DNC issues congratulatory message to Tobgay

DNC Chairperson Lhendup
DNC President Lhendup

The Druk National Congress (DNC) has issued a congratulatory message to President of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Tshering Tobgay, for the landslide victory the party achieved during the second general election in the country.

“On behalf of the Druk National Congress, please accept our sincere congratulations on the success of the People’s Democratic Party, as well as your own, in the recent general elections,” DNC President, Kesang Lhendup, said in a message.

It further said, DNC expected that Tobgay would leave no stone unturned to implement the promises pledged in the PDP’s election manifesto and serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum with utmost dedication.

“We are hopeful that the lingering Bhutanese refugee issue would be resolved, and the democracy further strengthened in our beloved country,” adding, “We await your positive action for the well-being and happiness of Bhutanese citizens.”


  1. It seems there are only so few expressing consciousness about the existence of great figure with minus sign hanging in front of it, when Bhutanese Refugee Issue is brought in the media. I hope that our leaders declaring even the dogs in the streets of Bhutan being happy act responsibly with fellow citizens unduly exploited and tortured for so long. It is constantly hitting the Bhutanese consciences inflicting pain to the society and the nation at large (excluding some beneficiaries of easy wealth of loot and exploitation). It has causes to weaken our moral standing among other nations in the international fore which even the gorgeous GNH seem failing to patch.
    Leaving it un-attended for long can weaken the nationality status of the state for evident lack of morality and justice or the expression of willingness to amend the wrongs making it look like achievement of the planned agenda of the state authorities. We do not want to see Bhutan facing affliction and consequent death for this prolonged crisis as a result of the criminal planning and development.