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EC set to hold local government elections

The election commission (EC) has eventually decided to hold the first-ever local government elections as it fixed the poll day for June 27.

The election originally planned for May 24 had been postponed to verify the legitimacy of former political party members to contest in the elections.

Interestingly, the commission has made it open for every interested candidates, even those who were found ineligible erstwhile, to put forth their candidacy.

By now altogether 2194 candidates have shown their interest for the election.However, about 328 demkhongs are still deprived of candidates.

The EC said it has cross-checked various records to make sure former political parties have abstained from any political activities the previous year.

The verification was conducted for 121 political party members, who were accepted as candidates earlier, 259 members, who were disqualified, and another 153, who could not file their nominations for different reasons, according to the EC.

It was found that about 20 of the 259 disqualified candidates opted to withdraw from election. Also, other six candidates were found to have active participation with the political activities.

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