Dorji-PM meet: Nepal support to continue


The government of Nepal has once again vowed its continued support for the democratic struggle of Bhutanese people.

Dorji, left, talks to Nepalese caretaker PM Madhav Kumar Nepal. Photo/Vidhyapati Mishra
Dorji, left, talks to Nepalese caretaker PM Madhav Kumar Nepal. Photo/Vidhyapati Mishra

In a meeting with the Bhutanese delegation led by RK Dorji, the president of Delhi-based Druk National Congress (DNC), Nepal said that they had always wished to see the dawn of inclusive democracy in Bhutan.

“Nepali people have deep sympathy for the suffering of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal,” PM told the delegation.

Dorji also informed the prime minister about current political situation in Bhutan and hardship of refugees in camps as regard to limited facilities from donor agencies.

“It is good that you are here in Nepal completing your long confinement in Delhi,” PM Nepal told.

Dorji informed the Nepalese caretaker Prime Minister that the Bhutanese leaders were working to establish a contact office in Kathmandu and have expected all types of supports to run the office.

“The establishment of genuine democracy in Bhutan, repatriation of Bhutanese refugees and strengthening of people-to-people relationship between Nepal and Bhutan are our priority,” Dorji told the PM.

Dorji also urged the government to issue travel documents for refugee leaders.


  1. Politics and leadership has some use for appearances too. Get a suit and a tie, Mr. Dorji, for Pete’s sake! It also means some respect for the PM of a country. If you are going to meet the PM, you dress up for it, out of respect if nothing else. When you want to be a part of the club, you need to learn to look the part.

  2. There is nothing wrong in meeting Nepalese Prime Minister and apprising about Bhutan’s situation. Don’t forget R.K. Dorji is a victim of RGOB and you can’t imagine how much he lost in Bhutan. Regarding tie and all I don’t agree with Bhotangey. It’s up to one’s choice what dress he/she should wear, of course don’t go naked. You can’t prescribe a dress and it is not an insult to Nepali PM if Dorji does not wear a tie. Mahatma Gandhi was always in dhoti when he met with all top world leaders including then the queen of England and it would be wrong to conclude he was insulting any body. It is only the Bhutanese feudal government which goes around prescribing national costume and punishing people found not wearing it going to the extent of banning traditional dress of southern Bhutanese people. I don’t believe in any such restrictions on individual freedom as it shows a feudal and autocratic mentality.

  3. Thanks Mr. Dorji,
    It is good to meet and present the current political and social issues to PM of all the countries in the world.
    Very good job Mr. Dorji did. I would like to say “keep it up meeting the leaders in the world” and talk about GNH in Bhutan.
    Regarding the contect office in kathmandu open soon and get informtion from different parts of globe.
    Manoj Rai

  4. Hi
    why dont u make the issue with regards to refugee’s who are still not register.
    u do work only to ur favor boy….look for thos poor refugee’s who esle dont have meal a day..which is immediate concern.


    Rajesh, NY

  5. Suraj: When one takes a position of leadership, one loses certain freedoms. It is ironic, I know, but that is the price we pay. Public figures lose their right to privacy, for instance. They lose their rights to be hispters too. When one wants to be a political leader, one needs to roll like one.

    Interesting you bring up Gandhi and his dhoti. Dhoti was a symbol. Gandhi ran around in three-piece suits and bow-ties while he was a lawyer in South Africa. He later adopted the dhoti, charkha, the janaai etc as political tools. So, there was a context for that. And Gandhi WAS insulting the Queen of England and the British politicians. He was getting on their nerves. That WAS his point.

    All I am trying to say is that the supporters/followers need to feel confident about what a leader can do, whether you can represent, whether you actually inspire loyalty and confidence in your supporters/followers. Unfortunately, in politics, appearances do play a significant part. Given that our leaders have not delivered not much in the last two decades in terms of tangible benefits, it wopuld be perhaps nice to see them playing their part well.

    You wear boots to play soccer, you don a swim-suit to swim, you run in running shoes and walk in walking shoes. There are unprescribed but implicit rules/norms in the world of politics. You want sympathy, of course, but not at the cost of respect and confidence.

    This is MY opinion. I am not imposing it on anyone, not even Dorji.

