‘Don’t ever take your own life’, artists ask community through their music video


Releasing a thematic music video on “suicide prevention and mental health” earlier Saturday, the Bhutanese artists from various states across the United States have asked the resettled Bhutanese not to ever take their own life.

“Do not ever take your own life,” an eight-minute long video portrays.

According to the artists, concept of this suicide prevention awareness song and the “Stop Suicide” event were initiated by three Bhutanese artists, Amber Subba, Kishor Siwakoti and Arjun Rasaily, and presented by the Menuka Memorial Foundation, a non-profit formed by Kishor Siwakoti in the memory of his late mother Menuka.

Unofficial translation of the lyrics in the "stop suicide" video song by Naresh Laoti Subba
Unofficial translation of the lyrics in the “stop suicide” video song by Naresh Laoti Subba

“The objective of awareness song and the event was to open up dialogue among the Bhutanese community about mental health issues with the hope that talking about mental illness will encourage treatment and prevention of suicide,” said composer Amber Subba.

The video, which was filmed in Georgia, Atlanta and also supported by the Bhutanese Community of New Hemisphere (BCNH), features popular artist Kiran Pele Gurung as a lead character.  It  begins with the following message.

“Life is precious. Live it with joy.
Overcome worries and pains with an earnest effort,
Stop suicide !
Suicide isn’t the solution. It can never be.”

The song in the released music video was jointly written and composed by Subba and two other singers, Kishor Siwakoti and Arjun Rasaily. It was arranged, recorded and mixed my Kamal Rai of the Atlanta-based Rhythm Screen Creations.

The video was first screened on February 28 in Akron, OH amidst a cultural and information sharing event.


Lyrics & musics:
Amber Subba, Kishor Siwakoti and Arjun Rasaily

Tika Lamichhane, Manju Gurung, Sarita Gurung, Mahesh Thulung, Shiva Mapchhan, Manoj Dhakal, Lokesh Gurung, Kiran Gazmere, Saran Gurung, Kamal Rai, Kishore Siwakoti, Arjun Rasaily and Amber Subba

Bhuwan Ranpal

Harka Raj Gurung and Prakash Darnal

Kamal Rai, Rhythm Screen Creation

Arrangement, mixing and mastering:
Kamal Rai, Rhythm Screen Creation

Buddhi Bhujel, Satchel Bhujel, Kiran Gurung, Agom Gurung and Harka Raj Gurung

Naresh Laoti Subba

Video courtesy: Rhythm Screen Creation