EC registers fifth political party


The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) said it granted official registration to the country’s fifth party – Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa.

The party received received registration on Friday, stated the Commission.

It is said that DNT is formed by a group of 135 registered voters from all the 20 districts. However, the party hasn’t submitted its Charter yet.


  1. Congratulations DNT.

    Your registration with the EC is a sign of true democracy taking true roots in Bhutan.

    Unfortunately, so far, all the political parties that have been registered are establishment parties, that only support the current status quo. That does not offer much choice to the public except choosing between parties of preferred known and unknown candidates, kins, relatives, people of village or departmental affiliations.

    We need a political party that truly departs from these lines – that actually offers an ideological standing. A political party without an ideology cannot sustain.

    A new political party getting registered on the eve of an elections puts a pressure on it for winning the election. If you rush with the hope of wining this election, you will be ruined. That should not be your mission. If you care for the real establishment of true democracy in Bhutan, set your eyes on the long term goals, set an ideology for achieving those goals – go to the people – just not to show your flag but to explain what changes you could bring and how.

  2. I hope Lhotshampas will not vote for DPT in upcoming election. This party didn’t do anything to solve the census problems in the South. Large number of people from South are still stateless, their children are not allowed in the School as they are not recorded in the census. When Hemant Gurung, MP from Dagana tried to raise this topic in the NAtional Assembly, he was told off. The Home Minister told the house such issue should not be raised, evidently DPT doesn’t want to solve the problem. I hope Lhotshampas will keep this in mind.