  6. Wise are those who Discuss On Issues, Strategies and Destination, Not of Individual, Style and Dress.

    Appreciating the concern raised above, I feel a public figure should be more causal in look then a Bureaucrat. I am of Opinion that Dasho Rijal, Mr.Ronthon and Dr. Dhakal should work in South Asian front and inside Bhutan along with Mr. Thinley, Balaram and the rest. Mr Durga Giri. Mr. Ratan, Ms. Mangala, Mr. Jogen and the inspiring Leaders of Younger Generations should work in International Front. And I wish each of us Sholud not forget that we are the Ambassador of our Cause.

  7. As, we the resettled people from USA think, Bhutan Govt. is not really willing to take back the Bhutanese people from Camp. Also, How these King are lying day to day when someone is there to talk with them about the Bhutanese peple from Camp.
    Anyway, the Best Idea is to Resettle. We should not wait to Bhutanese Govt. Bye.

  8. I don’t know what Dorji means by “Travel document to Bhutanese Leaders”- I don’t know who he means by “Bhutanese leaders”. If I am not mistaken, I don’t happen to remember any so called leaders, But I have some faint sense of remembering many self induced leaders- and I don’t know if he means them??? And again if he means ” General Bhutanese refugees” they are given travel document without question through resettlement program. I ONLY SEE CONCERN FOR THOSE 3000 UNREGISTERED PEOPLE IN THE CAMPS WHO ARE IN NEED OF SOME KIND OF UNCONDITIONAL TRAVEL DOCUMENTS FOR THEIR RESCUE.

  9. Hari Dhakal, If you don’t know anything about Bhutanese leaders that is your problem. Read what the media has to say for the last twenty years, read the UN dossiers, Amnesty International reports, reports by European Parliament, documentation by Human Rights Watch, UNHCR documents, annual human rights reports by US government, country reports by so many human rights organizations, example Asian Human Rights Commission,World Organization against Torture, Freedom House, South Asia Human Rights Documentation Center and also the reports (anti-movement) prepared by the Bhutanese government and you will know thier names and you will know who the leaders are and who worked for the Bhutanese movement and the refugees. If you don’t accept someone as your leader that is again your personal problem. But definitely there are Bhutanese leaders who still aspire to go back and raise their voice in support of it and there is nothing wrong about it. If you can do nothing at least raise the issue, open your mouth because the issue is still alive and needs to be addressed.

  10. Who is this Hari Dhakal? Is this a same guy who spy for IOM at DAMAK and received huge amount of money? His statement of hypocratic! he knows evry body since his the then job for IOM required to know all bhutanese leaders name


  11. Recent visit of Mr.Rongthong Kuenley Dorji to Nepal is a positive step to the Bhutanese democratic movement. After his release from several years of confinement in Delhi, I assume, he has travelled to Kathmandu to speak to the exiled Bhutanese leaders and refugees, to create a new raod map in the direction to ensure inclusive democracy in Bhutan.

    I genuinely aspire that the Bhutanese front line leaders find a need and reach to a consensus to reorganise the movement, in view of the changed political context. RGOB is desperately trying to divert the attention of the international community towards the propaganda of ”GNH” and ”illegal immigrants” from the real issue of citizenship rights of lhotshampas, human rights and democratic struggle in the country. Bhutanese leaders both inside the country and in exile should seriously contemplate on these issues which shall have a long bearing in the political stability of Bhutan.

    It is a good progress that Mr.Dorji and his delegates are meeting the Nepalese leaders, intellectuals and diplomats during his visit in Kathmandu. However, it would be time worthy,or is already scheduled, if Bhutanese exiled leaders sit together in Kathmandu, make evaluation of the past and deleberate on future course of the movement. Bhutanese from far and near would be looking forward to see a visionary direction coming from the joint leadership and shoulder the responsibility to contribute their share for a true democratic change in the country.

    Durga Giri, Munich, Germany.

  12. Hey friends,
    No fight please. Lets talk/write good. But I support Kuber Poudel’s assertion to keep our issue alive. And ofcourse, resettlement has become a boon for the Butanese refugees, so it should continue without any interruption.

  13. hi friends,
    Do you see the Indian NSA with FS in Thimphu recently to apprise RGOB and to say nothing will happen with RK out of Indian Grip, due to court pressure.
    Tshering wangda a “male protitutes” posted in kolkotta is in a hunt with goondas to kill RK in next 6 months , you will see.
    India is country with no principle to democracy and human rights , they can do any thing. I request leaders to be careful and make move. look at how JYT has barked with aljeezera tv interview, there is no ethics in politics as long as Bhutan and India is concern.Both are siter prostitutes.

