Eric Giri’s ‘Biha Garne Kahile Ho’ released


Emerging singer Eric Giri’s music video titled “Bachelors” aka Biha Garne Kaile Ho was released last month. It is a production of Hutnumber 101.

Eric Giri
Eric Giri

Giri, who previously hails from Beldangi-II and now resides in Canada following the third country resettlement program, himself and another artist Krishna Baral have done direction in the video.

The song of used in the video was a joint composition of singer Giri, Krishna Baral and Dilli Situala, while Girish Khatiwada has contributed the RAP lyrics.

The entertaining music video features artists like Hari Bharati, Mark D. Phuyel, Rachan Poudel, Dil Kumar Basnet, Dumpa Magar and Rajesh Chhetri among others.

According to Giri, he is also working on a yet-to-be named music album, expected to be out in the market in this fall.