Diasporic news blog declares shut-down


May 3: At a time when the whole world was busy celebrating the World Press Freedom Day, May 03, the editorial board of a popular ‘news blog’ producing news stuffs for and by Bhutanese refugees, has declared the shut-down of a nearly 1.5 year old news site for indefinite time. 

A news statement posted on the bhutanusa.com cited, what they call as “technical and managerial issues” as the reason to declare the closure of the site. 

“The reasons arise out of the fact that the time period of the registration of this domain has run out and the web page designer (Himalayan Web Info. Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal) that was entrusted with the task of developing the site to its final form and hosting it with a different domain, globalbhutan.com, cheated us badly letting us not to blog about what we have been doing for nearly one and a half years.”

Himalayan Web Info, however, is yet to respond. The blog was started at the end of 2008 when full-scale resettlement was underway with a slogan “a common nest of Bhutanese in abroad.”

The statement further reads “We do not claim ourselves to be so scholastic and precisely perspective thinkers in regards to working with Butanusa.com but we did have a successful story in the past with an ever-increasing influx of visitors, viewers, well-wishers and above all, our advisors who, in some way served as beacon for our responsibility-laden ship to head its way surviving the Doldrums on a vast ocean of socio-political criticism and diverse ideological Tsunamis.” 

Stating that the decision left the initiators incapable of keeping it up-to-date despite their continuous endeavor, the statement further mentioned that the decision was for an “indefinite” period of time.

The editorial board has also extended sincere words of gratitude to their valued visitors, senior Bhutanese reporters, Bhutanese intellectuals who supported them during hard times and above all, the team members, who, amidst the busy and hectic schedules of their daily living, worked devotedly to bring things updated on a regular and timely manner.

The board has also regretted for the inconvenience caused on the part of their valued readers, visitors and viewers as a result of its closure.

According to the statement, the site, Bhutanusa.com will be completely down from the mid-night of May 8.


  1. This is really bad decision made by them.We all the bhutanese in NH are in deep sadness knowing the fact that this site is going to be closed.Iam regular visitor of this site and i like it very much.Is there any way Bhutannewsservice can help them ? please do this favour to all bhutanese around the globe please.

  2. Hi Folks in the Himalayan Web Info. Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    If it is true that you have cheated, we will name and shame you as we resettle around the globe. Make no mistake, we have our guys studying IT and we will be in position to fight with you infuture in any front. For now, you may think us refugees and cheat us.. but gone are those days and in the years to come we will be in very good position to fight with you both economically and academically.

    I am happy to discuss with you guys on this. My email is [email protected] if yuo desire so.

    If you have even slightest moral, do the work or you will be exposed. Make no mistke, we receive many VIPs from nepal in Australia. I will not hesitate to talk to everyone, including the Neplai Ambassador in Australia and other very senoir Nepali officials of your sinful act in every single opportunity.

    Choice is your, whether you want to act greedy or come in the global platform as a reputed company from nepal. Don’t blame us later on that you would have corrected this simple issue without much fuss.

  3. Dear SL G and Parsu Dai,


    Time will teach them upon what have they done. First of all, we need to prepare ourself in all the field to combat this wrong doer and cheater, if these people have really cheated us. Otherwise it is too early to say this. But it is a heavy loss for all of us to have this blog shut down and will a make a huge difference.