Dorji agrees to lead struggle


President of Druk National Congress (DNC), RK Dorji, who is in Nepal after his extradition case was rejected by Delhi High Court, has been asked to lead the democratic struggle of exiled Bhutanese by Bhutan People’s Party (BPP), Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP) and Bhutanese Movement Steering Committee (BMSC). 

Top brass of these parties and BMSC agreed to go under the leadership of Dorji based on their crucial meeting of August 22, which Dorji has accepted.

The leaders made such an announcement Thursday during a joint press briefing organized here in Kathmandu.

Dorji expressed his hope that India would become ready to support the future imitative exiled leaders would take. “There are some green signals from Indian side for our struggle,” he explained.

RK Dorji, Tek Nath Rizal, Dr. DNS Dhakal and Balaram Poudyal (L to R) during the media briefing/Vidhyapati
RK Dorji, Tek Nath Rizal, Dr. DNS Dhakal and Balaram Poudyal (L to R) during the media briefing/Vidhyapati

He said he is happy and ready to lead the movement since other parties and organisation would always back him.
“We have strategically agreed to go under the DNC leadership,” Dr. DNS Dhakal, chief executive of BNDP expressed, “There is no option for this since DNC has a better influence inside Bhutan.”

Sharing the experiences he collected during his recent visits to the United States, he said that resettled Bhutanese are finding tough to manage their living, but their conditions are far better than what their friends and relatives have in Nepal.

“Resettlement is just a temporary solution since there is no alternative than to return to homeland with dignity and honour.”

President of BPP, Balaram Poudyal, expressed the need to adopt peaceful means in the struggle. “There is no landing with arms since Bhutan has unique geographical pattern,” he elaborated.

Interestingly, Poudyal also said that his party was unaware of Maoist party in the camp which has been reported to be fighting against the regime with arms. He sai, “I have no knowledge where do such cadres live and what they do as carried by various media.”
Poudyal also accused Bhutan of playing foul game in the name of democracy. “We never trust such a democratic system that has placed the King above the constitution.

The chairperson of BMSC, Tek Nath Rizal, expressed that India has a lead role in resolving the imbroglio. “India must understand that we have suffered due to its questionable policy to support the Bhutanese regime and oppose refugees’ initiative to repatriate.”

He also said the issue is no more a “bilateral deal” Bhutan and Nepal since exiled Bhutanese have reached to various countries through resettlement program. “This is a matter of international concern,” he told.

The leaders also demanded reparation of Bhutanese refugees through the national reconciliation.

Rai, Penjore express dissatisfaction
Chairperson of Bhutanese Refugee Repatriation Representative Committee (BRRRC), Dr. Bhampa Rai, and President of Druk National Congress – Democratic (DNC-D), Thinley Penjore, expressed their dissatisfaction over the announcement of such a common strategy without consulting to other parties and leaders in exile.

“It is, indeed, a good initiative if it is materialized,” Dr Rai told Bhutan News Service, “However, I am sad that they even didn’t ask me once though I represent a people-mandated committee.”

Relating to such a decision from some parties and BMSC in Kathmandu far from camps, he jokingly questioned, “How can shepherds decide to remain in Tshirang when their sheep are in Samtse?”

Meanwhile, Thinely said that his party has “evergreen” solidarity for Dorji considering his attachment and sacrifice.

 “However, they even did not make a call before announcing such a major event. I was just a few miles away from the place where our leaders decided to empower Dorji with such challenging task,” he said.

He also expressed his surprise over the involvement of Balaram Poudyal of BPP, who also heads National Front for Democracy Bhutan, in the strategic coalition. “We need to sit together to get his position clarified since I am unaware who gave him such a mandate,” Thinley told.


  1. Bhutanay netalai Nepal ma basayra ,nepali rajniti ko hawa lagaycha. Malai sodayna ,uslay manayna ,thas lai thik parchu,ma sanga boldaina yastai yastai…yasta neta ko pichay lagyo bhanaytha hami aajai 50 barsa ma pani bhutan pharkina garo huncha. Hay bhagawan hamra neta lai bhuddhi deow.

  2. Good Job Dasho Rongthong, TN Rizal, Dr DNS Dhakal and Balaram Poudel!. This is a great move. My support are always with you all. Just go ahead with the program. Now people like Ratan Gazmere, Durga Giri, Hari Adhikari should announced thier united support to them. Bhutanese diaspora should back up them. I think Dr Rai and Thenle penjor are automatically fall in this team. There should not be any reasons to complain about this unity.

