‘Education is declining drastically’

Yubaraj Sampang (Picture : Durga Pokhrel/BNS)

Like others, the former Camp Secretary of Timai camp, Yubaraj Sampang, feels that education standard in camp is decreasing drastically these days. He regards that the ongoing third country resettlement is responsible for inviting such a fate to us. BNS Regional News Coordinator, Tilak Niroula, has talked to Sampang in this regard and other relevant issues. Excerpts: 

Yubaraj Sampang (Picture : Durga Pokhrel/BNS)

How do you comment on education standard in the camp schools?
I am sad to mention here that the education standard in camps is dramatically decreasing. Actually, this should not have happened. I regard that the ongoing third country resettlement is responsible for inviting such a fate to us. The resettlement has transformed everything in camp, and the education sector has suffered a lot.

What are its remedies?
A single person cannot do anything to improve the situation. We must motivate our children, encourage our teachers, and extend possible supports for reenergizing everyone involved in this sector. We can expect some better results, but not immediately. We need to be serious towards this since it involves thousands of future heroes.

How do you see Beldangi camp?
I have ample of parallels to compare Beldangi with my former camp Timai. The situation is quite compelling to live in. Problems among youths are at a rapid growth. In most cases, people from Timai, Goldhap or Khudunabari are blamed of bringing such kinds of problems. But, this is not the reality. We are one community, and such segregation should not prevail anymore.  To some extent, the situation is not appreciable and praiseworthy. The camp management committee should take the responsibility.

Regarding security situation?
Timai was a small camp. Beldangi camps have higher population, and of the three camps Beldangi-II is the most crowded place to dwell in. More people means more problems and disorders. The security system should be liberal enough to allow refugees exercise their rights in a full manner. But, this doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to do whatever they wish. We must have a hazard-free camp environment without any frauds and intended exploitations.

Is repatriation possible?
The resettlement countries in the west have already accepted over 68,000 of fellow countrymen. Still, more are in the queue, and would leave us in near future. We have waited for almost two decades. I am sure that Bhutan will have no excuse in accepting some of the refugees back home with dignity and honour sooner or later. Nepal will not allow refugees to assimilate locally. Above all, the resettlement programme has sidelined the issue of repatriation in a complete sense. But, this will not be for a long time. Thus, we need patience for that.

Being the President of Fans Club, what are your plans ahead?
Indeed, I am proud to say that the Fans Club is getting popular among the refugees in camps, and outside. This is possible since we have organised various soccer tournaments in the past. We do have plans for future programmes, but we lack resources. We are financially handicapped to bring our all plans into actions. But, we’ll soon organise inter-club regional football tournament in the eastern region.


  1. I am proud to see a synergetic Bhutanese youth and President of Fans Club so concerned about the prevailing educational situation and providing some solutions to the problems.Perhaps Fans Club working hand in hand with the agencies ,parents and school children would provide strength. When youths become concerned ,solutions stand at the doorstep.

  2. Camp education is not declining now. It has been deteriorating since 1996. Oh! You are sad now. Educate people were sad before two decades. If you are committed, please give the right education with quality and standard. Sometimes standard declines when students know more than a teacher. It is a quackery…

  3. sir,

    it is very good that some of you are really working hard and thinking of the future of our refugee daju bhai. however,as you have mentioned that due to the third country resettlement process that things have changed drastically.
    to my opinion nobody should opt for resettlement in third country but serously push for repatriation back to the country where you came from.everyone should work to this effect and not to go for groupism and divide and rule method. working with the locals agency would be another advantage.

    i wish all the best in your endevour to improve education,other social issues and finally repatriation programme.