Druknet blocks Bhutanomics in Bhutan


The Bhutanomics.com has accused the country’s ISP, Druknet, of blocking the site from browsing inside the country.

A banner from the Bhutanomics.com

According to the website, internet users of the Druknet have no access to the website contents from Bhutan. However, those using internet of privately operated ISPs – Tashi and Samden – are able to browse the site.

“Inability to view our website only through Druknet confirms the fact that we are banned. The government has no control over Tashi and Samden,” the Bhutanomics pointed out, referring to two of three private ISPs in the country.

However, both the Druknet General Manager Tshering Norbu and Media Officer of Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority, Lakshuman Chhetri, have denied of blocking the site.

Currently, the website cannot be accessed by Druknet users in Thimphu and other districts. But, it is accessible through proxy websites, social media and by users using private ISP connections. The website is also accessible abroad.

The site came into existence from last year and is “anonymously funded and run independently by a group of freelance writers”.

Previous, there were even claims that a group loyal to K5, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, was operating the website.

According to the government’s mouthpiece, Kuensel, Druknet attempted to block pornography websites but high costs and bypass methods caused the ISP to abandon the effort.

In 2007, BICMA attempted blocking the BhutanTimes website, but abandoned the effort shortly thereafter.


  1. This act of JYT and his government is analogous to the famous story “Emperor`s New cloths”. In the story the Emperor walked on the streets to show his new clothes. All stared at their nude Emperor. Only one among millions told the truth that the Emperor was completely nacked. JYT & his sub-ordinates are walking nude, although like the Emperor; they are trying to feel good of all those undemocratic acts/policies. You banned the media that played prank on you. How does GNH fits here? What are the values of your so called “Top to Bottom” democracy?
    All lies and cruelties of your democratic government are falling apart one after another. Sooner or later, you will have to pay the cost.
    Take care all Bhutanese friends !.
    May God bless Bhutan!