Eight-day-long Mahapurana kicks off in NC


Involving Hindu Pandits and Purana preachers like Bedanidhi Subedi, Sitaram Adhikari and Phalguna Pokhrel, an eight-day-long Srimad Bhagawat Mahapurana has begun in Charlotte of North Carolina from Dec. 25.

Organized by a local religious society of the resettled Bhutanese, HariSang Kritan Mandali, the Purana is expected to pass a message for global  peace and educate younger generation on importance of preserving age-old culture  and tradition resettled Bhutanese are with.

“The holy event is also aimed at spreading message of  peace in the community, and praying for the  salvation to  the known-unknown departed souls belonging to all the relatives of fellow Bhutanese across the globe. Life is precious, is another message Purana going to reach to the minds of resettled Bhutanese , hinting to increasing number of post-resettlement suicide cases in the United States”, said Kamal Dhimal, the chief organizer.

According to Dhimal, resettled Bhutanese from various cities of North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio and New York have been attending the event.

“We are happy to see a large number of community people getting involved to make Purana a successful event. Their supports have been overwhelming as well,” Dhimal added. He also expressed his hopes that the event would help generate some funds for establishing a community center in Charlotte, NC.

Arrangements have been made to view entire purana session online from 8 am to 8 pm (EST) until Jan.1, according to the organizers.

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  1. It would be very interesting to know that how purana is able to help the police department to keep peace in the community when the participants are limited number of people of particular religious group. Also, it would be helpful to find out if those prayers for the salvation to the known-unknown departed souls has been heard and answered or not. That helps to decide if this kind of activities which is so much time consuming are worth doing again in the future or not. Usually, we hear purana pandits addressing the suicide just by saying that it is an evil deeds. They curse the victims and tell that they go to hell. They don’t talk about how hardly the victim was trying to find solution of his problems and if some one like us was there to help him or at least ask him how he is doing, we might not have to loose that person. We don’t hear pandits creating awareness among people about mental health. We don’t hear them encouraging people about sharing our feelings to others if we are not feeling good and asking other people how they are doing if we see them in a bad mood. That is just because they know only one way to threaten people-the fear of hell which has no evidence.