Elimination round is over


Bhutan’s parliamentary election is based on the principle of first pass the post, mean to eliminate the other parties by a primary round of polls, allowing only two parties to go through the second round.

The primary round is over by 6pm Friday, the time for closing the ballot and beginning of  vote counting.

The 850 polling stations in 47 constituencies are also the vote counting centers, except those received by post. Kuensel, the official national daily carries the provisional result, which goes in favor of DPT and PDP with highest, and second highest vote counts.

Courtesy: Kusensel
Courtesy: Kusensel

There is varying figures of vote secured by DPT in different media outlets in Bhutan: for example it is 93547 (the Bhutanese), 93895 (Facebook page I love my country Bhutan) and same figure in the BBS page. DPT again enjoys a sweeping victory in 33 constituencies while PDP won from 12 constituencies and DNT from 2.

Going by the percentage of votes, DPT won 44.5%, PDP won 32.5%, DNT secured 17.1% while DCT got only the dregs, 5.9%.

Official record shows the number of total voters to be just 381790 of which accepted postal ballots are around 50,000. It is noteworthy that in a country whose total population is stated to stand at 750000 ( the figure is rough),  a little over 50% of the population are taken as eligible voters.

Two districts, Samtse and Trashigang has the highest number of registered voters. In both these districts, DPT is in the lead. In Sipsu, PDP is the winner but in most of the constituencies of Trashigang, DPT is the choice of majority.

The postal ballots received are being opened and in many cases these  ballots are regarded invalid and rejected for the reason of lacking certain stipulated specifications.

The general round of election will take place in July 13, during which the two winning parties will contest among the candidates fielded in their constituencies.