DNC-D congratulates PM-elect Modi


The Druk National Congress-Democratic (DNC-D) has congratulated Prime Minister-elect of India, Narendra Modi, issuing a felicitation letter, Thursday.

“On the behalf of my party, which represents the largest group of democracy aspiring people of Bhutan in exile Nepal and on my own behalf, I would like to extend a heartiest congratulation and greetings on your tremendous victory in the sixteenth Lokshaba Assembly election 2014,” said DNC-D president, Rinzin Dorji, from Jhapa, Nepal.

Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi (Picture: Public domain)
Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi
(Picture: Public domain)

The felicitation letter further said, “Under your leadership BJP achieved an unprecedented win that has brought both pleasant surprise and anxiety to the neighboring communities and even to the international community’s too.”

However, Dorji said, he along with the members of pro-democracy party DNC-D, sheltering in Eastern Nepal and our supporters inside Bhutan, were given incredible warm by your landslide victory.

“We strongly hope, India being one of world largest democratic nation and under your dynamic rule would bring peaceful dawn for India and relax-able emotion for the Indian. And, the same would be brought to the under privileged neighboring people like us, who were lifelong waited and looking for India’s amicable intercession, as the India is monitor of South Asian countries.”

Dorji also expressed his hope that the new India government would exercise diplomatic measures to press Bhutan for dignified repatriation of Bhutanese refugees in exiles.