.

“Many newly arrived youths participated with great interest”, said Dr. Laxmi Prasad Dhakal, president of BCN.

Small Bhutanese population in Germany observed Bhai Teeka as per the Hindu norms though no any formal Deusi program was organized here.

Reported by Ramesh Gautam, BNS correspondent, from Norway.


  1. It was great hearing about Dipawali celebration in Europe. Thanx Ramesh jee for the reporting…:) Hope this information encourage all Bhuanese in globe to preserve and promote our culture and tradition in some way possible..:)
    Thugten Drukpa