DNC, BNDP leaders meet Nepalese home minister


Kathmandu, August 15, 2009: Dr. DNS Dhakal, Acting President of Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP) and Karma Duptho, Secretary of Druk National Congress (DNC) submitted the application to Nepalese Home Minister Bhim Rawal at latter’s office in Kathmandu drawing attention of minister to expedite the process of issuance of Bhutanese refugee identity card.
According to Duptho, Minister Rawal promised to look into the matter seriously.
The Government of Nepal and UNHCR jointly conducted census of exiled Bhutanese in 2006-2007 following which the identity cards were issued. Some several hundreds of them haven’t received their identity card until now.
In addition, they, along with S. B. Subba, Harka Jung Subba, Radha Adhikari and Nirula Rai attended the SAAPE conference in which Bhutanese political and refugee issues was apprised to the members of civil societies from EU and India to pressurize their respective governments for the repatriation of exiled Bhutanese and early resolution to political crisis.