EC asks two aspirant parties to re-submit applications


The Election Commission (EC) has asked the two aspiring political parties, Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party and Druk Chirwang Tshogpa, to re-submit their applications for registration.

Commission reviewed the papers submitted by the two political parties but there still is some revision to be made and some information to be added in the application form, repairs BBS, Friday.

Three political parties, Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa and Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa, applied for registration with the ECB between October-December 2012.

The revised documents of the Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party and Druk Chirwang Tshogpa along with that of the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa will be considered by the Commission beginning December 18, according to the EC.

It further said, the EC is hoping to complete the process before the end of December 2013 to those groups that fulfill the minimum requirements under the electoral laws.