    New York,

  14. Bhutanese are too smart for Nepalese diplomats and politicians when it comes to Bhutanese refugee issue. Nepalese are foolish and dumb, they are not serious about solving refugee crisis. Nepalese don’t do their homework, I doubt if any diplomat who are involved with Bhuatanese refugee issue have sincerely made an attempt to understand the whole Bhutanese refugee problem, they are shallow. Whereas, Bhutan prepare themselves thoroughly before facing any media and Bhutanese officials.

  15. The issue of RK Dorji’s safety was raised by me the day he was out from Jail.
    I fully agree with Juna that he has limited days to fall victims of Indian gundas or be picked up to Bhutan through some means of allegation by Tsherig Wangda in the border areas.

    This Wangda is not the hated chap for southern Bhutanese only but he has sucked the resources of Bhutan which very few people know in Bhutan. He has cheated the RGOB and always carried huge cash and costly gifts to Indian borders and provided RGOB with false receipts. The most corrupted person in Bhutan now, and the 1980s. When TN Rizal was doing audit, he has pleaded with his wife to waive his Nu81000.00 corruption then in gelephu. he cried and begged like beggers in India.

    when he was in Home Minsitry he has accepted bribe of flesh trade of Southern Bhutanese women to issue NOC, he has accepted good in kinds like labour in his farm, fridges, washing machine, yak meat and many more. No one questions him coz he was supressing the lhotasamps who had no census and NOC. So Bhutan is grooming another militia who is so risky to whole Bhutan-Make no mistake, he is a sin but, lucky to get support from His Royal Highness Prince Namgyal Wanghuck as his adopted father.

    Coming to the point of RK Dorji- his visist is good as we see in the media but absolutely meaningless with regards to outcome.

    He met last week, Rizal will next month, Thinley Penjore will another month, Dhakal will another time and Balaram Poudel will some days.. so these sort of any solo master minded program or supported by one party, we know well is another way of falling apart.

    The days of acting on the name of refugees when they were suffering in the camps are gone. Unless there is one leader, one party, one movement, we keep on falling apart, and we will, just check how many party and orgs are formed after TCR stared. Can anyone name any result excpet attending UPR in Geneva?
    So make castle in the air and make personal media but nothing on the ground will happen.

    JYT will sit in more interviews, more TV programs about GNH will hit the global forum and all the resettle Bhutanese will do is watch them, shout in this webiste and google forum and throw emotions and nothing will happen actually. Now many are after job and busy buying home and pay off the debt… sort of who cares will happen and psedo leaders will flourish.
    I am sorry that i am so negative here but this is the reality.
    I bet anyone can show me in action the positives. I know amny will support the leasders and hit on me, I don’t care because the reality has to come.. none of people who has to bend are ready to do so…

    For me, I will diagree with RGOB in many fronts but will look into the possibility of negiotiation and stop the blame game of saying one party is ngolop and other is Ngalong.
    Anything from now, peaceful negotiation is only the way if that ever happens.

  16. I agree with Juna. Bhutan considers RKD as no. 1 enemy especially JSW who could not get him extradited to Bhutan and was defeated in his “Mission Dago Tshering” who went to Delhi in April 1997 with Druk Air to bring back RKD stranding hundreds of passengers at Paro airport but thanks to Delhi High Court which foiled that mission. And subsequently Dago lost his job and it was only after some considerations to the risk he took in evicting southern Bhutanese that he was made Indian ambassador and sent to Delhi. A true genophobic with no brains, no one knows what he is doing these days. He may be repenting for pushing Bhutan into dark ages and chaos by his anti-Lhotsham policies and greed for power and wealth. Indian government will blindly support Bhutanese government because it uses the country for its own selfish interest and gives unconditional aid and grants to Bhutanese rulers. Bhutan has not been able to build up diplomatic relations with US and other major world powers due to Indian objection who don’t want presence of world powers in Thimphu where India has stationed it Brigadier General. RKD need to be careful and the story about Wangda is true. He is a crook and played big role in eviction of southern Bhutanese during 1990s.

  17. Well, Parsu learned a lit bit from his trip to Geneva that, bashing Bhutan is a no brainer game. Perhaps, he realized that the international community members are not as dumb as he thought to be.