  3. So, Dr. Rai considers the refugees sheep and he himself the shepherd. He is not alone. All of those Bhutanese passing themselves off as leaders think this way. They want to think for us, to decide where we should graze, to decide which one among us should be slaughtered for the festivals, which one gets to mate, which one gets to live and which one gets to be sold to the butcher. Very interesting. This pretty much should give you the idea why we despise the ‘leaders.’ They are more of a burden than a relief. Now, they seem to be in a tussle as to who gets to be the shepherd.

    You guys should relax. The sheep are gone grazing on their own and don’t really need you much. Well, they never did, but were fooled into thinking otherwise. You have never invested in making the grass grow, you have never made efforts to grow corn to feed the sheep. You have always relied on someone else’s fields to keep the sheep barely alive so you can live off of their wool. So much for an analogy, but this prety much sums up all your achievements and your desires.

    It is funny how you fight to sit at the head of a table that will never have any food on it. You are looking towards the kitchen but there is no one coming out with the dishes. Wake up, get up, and grow and cook your own darn food. Do something worthwhile. “Being” a leader is not work. Doing something as a leader is. Creating this coalition, that front, that steering committee is just farce. BCDM, AMCC, UFD, NFD, BMSC. Parties fight, and you create a coalition. Now coalitions seem to be a in fight. You should go for a grand coalition. And of course, make Mr. Rizal the supreme leader, and then replace him with Dorjee a few months later, anmd start a fight, and then break up the coalition only to create factions each headed by Rizal and Dorjee and so on. Keep doing this and by the time uyou look out the window, refugees will have resettled, adopted their new homes for good and forgotten about you goofballs.

  4. This is what we find the ego of Bhumpa and So called Dasho- Thinley …How long will u keep assusing and criticizing each other…. It doesnt worth to consider u as a wise and respected personality in Bhutanese Society. Life in Camps had become tiring and the same difficulties are faced by the New Americans. If leaders like Thinley and Bhumpa keep arguing in a tiny issues like this …When will the time come for us to go back to our own land. Thinley and Bhumpa and the entire Leaders…Please “The Goose story” in and realize the importance of team work….
    Khudos to Rongthong Kinley and I wish I could see the dramatic changes through only him.

  5. Leaders coming together good only for a short time publicity nothing is going to happen given the bitter experiences of past twenty or so years. They are the same people who acted as paper tiger in past and wasted the most precious time in Bhutanese democratic movement by remaining inactive on the ground. My only concern is that they should not oppose or obstruct the process of third country resetttlement of refugees. They are free to whatever they want to do to fight for democracy in Bhutan. At the end only these few leaders and empty huts will remain witness to a genuine cause lost and a battle defeated which proved so costly for all of us.

  6. Recalling the past history of the kingdom of Sikkim under the king of chogyel dynasty and later becoming part of India. I feel that,Kinlay Babu is playing the role of sikkim’s first chief minister Lhendup Kazi and Rizal babu as Bhandari followed by other nepali leaders with the support of so called Indo-Bhutan society, an anti Bhutan group in India.
    Lhendup kazi was assured to become first Prime minister of democratic sikkim by Bhandari and group and requested to led the movement.
    They managed to win the heart of the sikkimese people and thrown away Chogyel Dynasty.
    Due to lack of political knowledge and mordern education Lhendup Kazi was compelled to follow the suggestions from Bhandari group and finally sold Sikkim to India. He became First Chief minister of Sikkim but thrown into dustbin within few years by the Bhandari and group. Now indegenious sikkimese has became minority(Bhutia,lepcha,) in their mother land dominated by Nepali from Kalimpong/Darjeeling and nepal

    So my request to kinlay Babu, please do not try to sale Bhutan like sikkim for your vested interest.

  7. @ Suraj Thapa, I think 20 years bitter experiences have taught us many things. Our leaders did wonderful job, press or media campaign (in your word ” paper tiger”) are the only tools that has helped bhutanese issue recognized by international communities. Given the complexity of our problem, media deplomacy was the only options. So we should salute our leaders for that.

    Now, our Bhutanese diaspora is getting stronger financially and intellectually.Our deplomacy here and onwards should focus on repatriation of willing refugees from Nepal and India, establishment of inclusive democracy in Bhutan, participation of exile political parties in democratic exercise in Bhutan. We are fighting for changes. It will take time Suraj Thapa sir. Our struggle has to continue. Leaders will surface and go, but our legacy should be kept going until we get justice. justice that all ethnicity in Bhutan are treated equall, justice that all exile Bhutanese are recognized Bhutanese, a justice that all exile Bhutanese are properly compensated about thier left properties if they prefer not to return Bhutan, a justice that all willing Bhutanese are allowed to participate in democratic exercise in Bhutan.

