DNC, Rizal express condolence on death of 18 Bhutanese


The Druk National Congress (DNC) has expressed its heartfelt condolence on the ill-fated Tara Air aircraft crash’s human casualty.

“This is something that should have never happened in our life,” DNC Chairman, RK Dorji, said in a statement issued Thursday. “Every Bhutanese is a part of the sorrow the families of those who have lost their lives are undergoing now.”

Meanwhile, Chairman of Bhutanese Movement Steering Committee, Tek Nath Rizal, said the ill-fated incident of Tara Air Twin Otter with 18 Bhutanese pilgrims aboard on December 15 is a sad and heartbreaking news for all including the Bhutanese citizens in exile in Nepal.

A statement issued by Rizal today morning said, “I am highly saddened by this incident where 18 of my fellow-countrymen, three Nepalis and a foreigner have lost their valuable lives,”

He further mentioned, “At this hour of grief, I on behalf of Bhutanese citizens in exile would like to extend my heartfelt condolence to the families of those who have lost their lives in the incident.”

Rizal also mentioned that he was equally thankful for the Government of Nepal and all rescue teams for their immediate rescue efforts to find the missing aircraft.

Names of those who died in the crash

  • Lt Col Tshewang Rinchen (Rtd)
  • Aum Dema (wife of Tshewang Rinchen)
  • Thinley Rinchen (Son of Tshewang Rinchen)
  • Kesang Wangmo (Daughter of Tshewang Rinchen)
  • Samdrup (Accountant with the Center for Bhutan studies)
  • Kuenzang Dorji (Owner of Gyelyong enterprise)
  • The names of those yet to be identified are:
  • Karma
  • Sangay
  • Phub Gyelmo
  • Phub Dem
  • Lhazen Wangmo
  • Kelzang
  • Sangay Bidha
  • Tshering Yangki
  • Dorji Bidha (From Babesa)
  • Pema Wangmo (Daughter of Dorji Bidha)
  • Tshering Wangmo ( Daughter or niece of Dorji Bidha)

Source : Kuensel


  1. Very sorry to hear the horrifying accident and death of Bhutanese citizen. We pray to Lord Buddha to give the spiritual power to bear the irreparable loss. Our deepest sympathy and condolence to all Bhutanese in general and the bereaved family in specific.
    Great to hear that nation has declared the hour of ‘shock’ and timely interventions. We too shall mourn.

  2. I am shocked to hear the sad news. My prayers are for the departed soul to rest in peace. May the family members be provided all kind of support through this difficult time by the local community in Bhutan and RGOB to overcome this tragedy.

    All the best,

  3. It is a shocking news. The death of eighteen Bhutanese in the air crash brought another tragedy to all Bhutanese in this year after the inferno in Bumtheng. But it remains unclear why the Bhutanese should give fake names to go for a pilgrimage in Khotang. Who is the wrongdoer, the victims or the travel agents who did not verify their IDs?
    May Lord Buddha accept thier lives after death and may their soul rest in eternal peace.

  4. Extremely shocking news for not only the concerned bereaved families but also for the nation as a whole. Right from the kings to the subjects/(citizens?), it is the time to mourn together with the mourning families as has been the culture of the people living in the tiny Himalayan Kingdom.
    Pray for all the departed souls take rest in the abode of God.

  5. It is indeed a heart-lamenting news of the flight crash, that has resulted such an enormous casualty,”THE DEATH” of 18 Bhutanese pilgrims.On behalf of this fatal accident, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved families involved with all those 22 deceased. MAY THE DEPARTED SOULS REST IN PEACE.

    Gurung Hem

  6. It is a very sad news for every Bhutanese around the globe.

    I extend my heartfelt condolence to the departed soul. May the almighty allow them to rest in peace.

    By the way, is this an official trip to Nepal from Bhutan? If so, it is a very irresponsible job that RGOB did. Govt. should have booked a reliable flight for such a large number of citizens flying out of the country.

    It is so pity to be felt for the innocent lives.

  7. We are writing to express our deepest sadness and profound sorrow on the untimely death of our Bhutanese friends in this terrible mishap. Let their souls rest in peace. We hope the governmnet would provide all the necessary support and counselling to the kith and kin of the deceased ones and help them survive and recuperate from this undeletable exertion.

    Nilik & Family

  8. May the departed souls of the God loving Bhutanese pilgrims and others, who lost their precious lives in the Tara Air Crash Tragedy rest in heaven. Our condolences goes out to all the bereaved, surviving members of the families affected by this horrible incident.

    Rp Subba

  9. This came as a tragic and a shocking news to all the Bhutanese around the globe. We sincerely hope that the Government of Bhutan takes immediate action to compensate the loss to the bereaved families.
    On behalf of the Bhutanese living in Richmond, Virginia USA, I would like to pass on our heartfelt condelence to the bereaved families and pray to god to give them enough stenth to cope with the difficult situation.
    Druva Mishra
    RIchmond VA- USA