    JYT will give more interviews because he shoulder the responsibilities of being a sitting Prime Minister of a sovereign country. Any responsible prime minister would have done that, including Madhav Nepal.

    Live and let live. Let the refugees find solace in their lives in the third country after years of miserable live in the camps. Thanks to all those self proclaimed leaders for keeping in darkness due to sheer lies for their potical gain.

    Parsu is emerging as such leaders. He went on government scholarship to Australia, finished his studies and found out that his right to education was violated by the government of Bhutan. He is trying to justify his greed and infatuation with Austrialia through an indignation, as being discriminated by Bhutanese government. He should be ashamed of being calling himself a Bhutanese when he denounced all of Bhutanese values.

  18. I am not a pundit in Bhutanese politics nor have I been able to encrypt a banner of a leader to hang on my forehead and brag off. My statistical combination and permutation may be wrong but going by the various comments and ideas that have of late reflected on various events right from the on-line blogs to others I found; I represent most of the Southern Bhutanese at least by conscience and scruples. “What have these leaders been doing for the last 20 years ´?

    Some body typically representative to the leader said to me. ` The leader has been walking from jails to street to gullies, across ghettos to offices, hungry, thirsty, naked and poor for the sake of Bhutanese.´ And the result? When I retreated back? ….. Let me not tell you his fuming with anger and furry! Here it may look like a little making, he even promised to deport me back. These are our leaders. In saying so, what I found most stodgy is when they still try repatriating us. Are these leaders like RKD, Balaram etc. etc. (naming from a good bunch) are capable of anything? Are they the so-called front-leaders carving a new road map for a political solution? Folks, I vehemently doubt! And I am not interested to get back to Bhutan. Tell me honestly, how many of you want. What I want though is a trouble-free life for those still in Bhutan.

    Further, with no malign to some commentators here, there are hardly any leaders or intellectuals from Nepal who could or can make a difference in our issue. They are all time out-wits of the Bhutanese leaders who in contrast are intelligent, capable, smart, proficient and fluent. Secondly, the so-called Nepalese intellectuals and political Gurus are so indulged in pulling their own legs that they barely have any time left to make Bhutanese feet stand. So, let us just forget about them entirely at this moment.

    Besides, JT is an astute, intelligent and qualified leader. He would do any thing; either make GNH a tool to hoodwink the world or play his ´ illegal immigrants card´ to finish a win. Had I been the minister of a country who is voted by a major population opposing reconciliation, I would do exactly the same.

    I am not sure if Parsu´s scheme will flourish so soon but sometime his big-mouth is an equal irritant to us as it is to JYT and his chamchas. I am not sure if he is going to be our one maverick leader to consolidate every one of us to a single revelry. However, may be, by then, I am afraid; the purpose would be of little importance! We all would be long back citizens of many respective countries. Honestly, I would like to not get repatriated with a bunch of foreign siblings and family members!

    Friends, let me keep my fingers crossed and wish Mr. Rongthong Kuenley a TD and a visa to abroad

  19. Dear Lotus Flower,
    Firstly let me thank you for your observation on me.
    The only difference in introduction between you and me is I am open to my identities and views and YOU HIDE YOUR INDENTITY. This is cowardness and you have things to fear because you live in the media scrutinized world and i live in the free country.

    Second, about that I have learned more about Bhutan in Geneva is your blank hypothesis. Yes, i have learned and met hundreds of people who know very well about the reality of Bhutan, perhaps more than any one in bhutan and camps. They know the lies and truth of both sides thats why they have been chosen to work in UN and make rational decision of distributing MY TAX DOLLAR, between Bhutan and the refugee camps.

    I think you cannot deny that all the resettled Bhutanese are now a ligitimate donors to Bhutan those who are working, and eventually all will work. Do you have any doubt on this or can you go to the UNDP office and Thimphu and say, you don’t want money paid by tax from the resettle bhutanese?

    Having said this, i am not trying to go againist Bhutan but to refresh your grey matter in your cerebrum. Whether you want or not, our support to Bhutan will be long lasting as donors, we will not take into account to discriminate the most needy ones in Bhutan in the name of race and religion, for the simple fact we disagree on the political ideology. So, my friend, the Australian way of working and learning from others have changed my way of thinking and conntributing but it seems you are still in the same horizan.