  8. We must congratulate the party cadres for coming together to unit the forces in the Diaspora and the refugee camps. It is a long time due issue for the exiled Bhutanese to raise a common voice. Please accept our appreciation and good wishes in joining hands and agreeing to work together. At this time there is no need to form different parties in exile. We need a united front to represent our voice in Bhutan and in the international fora. I had been propagating for unity and some of our think tanks in the Diaspora had done a tremendous job in coming together on various issue. Please count on this group to work together and we need to present a united front as the first concern of Bhutanese in exile is to come into terms with the Bhutanese system in establishing a just and true democratic system.

    The next step for the group to move the group agenda forward is start planning our main strategy and modus operandi. Lets consult and come together in this task and keep the agendas of the different political parties for the time being. The main thrust in the Diaspora is providing settlement services and counseling to people who are settling very well. Once they are established we could work together better.

    All the best for coming together and lets start working on common platform and agendas.

  9. Gopal Sundas is wrong. He is repeating the accusation of Bhutan rulers that exiled leaders are trying to turn Bhutan into Sikkim. That’s absolutely a lie, a fabrication. Even today with democracy Bhutan, the country is controlled by India and Bhutan rulers can’t go against Indian interest. Just see how many Indian big shots including army brasses have visited Bhutan since January 2010 and how many foreign dinitaries have gone to Thimphu. Bhutan already is like Sikkim and the rulers are like puppets.The country is semi-independent. It’s political sovereignty was sold out to British India by first King Ugyen Wangchhuck in 1910 by signing Treaty of Punakha wherein he placed Bhutan’s foreign policy and security in Indian hands. He did this for the interest of his family and dynasty and not for the country. So do not blame the exiled leaders. Read the Bhutanese history. JKW and JYT are like Lhendup Kazi and Bhandari not RKD who is a political victim. There is nothing wrong if RKD wants to lead the struggle. He is not a Lhotsham and an illegal immigrant as JYT accuses refugees but a popular Sharchhop who has supporters all over Bhutan.

  10. Successful people make a decision and stick to it for a very long time. Unsuccessful ones make several decisions and never follow one right. That is the secret of success. I hope our leaders have done a commendable job by coming together once again – and they should definitely want to be successful. You deserve our appreciation for the last time and definitely people will excuse you for your past if you can deliver it through. Ronghong Dorji definitely is the best person (given what we have)to lead this coalition, however, I feel that in the true interest of the people, the coalition must not exclude any potential group or person out of this leadership.

    Wishes for good work.

    Rp Subba.

  11. I see only fools opening their mouths here. And the biggest fool of all is Suraj Thapa, who gives away the point to Bhutan Govt. so blankly by equating Bhutan to Sikkim and rejoicing in it. That shows that you guys are interested only in turning Bhutan into another Sikkim. Wait and see. We Bhutanese in Bhutan will never let it happen.

  12. I am so glad you to read the reaction in wtriting.
    Let’s try not to look at it in terms of who or what is right or wrong. Think about this…….
    We have a Cause to Consolidate. We have Reason to be One. We have Rationale to be one BECAUSE We owe Responsibility to be One. However, We can have Freedom of Opinions, As We have Fought and are Fighting for Freedoms of Real Value in Bhutan. Now the Challenge for These Personalities is, to make DNC Kinley and Thinley Be One, and BNDP and BPP be One. Further I wish let’s All, the Democrats and Freedom Loving Bhutanese be One. Then We can Decide the fate of Bhutan.

  13. Raju ji, you said I am the biggest fool but you are the most stupid man I have ever met on the internet. You should know all the above political parties have their constitutions and none of these constitutions states that they want to turn Bhutan into Sikkim. So, how do you know or who told you that these leaders are trying to make Bhutan another Sikkim. Your allegation is as baseless as JYT’s accusation that refugeees are illegal immigrants. When you want to talk about an important issue you must substantiate it with documentary evidence and not on your stupid judgement. The truth is these parties are struggling for the genuine rights and freedoms of all Bhutanese people and particularly those who are exiled on political grounds and whom JSW thought a threat to his absolute rule. The story of Bhutan being turned into Sikkim is concocted by Bhutan rulers to win sympathy that whatever atrocities were inflicted upon southerners are justified. And mind you Sikkim was taken over by India and not Nepal and it is New Delhi which rules over Sikkim and not Nepal.

  14. It will never be late to begin a task. Once more, glad to read about the present unification of political parties under RK Dorji. I am optimistic that all the dispersed Leaders and activists of Bhutanese movement will put collective efforts and endeavour to establish true democracy in Bhutan for the Bhutanese people and will accommodate all the intellectuals to advocate our cause to greater height. All the best.

