Dorji confers with UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Dahal


Druk National Congress (DNC) President Rongthong Kunley Dorji on Monday called on Unified CPN (Maoist) Chairman Puspha Kamal Dahal and held discussion on the long-standing Bhutanese refugee issue.

During the meeting held at Dahal’s residence at Naya Bazaar of Kathmandu, Dorji briefed him about the strategic alliance of political parties and human rights organizations.

DNC President with UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Dahal/Picture Courtesy : Karma Duptho

In response, Maoist Chairman Dahal assured Dorji that the UCPN (Maoist) would seriously look into the Bhutanese refugee issue.

“I have my solidarity with your cause and always support the democratic struggle of the Bhutanese refugees,” Karma Duptho, who accompanied Dorji, told Bhutan News Service quoting Dahal as saying.

According to Duptho, President Dorji informed the Maoist Chairman that the alliance has expected supports from the Government of Nepal.

“The alliance aims to approach the Government of Nepal to facilitate a dialogue between the alliance and the Government of Bhutan, so that it could work on the terms and conditions for return of the refugees, human rights organizations and political parties to Bhutan,” Duptho quoted Dorji as saying to Dahal.

Dorji, who has been lobbying with Nepali leaders after he was asked to lead the strategic alliance, also told Dahal that Bhutanese in exiles have the high expectations from the GoN.

The strategic alliance consists of Druk National Congress, People’s Party, Bhutan National Democratic Party and Bhutanese Movement Steering Committee.


  1. I prefer a ‘voice and change’ approach than ‘arm and takeover’. I think communist choose the later. Bhutanese wants desired and controlled change. We need to be little careful while seeking the support. Let the extended hand reach the safe zone free of controversies.
    I think Kinley’s group wanted to raise the voice which is their choice for the change. And this should be. The intellectual circle supports the voice for change approach and this is the era to accept such leap.
    For the former approach, we are aheading the right tract and things are very supportive. Let’s fix a day and raise our voice together around the globe. Let’s have a common objective and hope this will be very effective. Let’s give a day for the Bhutanese cause. This will make a difference.
    Camp proximity activities may not be far reaching for the possible and effective outcome. I don’t know whether this is a desirable way or not, but if people are sincere in their words, this will yield something. HOW IS THAT?

  2. Mr. Tortola,

    Why do you prefer to write your alias name like this?
    What makes it so?

    I read most of the comments that you contribute which are worthy enough.
    Your comments are logical and reasonable sometimes and represents most of the voice today.

    But what is the use of writing them with another name, when your write ups and feeling are really the voice for change?

  3. Laxmi Powdel,
    Please clean the rust around your cranium and let the reflex penetrate inside it. I hope you know the process to clear the unwanted corrosion. Your level of thinking, atitude and approach will ruin you and land you nowhere. You too have a sort of complexity (may be inferior type).
    When you start to play a game of groupism, that reflects your ability and intention. Your lust-driven interest when explosed will finish you. Your affirmation statements will put you in the ditch. Where is your tolerance?
    Louder you howl seperation will be more which is obivious. People are very sensible and without an utternance, when there is movement of lips itself people sense the meaning.
    Here all I mean is you’re not the one to give the people verdict. It is up to them to decide, if you don’t like that is good for you and let them do as they prefer. Tighten you scraf and cover you shame. Don’t indulge in others business if you are not part of it. Choose your path and go swiftly. Resettled folks are not backbiting you but they have condemnation towards your behavior and activites.

  4. Shanti Ram or Ravan keep your advice to yourself. I don’t need it. Do you think you are a leader? But you are not, nobody knows about you. RK Dorji is an internationally accepted Bhutanese leader who spent so many years in Tihar jail in New Delhi, India. Did you ever spend a day in prison? Why you think your comments are so important compared what RK is doing?

  5. Laxmi Powdel,
    You accuse me of two allegations. First – I didn’t mention anywhere whether I’m a leader or not. Second I didn’t write anything regarding RKD. So don’t deviate from the main theme. Your way of reasoning helped me to draw this synergy and conclude the ill-motive behind.
    I accuse you of your barbarism and the way you classify people. Justify your act if you can? Come on! be more civilized to select name and the way you used that term reflects your azimuth.
    At least, I’m happy to have a new character of a cold chick like you in this forum. Keep on pouring you anger, nothing matters, even my hair won’t shake.

  6. Santi ram in fact you are an Asanti ravan. You are no one to judge me, judge yourself and donot act too smart. I don’t care whether your hair shakes or not. What I care is sitting in cozy homes in foreign land do not dare to pass judgement on people’s work who are trying their best to raise the voice of an oppressed people. Tell me what is your own contribution to the Bhutanese movement and cause of Bhutanese refugees at present?

  7. Sushil Bhai,
    Thanks for inquisitiveness.
    TORTOLA (SANGLA-KHA, Sharchop) – meaning squirrel. I like this arboreal mammal and I got this name during my elementary schooldays with my role that played. Till then I use this name in disguise.
    I believe in the essence of the message than the name. I make person efforts in the areas of my interest with little expertise also.
    We prestige more for the established name and hardly digest reverse may be an adiabatic type. The beauty or charm of my writing will fade if I expose my name. Let’s keep it secret.
    I personally know you and your complete family. And Sushil, how are your elder bros. Prakash and Gaurijee?

  8. Lazmi Powdel
    I met your so called high profile leader in person and asked him the strategies about how refugees’ voices could be heard by Bhutanese authority. The silly man told that he will station four loud speakers facing them towards Siliguri at Kakarvitta and shall chant the anti Bhutan slogan. He guaranteed that by his approach the pitch of his voice will reach to Thimphu and the concerns will resolve thereafter. This is how you wanted to raise your issue, am I right? In confinement, in choice of person and place and other delineation.
    You have a prejudice mentality that emits a sense of fear of space that limits your perspective. To learn the functional details you need to raise your station point from the plane at higher level so that your figure won’t get distorted.
    By the way, WHO the hell are you to ask my input in the Bhutanese cause? Show your legitimacy. Don’t keep on barking.

  9. By reading your comments you sounded like a big leader, a very important person giving out your advice to a leader like RKD. But you are a petty small man trying to act like an important person, a Jhapa camp mentality. Now stop your blaberring and enjoy your life. And mind you I am not scared of your threats. I don’t care who you are and you have no right to tell me to stop writing my views.

  10. This is the problem with our people.One cannot listen to others views and respect.Common brothers cheer up, be positive, learn to listen, take all the good thing and leave the bad ones and enjoy the life. There is no reason to fight.