    The next point is, you have said I have denounced the bhutanese values. Can I say to you the following:
    as long as I was in Bhutan, I was truly abiding by the by lwas of the nation. Can you find one single point that I was aganist the values?
    For you to know my testimony, please go to BBS TV in Thimphu and ask the headline news from 2000 and 2001. Have a look to my contribution there mate. then tell me what is your contribution to the Nation then?

    Next example, go to Haa town and ask the people who has pioneered the Town cleaning committee and Environmental cleaning of rivers and steams in Haa? You may note that a year ago Haa town has won the best cleaned town in Bhutan. Are they not Bhutanese values?

    The list goes on and I wonder if you have any simple examples of your initiatives.
    I am fortunate I am entrusted similar responsibilities here.

    Lastly, Can I doubt that you may be one of the chamchas of Tshering Wangda or his relative. Your reply seems to indirectly support him. if you can monitor the activities of such corruptd Wangda rather than vomiting in your plate from where you eat (our tax dollars you rely on), it will be good for bhutan.
    Should you wish to persue personal correspondence, my contact is [email protected]

    Thank you

  20. One more point on my Scholarship to come Australia.

    Your general assumption and putting everyone who comes out of bhutan to study on Govt scholarship is naive.
    Be advised that i have not wasted a penny from the RGOB, it was a personally arranged scholarship through international competition among ADB member countries. If you have time, please go to RCSC and they will show you my file. If you find any $$ spen on me, i will pay 10 fold to you.
    All the best

  21. Nilik, if you want to forget about the Bhutanese leaders you can do that there is no problem and it is your personal decision but you can’t deny their presence and existence as living human beings who have been advocating for real changes in Bhutan for a long long time. They are recognized by media who talk about them and report what they have to say. Do not compare JYT with them, I repeat do not compare. JYT is a yes man of JSW and KNW who can do anything to please them going to the extent of defending their wrong policies. I agree he is an educated person, an intellectual and a good bureaucrat but I don’t agree he is a true leader who can lead Bhutan to freedom, prosperity and real democracy. He is a US educated person but continues to deny teaching of Nepali to southern Bhutanese children born in Bhutan and continues to lie to the world about true origin of refugees. He knows all refugees originated from Bhutan, their citizenship rights were violated, their houses were demolished, their properties seized, their women raped, many were kidnapped, thousands were put behind bars, tortured and murdered. And all this happened because they had the guts and courage to speak against the policies of JSW who lacks humility to accept criticism no matter how constructive they are. I don’t like people praising those who are responsible for human rights violations and denial of individual freedom in Bhutan. I love those who advocate in favour of true freedom and a real democracy where all people can enjoy their fundamental rights without any interference from government.

  22. Suraj Thapa, you seem to be totally demented. It has been proven by JVT that not all refugees are from Bhutan. In a small camp like Khudunabari established after the screening process was established by UNHCR, 25% of the refugees were found to be non-Bhutanese. That was verified by members of JVT from Nepalese Govt. too. So, please stop insisting that all refugees are from Bhutan.

  23. Raju,
    O.K. you are right. 75% of the refugees were found to be bonafide Bhutanese and the rest 25% were to be subjected to further verification because they had no documents on them since all the documents were seized by the Bhutanese government. But it is a fact that all those 25% are also Bhutanese. The question is what JYT said during his interview was absolutely lie. He is an educated person but a liar. He wants to justify the anti-human rights and anti-Lhotshampa policies of JSW but he will never succeed. JSW’s policies were similar to Nazi policies and policies practiced in former Yugoslavia to destroy a culture and people. One day there will be an international inquiry and the truth will be exposed. Refugees are definitely from Bhutan and given the chance they can dig the graves of their ancestors who were buried in Bhutan. Just wait and see. All those human rights violators in Bhutan will be brought to justice in an independent court of law either in Bhutan or outside. Saddam never never thought in his wildest dream that he will pay one day for what he did against his own people but see the chain of events and his KARMA he paid with his life. That will be the fate of all those who took part in ethnic cleansing and forced eviction of southern Bhutanese during 1990s. Refugee elders and children wherever they will be resettled will speak against what happened to them in Bhutan to expose the lies and fabrications of persons like JYT.