  15. Leaders coming to a common platform has sent a vigorous message to the freedom seekers both inside and out side the country. This is the time to cement our unity but not to fight and pull back each other. As mentioned by some friends, Rai and Penjore should unconditionally join the platform for the cause of Human Rights and Democracy in Bhutan and for the sake of the downtrodden people in Bhutan. Yet, the leaders who are already in the platform have more roles to play towards forging greater unity among the leaders first and then among the general activists than those outside it. So the first and foremost task of the leaders in the platform now is to make an effort to include all leaders in the group and urge common people for support and solidarity. People no where in the world have downplayed the call of their leaders made at the right time and in the right manner for the change in the nation.

  16. Even before any thing started they begun bickering. The 20 – year have gone with acrimony and another plan of 20- year of rancour seems to be in the offing. It is amazing to know that how our people still have so much of patience and comportment and are ready once again to propitiate to these leaders.





  18. Surja ji,
    Lal salam…jai Bhutan..jai nepal.after going through your comments I believe that your are a misguided youth.You have lack of knowledge about the our refugee problem and sikkim becoming part of India. And our divided so called self styled leaders and their ego and divided thoughts.How ever I would like to clarify yourt doubts as under:-

    Regading treaty of 1910 with Brithish India,plez, note that this treaty is out dated treaty after British left India.Yes we had another treaty with new India i.e treaty of friendship 1947. But this treaty has been cancelled and new treaty has been signed in the year 2006. According to new treaty Bhutan has full right on foreign relation matters and procurement militarty hardware from any part of the world.

    Politic is a dirty game, in the name of positive result,politic divides our family different political parties,in the politic todays enemy is tomorrows good friends.I hope you can see many examples in nepal and India politic. Pranchanda and G>P Koirala run the nepal Govt. once.

    Lhendup kazi was once regarded as big leader by all parties,requested to led the movement like you all are trying to project kinlay babu toady.

    Kinlay babu should not forget that, lhendup kazi was beytrayed by fellow nepali leaders and finally thrown into dustbin.
    Lastly Lhendup kazi had to leave Sikkim and settled down in Kalimpong and spent his half of the life as ordinary people. He died few years back.

  19. What do you say?

    When a person is a citizen of another country,
    When a person has no experience of refugee life,
    When a person does not understand how our people and our leaders suffered for the past 18 years practically,
    When a person does not understand the pain of the refugees ,
    When a person thinks that all agreements reached among our respected leaders should be reached him,
    When a person thinks more refugee than other genuine Bhutanese refugees??
    To me such person is just a attention seeker, ignorant about our cause, trying to bypass our respected leaders .
    When a person is already a citizen of another country, let him/her be engaged to develop that country. Bhutan and Bhutanese refugee is non of his/her Business. Do not think that you are the smarter second generation refugee. There are thousands among Bhutanese refugees who will in due course of time give proper guidance to our cause. Do not think their (second generation Bhutanese) silence is their ignorance. They respect the decision of our leaders that is why they are silent. They are not BIG-MOUTH type.
    Our leaders are doing great job. My salute and support to Dasho Rongthong and Dasho Tek Nath Rizal, DNS Dhakal sir and BL Poudel sir
    Please, once again please, don’t try to vilify our respected leaders. For further correspondence, please email at [email protected].

    With best Wishes

  20. Mr.Sundas,do not try to teach me history or politics of Bhutan. Prior to Ugyen Wangchhuck Bhutan truly was a sovereign country but his selfish desires to become the sole ruler of Bhutan and establish his feudal family rule he became loyal to British who promished him his rule and made him the king. As you claim if Bhutan is truly free in its foreign relations then why it has only Indian embassy and Bangladeshi embassy in Thimphu. Why not US or British or French embassises. What is the real problem? And why Indian army is present in the country? Remove them and you are truly sovereign. But I do not think JYT or JKW has the guts to do it.

  21. Hey Gopal Sundas, where did you get the idea from that Sikkimese Bhutias are indigenous people of Sikkim. Bhutias came from Tibet like Drukpas came to Bhutan from Tibet. Lepchas and Limbus are the indigenous people of Sikkim. You need to get your facts right.

  22. NETHERLAND europe, “‘you want to be great’ big but ok. you like leader — Balaram paudyel ,DNS dakal , and Tek nath rizal …….etc already fail from leaders lable. now why you useless doing try to make our people foolish . your still baby in political area. you never become good leader as democritic world. plz you go for sucite better than leading the bhutanese people . i request them ones to look back to 1989-1990. at that time you foolish acting as if monkey and makes us as REFUGEE in our beutifull life. you don”t feel shy ? where is your goal ? where is your moveman? where is your demorciticy? where is your human right?,,,,,,,,,,…???

