Elderly citizens ask to open doors for repatriation


Senior Citizens Group  and the Bhutanese Refugee Representative Repatriation Committee (BRRRC) asked the Government of Nepal and United Nations Organizations to press for opening doors for dignified repatriation.

Senior citizens of the community pose for a group photo

Observing the 63th World Democracy Day on Saturday, both the groups said the third country resettlement is not a permanent solution of the refugee imbroglio, and the concerned authority should exercise enough measures to repatriate exiled Bhutanese at the earliest.

“We are not against the resettlement. However, this must go on the choice of individual refugee,” told Dr Bhampa Rai, Chairperson of the BRRRC.

According to Dr Rai, the international community and resettlement countries have major role in convincing Bhutan to accept exiled Bhutanese back home with dignity and honour.

He also informed the community that discussion to begin Satyagraha campaign from December 17 was underway.

Meanwhile, former Caption of the Royal Bhutan Army, N.B.Giri expressed that Bhutanese in every corner of the world would support any initiative towards repatriation.

Sailendra Singh Arora of the Bhutan Solidarity Group, India

Speaking in the same program, Indian national Salindra Singh Arora of the Bhutan Solidarity Group, assured support of his group for Satyagraha campaign, saying that was the only option to press the Government of Bhutan to take citizens back to their homeland.

“We have been with this issue since 16 years. The Bhutan Support Group will leave no stone unturned to ask our government to convince Bhutanese authority,” said Arora.

In a letter addressed to Nepalese Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai, the senior citizens said the exiled Bhutanese reaffirm that the troubled Bhutanese people in Bhutan and the exiled community are integral citizens of Bhutanese where peace and normalcy means to open the door of repatriation and establishment of true democracy and human rights in Bhutan.


  1. the problem is will this so called bhutanese accept the culture we have here in the DRUKYUL. The unique culture makes us what we are ‘Bhutanese’. If they can without any problem like many of has done then we have no problem.

  2. I think “Repatriation” agenda of Bhutanese refugees initiated by Dr Rai, Mr Arora and Mr Giri is an applaud-able strategy given that some of our refugees are determined to go back Bhutan and not resettlement or local assimilation. If three different options: Resettlement, Repatriation and Local assimilation are agreed permanent solution by different stakeholders in the past; then a determined group advocated by Dr Rai, Mr Arora and Mr Giri for repatriation is a must to do job. In this afford, other leaders based in Nepal and India such as TN Rizal, BR Poudel, DNS Dhakal and SB Subba should piggyback them. In the USA, Thenley Penjor, Hari Adhikari, Dick Chhetri , RP Subba , DJ Rai, Hari Acharya should coordinate, both intellectually and financially. In Europe, Ram Karki and Durga Giri should coordinate. In Australia, Ratan Gazmere, Jogen Gazmere and Parsu should coordinate. In Canada, Tika Ram Adhikari and Parsu Dahal should coordinate. Job is done! This would be an ideal push factor for repatriation. This would be an ideal strong Bhutanese Diaspora. Wakeup guys!
    Rameez Reventa Thapa
    Phuntsholing, Bhutan

  3. Dear editor,
    Just a correction. 10th December is not World Democracy Day as quoted. It is UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (UDHR) Day, declared on December 10, 1948 by the UN and thereafter is celebrated the day world over on every december 10. Every UN member country has to respect and is a signatory. Bhutan is also signatory to UDHR when becoming Un member in 1971 and some conventions. The declaration of UDHR was necessasited by the Human Rights Violations after the second world war. There was need of International convention, covenant and law to protect the unprotected and helpless people displaced by the world war. Thank you Rameez Reventa Thapa for your good idea and suggestion for coordinated effrot for repatriation. Hope that good sense prevail on every one of us.

  4. All the best Dr. Rai and the group.
    If resettlement can be a solution and local assimilation, why not repatriation for those who are willing to go back to Bhutan? There are thousands of refugees who have not shown interest for resettlement. I think if only Bhutan decides to take them back thousands will prefer to go to Bhutan than the third countries. Refugees go with tears in their eyes because none of their patient expectation of returning to Bhutan turned to reality. If only Bhutan wills, hundreds and thousands in the resettled countries beside the people in the camp are happy to forget the suffering that they went through over the last twenty years and enter into their country Bhutan!
    Dr. Rai, Mr Arora and Mr Giri I think you have taken the initiative. We need people like you to lead us.

  5. Dear Tortola,
    I understand you have a point to know from me in this present move. I am in support of any good and positive thing that will help our exhausted people to free from further sufferings in the refugee camps. I want Bhutanese refugee to become strong, wise and resourceful in their future struggle to justice. In my TCR debate I alongwith many many of us have not spoken against Repatriation. Personally, I have written leaflet about TCR and our refugee life which says TCR is the only available option for us but it is also a positive step towards our Destination. I still support resettlement for those who want to but, I tell them not to forget we are Bhutananese refugee and our struggle should not end. I share my feelings that wherever we may be we should contribute for our nation. I believe, true sons and daughters of Bhutan will come forward in any form and support to make our nation Democratic and peaceful whether they are in third country, refugee camp or inside Bhutan but, those untrue and unreal ‘will not’ even if they are inside Bhutan or in the refugee camps or anywhere else.

    Thank you.
    N B Giri

  6. Looks like all the resetteled NETAS are silient on the repatriation issue. This is a clear indication of seriousness of our leaders. Leaders whenever they talk they will not do. But when they remain silence, they will do it. Lets be an optimistic guys!