  24. Suraj ji, thank you for appreciating my liberty of expressing my personal feelings. You misunderstood me. I have never denied the existence of the leaders. On the contrary, I was trying to say that their existence so far has helped very little and their continuation would be fruitless. Talking about the REAL CHANGE you are talking about, I have seen non except the miseries of our people in the various refugee camps in Nepal and now the dispersal around the world. You surely could be one product of the REAL CHANGE!

    If you think a real leader is one who is talking to the media; you have to correct your definition. What does it matter what they are interviewed for or what they have to say there? Have we not seen them just TALKING for the last 20 years.

    The problem with all of us is we cannot assimilate in us any thing that we dislike even if they are hard core facts. So, with your permission, may I repeat Suraj ji `JYT is a capable leader? Further, as far as I know JYT is not a, YES MAN ´ to any body, he is the PM of a country and is a team to the kings and other clergies who are against us. Take it for sure that he is not gratifying any body, he is gratified himself by denying a majority of the national population their fundamental rights. In saying so, I did not say that he is going to bring social prosperity and democracy in Bhutan. BUT instead of constantly undermining and accusing him, we should behave ourselves first and proceed (if at all we want to proceed) to find a solution of our cause BUT NOT WITH the SAME OLD LEADERS! And this SOLUTION has to be defined concretely for the interest of the entire southern Bhutanese.

    I whole heartedly accept the plight. The stringent overnight rules cleverly implied to squelch the traditions and customs of the 50 percent population were the real cause no matter who says what. But it does not mean that we stand clear of the guilt for the consequences those ensued. So, here is a chance for us also to meditate for a while.

    Raju, look for the correct data and correct yourself. Don´t bullshit!

  25. Dear Mr. Suraj Thapa,
    I would not be able to remain silent without appreciating you for your well expressed description you have put above on the conducts of JSW and his assistants back in Bhutan during 1990s. A true south Bhutanese would just long for a day when those human rights violators in Bhutan would pay as Hitler and Saddam had paid for their crimes. We must not forget and we must instil to our younger generations the feeling of revenge against those canibals who committed zenocide.
    However, we must watch ourselves, the opportunists can misguide. The changes will come throughout this region as we all can see the developments towards that end.

  26. Nilik ji,
    It’s wrong to assume that Bhutanese leaders are not capable of bringing changes inside Bhutan and also that they donot have supporters inside the country. I can challenge if they are given a chance to return to Bhutan people will support them and not JYT who has reached present position because of favours by JSW. It takes time for any democratic movement to succeed, example Burmese struggle, Tibetan movement etc which started well before Bhutanese movement. We will wait and let the leaders voice for it. It is better to voice your concern about a cause rather than keeping quiet. If you keep quiet you are as good as dead. So let the leaders meet people of importance and voice for the cause. Don’t give your argument they are doing nothing at least they are talking. I personally donot like you to praise JYT so much because I know him better than you do. He is truly a “yes man” to JSW because he owes his present position to JSW rather than his qualifications. JYT is no good leader because he has not been able to take back a single refugee who was declared Bhutanese by JVT. If he were a true leader he would accept his people back at least those identified as Bhutanese by the two governments, Nepal and Bhutan. You know why he can’t accept them because JSW does not like refugees coming back to Bhutan because he thinks they challenge his authority. To sum up about JYT he is no better than JSW and Dago Tshering it’s only that he is more diplomatic but basically he is following their foot steps so far as the refugee issue is concerned. We are waiting for a true leader emerging (may be during next general election) within Bhutan who will have the guts to raise the concern for refugees identified as genuine Bhutanese by JVT and we will back this leader internationally.