  23. Look at the personality of those ‘so-called’ leader. There is no match to Jigme Thinley. If they meet Jigme Thinley face-to-face, all these leaders will pee in their pants. They are just paper tigers, good for nothing but propaganda. They have been barking for last 20 years and they will continue until the end of of their very life because they make living out of doing these, and Parsu is blowing his own trumpet that resonates these leaders’ barking.

    Parsu need to do some soul searching and let the refugees decide their future. And I think, Sham Sharma had a very good food for thought for Parsu in terms of his nationality. “…when a person is a citizen of another country,”

  24. Freedom of expressions should be exercised here. Thanks for BNS and APFANEWS media guys.This is a platform where general ideas are thrown to our so called leaders and common Bhutanese.We made many mistakes in our movement that lead to refugee problem, now resettlement and many problem within Bhutan. If this platform were present in the beginning of our movement and listened the voices of our common people by so called leaders and Lynpos and the King Jigmey we could have been in our Bhutan. Still, so called leaders must collect the ideas and try to implement; we have lots of patriotic people arround us with great ideas so that we can serve our innocent Bhutanese people. But self-proclaimed leaders must understand that they have lots of people with great ideas with vision arround them.I guess none of them pesonally gone to camps and heard voices of people that’s why many questions arises for what,why ……………
    Anywhy Best wishes for good work to the final try.
    Laoti Sriz

  25. Lotus Flower, donot compare a “yes” man of JSW and JKW to those leaders who have suffered and sacrificed so much in exile for a genuine cause of Bhutanese people to live in peace, freedom and in a society without fear of RBP, RBA, RBG, ST, JYT, KN, BT and once dreaded DT. May be for you JYT has personality but for me he has no independent personality. He does what he is instructed to do by the above two. He can’t open his mouth against those two. The leaders are truly freedom fighters, a status which JYT can’t achieve at least in this life. So it is your stupidity to say they will pee when they meet JYT. Let JYT face a group of refugees in Jhapa forget about leaders he will not only pee but will shit.

  26. Hello Sham Sharma ji, who do you refer to as the citizen of another country? and which country? Mr. Sham ji, after two to three years from now, it is confirmed that there will be resettled Bhutanese in thousands obtaining the citizenship of the Core nations. What do you say in this regard?

  27. I sincerely feel a good initiative has begun, but there is a long way to go. A true consolidation of movement is the need of the hour and the rest will follow the suite. We should definitely support our leaders for the establishment of inclusive democracy and genuine human rights in the country. At the same time the leadership should be accomodative, open and accountable to the people on their conduct. We cannot deny the flaws and inefficiencies in the leadership, but we should be able to comprehend the complexity and make reminiscence of the crisis.
    I am optimistic, the newly accorded coalition led by Dasho R. K. Dorji shall bring the remaining political forces in the main stream. I have a firm belief if the new forum act democratically and transparently, we can gradually expand the support base of our movement nationally and internationally.This is time to send a clear message to the leadership, that we are the soldiers of change in the country, but we look forward for a quality planning and implimenation from our commanders.
    To my opinion, we have moral obligation to advocate our very own cause and the leaders are our spokespersons. We shall not achieve by letting down our own spokespersons. Our responsibility is to send them our advise and suggestion in the right time with positive perspectives. We should act responsible in contributing our inputs at such a time of delicate political development.

  28. One refugee community, but many political parties/orgazinations and large number of self style leaders. Inspite of many parties and leaders, no thing good has seen in the condition of majority innocent refugee during the past 20 years. The poor and innocent refugee became poorer and rich and clever people becoming richer every day in the name of struggle for Bhutanese refugee.

    I do not seen any reasons to respect and believe people like Rizal,Thinlay,RK Dorji,Poudel,Adhikari and other jhola chap leadres. They failed in all respects ,what they promised to the innocent people at the time of leaving Bhutan and taking part in the Anti Moranchy agitation in Bhutan. For the new generation leaders, most of them did not face past bitter days of 1990, so their leadreship will remain as kind of employment and money making machine from easy ways.

    Therefore, small community, many leadres indicates that,we lack good leadership and one thoughts and lack of genuine supports from the Bhutanese cummunity in Bhutan in particular and international supports in general.

    I would like to ask our friends, what is the role model for our democratic movement ? The country ? Leader ?
    India……? you must be knowing better than me. poor remain poor rich becoming richer,terrorism and separation movement has been badly affecting daily life of innocent people in the name of freedom.
    Pakistan….? sorry to believe that fellow citizen are killing each other in the name of religion,Shia n suni.
    Srilanka….? decade war in the name of freedom resulted in terrorism causing loss and suffering of the lakhs of innocent people for more than 35 years and finally ended in 2009 after much blood bath with out gaining any positive result.
    NEPAL….Our host Nepal….?innocent people have been suffering with a dream of better life and future but no leadership has brought smile in the face of majority people, they have been suffering worst than before.

