Elephant kills another Bhutanese


One Bhutanese has been killed when a wild elephant attacked him early morning today.

The deceased, recognized as 32-year old Chandra Bahadur Darjee of Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Belgangi II, was on his way to work when he was attacked by the elephant nearby Hansedumse forest.  Darjee was a registered refugee of Sector E/2, Hut No. 18.

Darjee, who was seriously injured, was immediately rushed to AMDA hospital, Damak. “Darjee died while he was being treated in the hospital,” Babu Ram Poudel, Police Inspector at Armed Police Base Camp, Beldangi informed BNS.

Four refugees have lost their life being attacked by wild elephants this year. Two individuals were killed just two weeks back.

Reported by Tilak Niraula from Beldangi for BNS


  1. Again another bad incident happened! Extremely shocked to know this bitter fact. I pray with God to give power to his bereaved families to overcome sorrow and to give Chandra Bahadur eternal peace in heaven.

  2. Most of the Bhutanese will be resettled in the third country. Few will get natural death. Some will die in own fights. Some will be killed by some natural factors like elephant. All will be finished…

  3. Hello hate you,
    Looks like you are mentally cracked, and you probably wrote the above comment while in mental rehabilitation center. The nature of your comment clearly speaks why I am forced to go this hard on you. I wish you an early recovery such that you can come up with positive attitude.
    Also, my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.

  4. The incident is a tradegy. We are the one who have the insecure life all the way. No secure home, no secure future at all. We can be the victim of anything unexpected. So, i pray the departed soul rest in peace. Hope to have a secure life soon.