‘Efforts to involve India for repatriating refugees underway’


The British Ambassador to Nepal, Andrew James Sparkes, is learnt to have said that efforts to involve the government of India in repatriating the interested exiled Bhutanese were underway.

The British Envoy to Nepal
The British Envoy to Nepal

Media reports from Jhapa quoted the Envoy as saying during his visit to Damak earlier this week. However, he didn’t choose to elaborate in the said matter, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian Ambassador to Nepal, Alf Arne Ramslien, visited Beldangi Refugee Camp and its affected area, Thursday.

Envoy Ramslien, who also visited a police station under construction near the refugee camp, inquired about management and operation of the refugee camps.

He also visited UNHCR-funded Mawa River Drinking Water Project, and an agricultural farm, informed Damak Police Station, Jhapa.


  1. Any nation or its leader will be called JUST and SUCCESSFUL if their efforts to persuade concerned authorities on repatriation of the exiled Bhutanese succeed. In fact, all the options were to be made available at a time if intention were in place to judge whether the affected people were at fault or the power that perpetrated it. None of the genuine Bhutanese would opt for TCR as choice no.1 under any circumstance. The last choice somehow came at the first without alternative options and majority went for it as better choice than remaining REFUGEES indefinitely.
    The government of India financed the project eviction of RGoB and should take moral responsibility to see its logical conclusion. As they created humanitarian crisis in the region, it can be gauged that they have strategic interest in the matter even though they deny involvement. The leaders that shared ideas in the beginning must be aware of the inner facts that are undisclosed to the public to the present time.
    Dasho TN Rizal hinted about being advised to take Hindu stand against the brutal forces of Buddhist regime compelling conversion of the people under One Nation, One People propaganda. On the other hand, the One Nation, One People project was perpetrated arguably under the direct advice of the Indian leader. The Bhutanese were divided into two groups of fighting team (brutal government and right seeking citizens) under the influence of Indian umpire who left the ground and went to hide once the game began…