Drug trafficking increasing


Mar 17: Illegal drug trafficking from across the border continue to rise despite government efforts to control.

The police generally seize such drugs that are brought through Phuentsholing main gate but major trading activities are carried out from other border points.

In January this year, a total of 45 arrests were made in the country in connection with drug trafficking. And 14 arrests were made in Phuentsholing. In February, 40 drug traffickers were arrested of which 12 in Phuentsholing.

In a period of three months, 291 capsules of Spasmoproxyron, 127 tab­lets of Nitro sun, 73 tab­lets of Relipen, 4 bottles of corex (100 ml) and 115 gm of Marijuana were seized by the police officials at the Phuentsholing gate.