Dorji continues lobby, irked group concerns


A delegation of Bhutanese leaders led by RK Dorji has met former foreign minister and Madhesi Janadhikar Forum chairman Upendra Yadhav at the latter’s residence in a bid to lobby Nepalese leaders for the repatriation of refugees.

During the meet, Yadav said “India always chose to remain silent whenever the Government of Nepal sought its help in resolving the crisis and Bhutan is not sincere” He further added that Nepal alone can’t repatriate the refugees without the active role of India.

Yadav also committed the support of MJF to Bhutanese delegates. “Madhesi people are always with your struggle since they know who you are more importantly than our leaders in power,” Karma Duptho, who accompanied the delegation, told BNS quoting Yadav.

During the meeting, Bhutanese delegates also sought Yadav’s support and solidarity to establish their contact office in Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, the group of deregistered refugees has vehemently criticized the formation of new Bhutanese coalition led by Dorji. Terming it as another form of conspiracy, a press statement issued by the group further accused leaders of not being serious towards their problems.

The group further said that it is shameful to talk about lunching movement for repatriation by opening contact office in Kathmandu. It has also challenged the leaders to stay in camps and continue their politics if they really want to work for people.


  1. Another sign of unplanned move. What has this ex-minister got to do in Bhutanese movement. He has clearly said that it is India’s role, there you go.. after some time they will forget you, once the resettlement is completed.
    If you can Mr Dorji, just beg Nepal govt to register the unregistered refugees. This is the need of the hour, and ask safety for people and negiotate with AMDA and resolve the ongoing issue.
    This way will be supported atleast by few people from the camp.

  2. Who is this Parsu? I have not seen or heard this man helping refugees for the past 18 years in Nepal. I have not seen him helping our Malnaurished bhutanese community at Mai-Dhar camp in Nepal in 90s. I have not seen him advocating for our cause in Nepal.I have not seen him teaching our children in refugee camps school. I have not seen him volunteering distributing ration in the refugee camps in Nepal. Advising our leaders such as Dasho Rongthong Kuenley by this unknown entity (parsu) is a big joke. Who ever this man is….must be an egoistic arrogant person and may not be a Bhutanese.

  3. Hi Sham sharma,
    It seems that your one of the leader who want money to get for office in ktm…its dam funny. Accept the fact that what Mr. Parsu was writing; go to camp and see how your fellow country people are treated who were not register. did all those useless leders mention this issue….they focus is only to get money.
    its shame upon those people…

    Rajesh, NY

  4. Hi Sham,
    you should feel shame to write like that dude! why not those leaders mention about refugee’s who were not register and living in camp….you should go there and see their condition. i recently arrived in state and i know them well. Did those leaders mention any where about this case…they are more focus in money to establish their office.
    And you, Mr. sham write that parsu is in wrong ways….what Mr. parsu wrote its true buddy…you need to wake up and wake those useless so called by them self leaders also to raise voice for those poor fellow contry mens and womens, who dont have mean in a day and you guys want moeny to establish office…is’t it sound funny.
    Prem FL, usa

  5. Well done Sham and Lotus who never has the courage to speak thier identity first and come up with thier views.

    The difference is I have open my identity and you both are not. Sham follow the link to see who I am since you have asked this question.
    What a shame for Sham that he does not even know the definition of refugee and live in US.
    What a joke that only a Bhutanese national has to help Bhutanse refugees.
    If you two are given the card to rule, then you will perhaps close the door for Bhutan to the world and go back to the caves since you disqualify other nationals to involve.

    People like you are poison in the community and it seems Lotus Flower is paid protector from Bhutan and Sham is a guy from US who is hiding his identity but have already have revelead his identity through his email and comment.

    He seems to be the follower of one of the the arrogant leader in the group above. The time and way his comment has come up has shown that this Sham has been one of the community breaker in US (State hidden) and coming to jack up leaders blindly.
    Asking my identity in a jackal (raja Bhoja’s way-we used to read in Elglish book in Bhutan) clearly shows how timid is this person to first show is true teeth.

    What ever and however you put on, these leaders will not achieve success without support from many of us, be it be financially, intellectually or socially.
    I reaffirm that without consulting the people in the camp, knowing thier issues and without contacting Bhutanese inside (RGOB or common mass) the leaders will be like jockers running in the street of Kathmandu, Siliguri, New Delhi to reach the bottom less end.
    Both Mr Sham (Shame now) and identity less Lotus Flower “Learn by Growing and Live by Growing to learn “.

  6. Whoever Parsu is, he is making a big difference in the society. As good as his big mouth he is also confident and has nerves to work for something that is good and needed for the Bhutanese communities. Observing him, I have found out that while he is brutally conceited to some, he goes down fully on knees for those who deserve respect. Wherever he was and is, he possesses the ability to make people feel of him and, positively. Frankly, I have seen just only a few Bhutanese of his calibre. I appreciate his efforts and hard work and I am sure down the line from here he will be one of the most talked about Bhutanese-Australian. And I would not wonder even if he becomes an Australian MP in cource of time! My respect to you, Parsu!.

  7. You can’t just criticize people. Parsu has done some good work. We want people who can voice for the Bhutanese cause. I understand the problem faced by unregistered refugees which can better be resolved there with the help of Nepali political parties, NGOs and embassies there in Nepal. Do not discredit the work done by Parsu. Let him continue to do it. Also let Parsu not criticize others because every body’s work is important. If the leaders are coming together there is nothing wrong in that. Let them do whatever they can in resolving the issue. Let’s give importance to every small work people are doing in the hope we will find the solution.

  8. I think the broader picture of the 26th August accord is for the democratic movement inside Bhutan.
    Unfortunately, victims of disparity, as deregistered/unregistered refugees have expressed their frustration on the political leaders. To my belief all the parties have regarded and advocated for the rights of the refugees but the situation of deregistered/unregistered refugees calls for an immediate attention on the issue.
    The issue is a serious humaniterian concern and it should be resolved by UNHCR and HMG Nepal at the earliest possibility.