Dipawali celebration in Minnesota focuses on youth empowerment


Bhutanese Youth Empowerment Program performed Dipawali special program in Washington Magnet Technology School on Nov 17, Saturday.

Youth club supported the Program with fund raised by playing Deusi. According to the organizers, their sole purpose was to bring awareness among youths of the community on education and better opportunity.

“BYEP targets on youths who possess leadership potential but are lagging behind owing to lack of appropriate opportunities,” the organizers said.

“Youth are longing to be of use and to feel that they have a value,” Bikash Dhakal, the Program Coordinator of BYEP, said. According to him, BYEP helps the youths to excel in education, sports and recreational activities like dance, drama and music while volunteers now help the youths prepare them for SAT, ACT exams. Washington Magnet Technology School has allowed two rooms to perform all these activities.

In the event, Prema Mysore from SEWA, an non-profit organization, asked the Bhutanese community to support youths and encourage them to have a better and dignified life. “Working for education and preserving Bhutanese culture should be a major goal today”, she said.

BYEP was established on August 8, 2012.


  1. Bhutanese Youth Empowerment Program is his dream.I remember him speaking about it in a fund raising event at the University for Bangladesh Youth.He is indeed far sighted and my close friend.
    All the best..We will always be there for BYEP.