DNC marks 20th anniversary


The Druk National Congress (DNC) marked its 20th foundation day in Kathmandu on June 16.

According to its general secretary, Karma Dupthob, the party also released a brief report highlighting denial of human rights to the Bhutanese citizens. The report was sent to members of the Parliament and constitutional post holders.

An electronic copy made available to BNS said, “Fundamental rights, as enshrined in Article 7 of the Constitution, exists only on paper so far. It hasn’t been recognized and enforced.”

DNC president Lhendup Kesang
DNC president Lhendup Kesang

According to the report, whether the neither the government or nor the executive recognized and implemented fundamental rights of the citizens, claiming the King has been still held above the Constitution.

“DNC has placed utmost importance on our friendship with India, which should be a recognized part of our country’s foreign policy, in our Party’s manifesto, way back in 1994.”

The report also urged parliamentarians to deliberate for the resumption of negotiation process that was initiated on November 24, 2004, by the Secretary to His Majesty, Pema Wangchen, at the command of the fourth King, with late DNC president, Rongthong Kunley Dorji, at latter’s residence in New Delhi, India.

Kesang Lhendup, the party president, reminded all members and friends present during the event that struggle for inclusive democracy must continue with spirited commitment and devotion.

The party also expressed its hope that Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India must have counseled Thimphu regime to move towards path of inclusive democracy during his two-day visit. The party also offered prayers for a peaceful, stronger democracy, and for the prosperity and sovereignty of Bhutan and our people

Late RK Dorji founded DNC on June 16, 1994 with the support of Bhutanese inside the country and exile. The Government of Nepal hasn’t granted refuges status to most of the DNC cadres and executives, who have been leading miserable lives in Nepal and India.