  29. @ Gopal sundas, resource gap between rich and poor has nothing to do with refugee leaderships. We are in exile and thus our struggle is for justice,human rights and democracy. Citing Pakistani domestic conflict or sri-lankan conflict or volatile political situation of Nepal as an examples for poor action of our leaderships is your mere persimism!. The road is clear for Gopal Sundas or all exiled Bhutanese.

    Category A: If you think that it is woothless to talk or work for our refugee issue, just gorget Bhutan. Go ahead and lead your and your family life independently. No body will care. It is you and your family. Dont participate in this forum and express your pesimist openion if it is so!

    Category B: If you think you are smarter than our refugee leaders, give Bhutanese a direction

    Category c: If you are jealous, take a deep breath and say….they are just owesome. And ask yourself, what have I done for our cause, only pessimisim and criying. Learn to appreciate!!

    As Durga Giri rightly said, leaders are our spokeperson, support them.

  30. Meera ji,
    I agree that, lepcha and Lhimbu are also indegenious people of sikkim, but Sikkim was ruled by Sikkimese King (we called Bhutia origian) for more than 200 years.In the past majority and musle power ruled thevillage/region and a country.
    So you must believe that, Sikkim was ruled by majority Sikkimese.If you have any idea kindly mention name of Lepcha/Limbu king in sikkim history and the role of Nepali leaders in Bhutan history of war and rule.

    Surja ji,
    you have mentioned that, we are semi independent country under India.Plez note that, Big and advance countries like JAPAN,Korea, and many other countries like Bhutan has US military base like Indian Army in Bhutan.It should be considered as a part of National Security not as dominations.
    Regarding Embassy….we have foreign relationship all over globe and deplomatic offices in more than 35 countries.Having embassy of India and Bengladesh and not having US,Britian and France embassies in Bhutan is baseless question,plez find out from Nepal itself.

    Leadership…Bhim subba,Sangpa Tamang,Adhikari Brothers,Poudel,TK Rizal,durga giri,Dhakal,Gagmer,Thinley and many many self style leaders of new generation and hope one day every refugee will become leader of own cause not for the genuine refugee. Finally,even if they succesed in future,they will fight each other for the file and ranks……like what we have been watching in Nepal and poor will remain poor.
    So my advise is do not waste your money and time on this forum, use your money and time for your better future in foreign countries.. time is going out of our hand..we lost 20 years..with out any positive result.

    Suraj ji,you have talking against the role of our Kings in negative way, if you are genuine Bhutanese you should feel proud with our KINGS who have been peacefully ruled the United Bhutan for the past hundred years.It was King who generiously provided Land and shelter to the Nepali migrant labourer.

  31. Hey K. Adhikari, so just because Sikkimese Bhutias ruled Sikkim for 200 years they automatically become indigenous Sikkimese. India was ruled by British for over 200 yrs too, according to your theory the British are the indigenous Indians. What a logic.

  32. K. Adhikari,
    Bhutan will truly be sovereign once it gets out of the grip of New Delhi and to do that rulers must have enough guts and open more to international community and invite more debate and discussion on Bhutan’s external relations, its economic and political sovereignty, its aspiration to reach self sufficiency and its true role in international community and issues and not on GNH. You said Bhutan king loved its people then why JSW came up with anti-Lhotshampa policies and turned them homeless and refugees. Why his father JDW ordered killings of Bhutan state congress people in 1950s and Tibetans and his own people in 1974 and 1965 and why so many Shabdrungs were murdered? Do you have any answers? Do you think Bhutan kings were the most kind hearted beings. NO, not at all they are the most brutal and ruthless persons known now in the world history who have least respect for international laws and conventions on human rights and who can throw out its citizens from the country simply because they opposed their policies. Do not try to defend anti-people and anti-human rights policies of Bhutan rulers which has resulted in the nightmare and never ending sufferings of exiled Bhutanese people including their leaders like RK Dorji, Rizal, Bhim Subba etc whom you seem to know and mind you they are not “illegal immigrants” as claimed by JYT.

  33. Thapa dai,,

    Writing against the Kings and leadership of Bhutan for the past 20 years failed to bring any positive result to the so called refugee cause. Do you know why these educated and highly respected(within nepali) personalities like Bhim subba,Raney Basnet,Tamang etc etc…… hesitate to come forward and lead the refugee movement during the past 20 years..? They knew very well is waste of time due to following reasons :-

    Many parties/organizations with community,they do not bother/respect each other.

