Discussion on BNS future course


In an attempt to figure out future strategies of BNS, TP Mishra moderated a panel discussion in Pittsburgh, PA on Oct 14, 2013. The panelists were RP Subba (Virginia), Tika Acharya (New Hampshire), Bhagirath Khatiwada (New Hampshire) and Kishor Pradhan (Pennsylvania).


  1. So exited to listen conversation between literate bodies.
    First, I think it’s better to register in USA for the better operation of media. It can be registered as non-profit organization. What I suggest is it’s very important to research on US’s legal limitations on News medias.
    Next, Board should be formed soon as possible. If any of us don’t have knowledge of news media’s legal requirements and procedure then we can take help of American Layers and Media consultants.

    I think BNS can be registered in one state and can be operate across the globe. We need to find flexibility, possibilities and requirements for it.

    Here are some of the basic things are needed for BNS stability after registration;
    1. Board of Directors.
    2. Managers, Editors & Reporters.
    3. Office of contact.
    4. Financial/Account Manager.
    5. Audio and Visual Studio for News broadcast.
    6. News Network with Local, National and International medias.
    7. Yearly Review & Convention to support media.
    8. Grant Writing.
    9. Employ the media workers ( Editors – Written, Audio & Videos).
    10. BNS Ownership & Administration.
    11. Professionalize reporters through workshops and trainings.
    12. Find Resources.

    There are more then 100 Bhutanese Businesses across the USA. My guess is once BNS gets it’s legal identity or registration it will get huge amount of financial grants from government or private businesses.

    People better give grant to BNS then paying taxes to IRS if BNS is registered as NGO.

    These are my suggestions only.
    Thank You.
    Karna Gurung.