  27. Dear all,
    Nice reading your comments! As an elected prime minister usually delivers a speech to the nation through a national television or other media, Mr. Rongthon Kinley chose to meet the prime minister of Nepal as his first step in his political responsibility after getting released from the Indian jail. This should be appreciated. It is not easy to be away from his country, his country of assylum, his relatives and the general Bhutanese refugees if one should consider one’s private life.
    Regarding his general presentation with the the PM of Nepal, what I have a notion is that the prime minister well understands RKDs obligations and limitations. The PM, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal came from the section of the Nepalese society belonging to that of the have-nots. In Marxist’s term he is a proletariat and not a bourgeoise. The proletariats who form the majority of the populace constitute the workers. They are continuously exploited and suppressed by the bourgeoise and these control all the means of production. This prime minister backs the majority of the Nepalese who belong to the proletariat. The Bhutanese refugees cannot belong to the exploiters or the suppressors. We were exploited, suppressed and opressed. Therefore, when I see someone commenting on a “standard”, costume, I get a smell of capitalism inside the socialist society.
    The issue of Gandhism is different. We have studied Indian freedom mavement and it was his strategy to make the British fear him as the majority Indians life would resemble Gandhi’s. The majority Indians would appreciate his sacrifice and line up with him against British using non violence. Gandhi would not wear a sweater even during the coldest month when he would visit the viceroy of British India. A scene of his visit to the last viceroy of British India just before Independence described in “Freedom at Midnight”, shows the offer made to him to put on a sweater which he discards. There was his greatness!!
    Therefore in liberal politics and a advocate of democracy will represent the majority of his people and there we should appreciate If we comment otherwise, I fear we are misguided, may any cause be behind it. Well done RKD, keep it up!!
    Regarding his security, its a common but silent concern. The Bhutanese in Nepal should must arrange security for him and all those resettled and affluent Bhutanese should support in this matter. Thanks.

  28. Well, Parsu, you can bark the way you want to because you are ‘supposedly’ in a free nation. I don’t buy a bit of your lie that you did not waste any government money for your education. But i understand that you are trying to make yourself look good. And, there is nothing harm in it. However, learn to appreciate…

    You have questioned about your tax dollar being distributed between bhutan and refugees. I think you are farting lot more than your asshole can dump through. You seem to know a little bit of everything but you failed to know why your tax dollar (if you have at all contributed yet)are sent outside of Australia. By questioning the Austrilian government of why your tax dollar is being sent to foreign countries, you are questioning the credibility of Austrilia’s foreign policy. That truly exposes your true color. Just because you are granted asylum and later becoming a naturalized citizen does not give you precidence over Austrilia’s national interest. You have already started creating problem in Australia. I am not questioning about what you are doing and you have done but your intentions would be detrimental to Austrialia’s 21.3 million people.

    You claim that you have learned a different way of thinking and working from Austrilia but in reality you are spreading your way of thinking and working, like viruses to Australian.

  29. Mr. Lotus Flower,
    Juts show your guts of your true identity. can you? I don’t think you will even come in the forum with your name, and detail address whereas I can. This is the basic credibility and color beofe speaking a word. Before your go on hypothesis, can you come out from your narrow frog well. The other answer can you proof a cent from RGOB on my study?? you never can. So don’t yap mate.

    What is my country’s policy and how my tax dollar is spent is upto me and Australia, you just keep on receiving a portion of it..mate! One lesson for you is, no matter how small you are,in this country everyone’s appeal is listened, so don’t be fooled yourself with your way of handling the money by the big hands.

    It will take for long time, perhaps all your life to come out of the coccon. The language tone in your above comment has shown that truth and fact are very hard for your to bear and you are getting mad.. more you will after this…
    So come up, show your identity like me, unless you do this you are a timid chamcha of corrupted Wangda.

    The way your write me shows what mentality you have and you cannot tolerate the truth.

  30. Who is this new kids in the town callin himself leader. Hey guys you all have to grown up and change the stone age behavior. Wat kind of travel document he is askin for approval. I hate bhutanese crazy callin themself “leaders”.

  31. RGoB don’t need RKD to inform the Nepal PM about the political situation in bhutan, it is seen world wide and we certainly don’t need PM Khandal to wish or see the dawn of inclusive democracy in Bhutan. It is already inclusive, infact the finest democracies in the world today. Mr. Khandal can wish and see the dawn of inclusive democracy in Nepal if he thinks he is being elected by the Nepalese.
    As i see it, RKD is making the greatest mistake by approaching the Nepli PM, could not even bring consensus among the parties in Nepal.
    Iagree with Suraj Thapa that it is wrong to assume that bhutanese leaders are not capable of bringing changes in Bhutan. Within 4 years of democracy, bhutanese saw many changes like electricity, roads, schools, health and the list goes on. JYT and his govt. is so capable that they are confirmed to become the rulling party for the second consecutive period if not for the third time.
    I also whole heartedly agree with Suraj Thapa that the refugee leaders (not bhutanese leaders outside bhutan) are outstandingly capable for creating very good living condition in Jhapa and dumping many others world wide. Infact, kudos to the refugee leaders for creating many nationalities from one brand of people, the refugees.