    Ego clashes among the potential leadership.

    Lack of supports from India in particular and international community in general.

    The main reasons (dress code & language) was not a valid point to demand for the democracy and go against the King and the country.If we are genuine citizen of Bhutan we must respect the National dress and National Language. Like our dowrashural and sharee-choli and speaking nepali, there are many other caste like,Layap,Brokpa,Doya,Bumthab, etc.. they wear different dress and speak different languageS..but they were/are not against the National policy of ONE NATION,ONE PEOPLE.As we all are aware that.. largest population in Bhutan is sherchops..and most of them can not speak National language Dzongkha but respect the National policy….So why only Nepali community…was/is against the National dress and National Luangage ? ? ?.

    Why our so called leaders are not staying together in the refugee camps…and share sorrow and pain instead of enjoying luxury life away in the big towns…?.and educate their childern in good schools ?and enjoying refugee money in the name of struggle on the refugee cause.

    For the first one or two years they used to visit camps at least once in a week.. now they hardly visits camps..When they visits..they come to show their face to international agencies and collect donations from the poor refugees living in the camps.

    The killing of each other ,forming parties/organization as a result of ego clashes, within the refugee community is shame to all.

    Our leaders do not trust each other.. they suspect each other as Royal Govt. agent(CID)..The people says..RK dorji,bhim subba,Sangmpa Tamang, Dasho Teknath Rozal,AdhikariBro,Gagmer,poudel and most of the front leaders are suspected to be Govt agents and being paid handsome salary.

    We proudly say that.. we are fighting for human rights.. so were is the human rights..? when innocent fellow citizen were killed,kidnapped,house looted and community service like hospitals and schools were destroyed in the name of human rights movement in 1990.Innocent citizen were forced to join the movement against their interest.

    What is your comments about armed group like BLF,BGLF,MOIST ..?They are killing innocent people in Bhutan ,looting villagers carrying out bomb blast…? is it a democartic movement for the cause of human rights ?

  34. K. Adhikari,
    I donot agree with your stupid comments. You are wrong in what you are saying. Our leaders are far better than your kings who terrorize people through RBA/RBP/RBG and other government agents. It was JSW who terrorized Lhotshampas and threw them out because they challenged his dictatorship and one man rule. You are wrong to say our leaders are government agents in fact you are a government chamcha. We respect the leaders because they have sacrificed so much and suffered as much as refugees do. It is better for them to live outside camps so that they are free to go around and voice for the cause.

  35. Where is the freedom of expression in our society,if some body try to lighlights some past mistakes of so called our leaders, people like you take it in another sense..and called us bhotay ko chamcha…

    We make the allegations of the dictatorship on King and the leaders of Bhutan,but…we do not have quality/attitude to listen/toletrate negative comments on our struggle and bring the facts.I feel we are also living under dictator leadership.. for the past 20 years,if we do not follow/listen to people like suraj ji,meera ji,Rosan ji,sujit ji… we have been made accused and abused and threaten.

    20 years has been passed with out any benefit to our majority people living in the refugee camps.The leaders are becoming richer every day,they live away from poor living life in the camps and their childern are getting better education in the good schools.

    There are two groups of people in the camps, one genuine bhutanese wanna go back to bhutan at any cost, and another illegal migrant (fake refugee,having family, land and property in India & Nepal) fake refugee, like to retain this refugee issue alive for ever so they can make money and go to foreign countries.

  36. It is really nice to go through the comments by the various individuals related
    to Bhutanese refugee issue .I have been in Bhutan for more than three time on tourist visa. I found the place and the people very natural,polite and peace loving nature.

    I have not seen/observed any communial differences, there is no caste,religion and creed.The people has high respect to their King.There are still large number of Nepali living in Bhutan and they like to called themselves Lotshampa(southern Bhutanese)There are many Nepalis still holding High Ranks in the Govt.Jobs,
    including minister and Dasho. I met Nepali Army officers deployed to guard King and Royal family.

    Inconclusion I would like to write that, to respect the National dress,promote National Language and preserve Tradition and culture is the fundamental duty of every citizen irrespective of caste, religion and community.


  37. Mikey: You write “Inconclusion I would like to write that, to respect the National dress,promote National Language and preserve Tradition and culture is the fundamental duty of every citizen irrespective of caste, religion and community.”
    By the same token, isn’t it the duty of every government to protect, preserve and promote the religion, traditional dress, culture, language and other identifying tenets of every caste and every community within its jurisdiction? Did you see Lhotsampa high officials proudly donning their traditional attire while serving the King with pride? Did you? Should a community be forced to forego its language, tradiiotn, culture, religion and everything that identifies it in exchange for citizenship?

