DNC-D to re-organize its program


Druk National Congress – Democratic (DNC-D) issuing a press release today has decided to re-organize its wing organizations including the Druk National Youth Congress– Democratic (DNYC-D) which was formed on July 5, 1998, after a meeting held recently in its exile working office.

It also appointed Karma Chojey as a new president of the organization with 11 Central Committee members.

“The other CC Members will take the oath of office within an appropriate and stipulated time and launch its peaceful programs and activities inside the country,” the release reads.

Meanwhile, the party also said to continue in its efforts for materializing the right to repatriation of all Bhutanese refugees to their homestead with safe and dignity.

The statement furtehr said that the DNC-D is working towards strengthening its organisational base both in and outside the country. “In the process, the Party had several rounds of meeting with its senior members from inside Bhutan, who are not happy and benefited by the introduction of the so-called democracy, and looking forward working more collectively, vigorously and consistently aiming to usher in true, vibrant and inclusive democracy, which is to fulfil the
expectations and aspirations of all the citizenries of Bhutan, adds the release.

“The DNC-D looks forward working cohesively with all the parties, organizations and individuals for achieving a comprehensive solution to the prolonged political, human rights and humanitarian problems in Bhutan”, adds the statement.


  1. Lhoshampa haroo dherai theo ani dherai polotical groups form garyo……. all their intentions were to fight against the polocies of King father Jigme, but finally landed their organization on family basis due to the vested interest of each group.Tara sharchoops haroo dherai kamti came to refugee camps and got divided ……..followed the same techniques of their lhoshampa counterparts.

    Frankly speaking during the movement in early 90’s allmost all the bhutanese supported financially if not openly. but the result was many innocent were beheaded by bpp and their paid gundas at garganda.
    Now it is the time for all to see the past mistakes and research strategies for the future couarse of actions. At this stage more co-operations is required tha n competitions. So why don’t your faction of DNC come and bridge the gap in bringing these forces together.
    I wish every political group shun their organizatioanl interests and come up keeping the national interest first.
    Good Luck!