  38. now give a logical solution to the problem leaders, it is too late and again if u do more late only few leaders will remain and the public will be in weastern world. do fast, do fast…….but donnot leave the movement in the middle way like in past when u get the DOLLERS. but i donnot think u will give the logical solution becaus we know ur motive to earn DOLLARS in past.

  39. now give a logical solution to the problem leaders, it is too late and again if u do more late only few leaders will remain and the public will be in weastern world. do fast, do fast…….but donnot leave the movement in the middle way like in past when u get the DOLLERS. but i donnot think u will give the logical solution becaus we know ur motive to earn DOLLARS in past.

  40. hello hi leaders

    i am very happy to see once again this many three leaders in one platform.It is good idea to unite and works for the benefits of all Bhutanese people.But i think you all must struggle inside Bhutan for the human right and democracy for the Bhutanese now leave every things and be a revolutionary figures which may helps to success in future to achieves human right and democracy soon.otherwise it is not good idea to meet in one place and show a sign of unity in front of Bhutanese people.It does not last for long time.

  41. You guys stop babbling, nothing special will be gonna happen by unification of rotten leaders but people need to unify in order to get acquaint from all sorts of atrocities, prejudice and inhumane infliction. Some of you commenters seems to be co-worker of penny worthless leader, so you are vomitting your deliberate feeling of extreme nationalism. Just cease your dramatic comments and enjoy cozy life. If you guys are not resettled yet just apply form and if were verified to get resettled by UNHCR just give bribe, and if it too doesn’t work hang up all dude, rope cost only NRS 20. (Shyam sharan, kumar, Tikaram Adhikari, Bikram, Sujeet chamling rai, Suraj Thapa and many other dramatic patroitic guys, my comments sound something irritating and and bitter right? Anyway take it easy all dude, just scrutinize yourself, fact is always bitter haha)

  42. I admit that Government of Bhutan has nothing against those people who got caught up in this mess. How long can you suffer for a crime that is not your own doing,

    Suggestion : your next move should be to round up the gang leaders and hand them over to us, You will get a warm welcome home in return.

  43. I have gone through various opinions and comments in the above fifty series of comments from different Bhutanese in diaspora, inside Bhutan, in the camps and elsewhere in other parts of the world. It is ridiculous to understand that none of you are matured yet to understand the crux of the cause of the refugee making, the political emergence and the struggle into which the different people of different ages and ideologies are involved in. While many are showing the colour of self vested interests a few seem to show commitment to the cause. The actual potential leaderships though exist with in the people have not yet come out openly. They are working, but not yet disclosed to the outside community.
    The comments above somewhere reveal that people have studied the emergence and dissolution of various parties and organizations, but have never bothered to understand the real cause of those unfortunate changes in the colours of their existence.
    I am very sorry that the suffering that we undergo inside the country are least bothered by you all.
    When a person emerges as a leader, one must see under what circumstances he or she becomes a leader. In the case of RKD we have nothing to oppose his leadership. But have you ever studied his past history both personal and official??? He is responsible to break his own party. He is responsible for dragging TP out of the country and then removing him out of his party for what ever was the reason. He is a merciless old man who only works for his own interest.
    In his letter we got in Bhutan, he had mentioned that his involvement in the movement with southern Bhutanese was his drama to eyewash the community and help support the ruling regime. Yet you people praise his leadership. That way, it will take another century to get refugees repatriated. About the change into democracy, we already enjoy a gradual and progressive democracy minus people of evil thoughts like RKD.
    My brothers and sisters, it is high time maturity comes in you all and understand that a change brought by refugees and those inside will be a historic one and time has come that some one befitting the time should lead the movement from any parts of the world and bring change in Thimphu.
    You know Thimphu is gradually trying to create distance with India and probably build relationship with China, whom they have lost a great portion of our northern land. India is the country we Bhutanese hoped to continue friendship for ever as we owe it since time immemorial. Without depending on India nothing can happen positive in Bhutan. So our kind managed democracy is making the mistake of distancing from India.
    We may develop friendship with any one, but India cannot be angered in any case.
    We need such a leader who can understand the situation.
    I was in India for several years, which has given me some kind of understanding for the good of our country.
    The commentators must also understand that your so anticipated leaders like Bhim Subba, Mandoj Tamang, Basnet and such people, have never had any heart to work for refugees and yet some of you are thinking of them coming into the leadership. There also notions in the comments that leaders are self made and did nothing for the people. In this context, my question is what did you all do for the people except writing these comments. You are accusing leaders of being paper tigers. What did you do besides sitting by the internet and writing comments only??
    Looking forward to changing your mind sets.
    All the best.