Diaspora marks Dashain with significance


Sept 28: All most all resettled Bhutanese refugees have celebrated their greatest festival Dashain around the world in traditional styles.

Our correspondent in various states of USA reported that despite their busy schedules, refugees enjoyed to observe the day with great significance.

People in Georgia marked Dashain in a community hall of Atlanta city with get together program including Durga puja function and live concert yesterday.

Prem Siwakoti, 23, receives teeka from his father in New York City. Photo/Uma
Prem Siwakoti, 23, receives teeka from his father in New York City. Photo/Uma

DJ Khaling, one of the organizing committee members of the program, informed BNS that an estimated 3500 people attended the function.

Three Bhutanese organizations including Bhutanese Community of Georgia, Bhutanese Artists of Georgia, and Bhakti Samaj of Georgia have jointly organized the program.

BM Dhakal from Kentucky informed the BNS that the resettled refugees in this state observed Dashain for three days from Saturday by performing various religious activities. Beginning Saturday, the program ended today amidst special function by offering teeka to an estimated 200 Bhutanese refugees.

In Utah, people observed the festival with great enthusiasm at Horizonte Welcome Center. According to our correspondent in Utah, they also organized cultural shows reflecting the significance of the festival. Around 400 people took active participation in the program.

Late reports received from Mohan Sharma in Virginia stated that the resettled refugees in Roanoke city in Virginia performed joint Durga puja on September 26 but they put teeka today on their own apartments in traditional styles. Director of Refugee and Immigration Services Beth Luthjen, among other special guests showed their active participation during Durga puja.

Sharma further informed BNS that school-going children in traditional attires staged a cultural show featuring Nepali folk, filmy, solo song and comedy dance.

Refugees at the gathering program in Massachussettes. Photo/Bhutanusa.com
Refugees at the gathering program in Massachussettes. Photo/Bhutanusa.com

Bhutanusa.com, California-based blog, reported that the resettled Bhutanese Families in the cities of Westfield, West Springfield, and Springfield in the State of Massachusetts have organized a get together program on Sunday to mark the festival. Around 200 individuals from at least 45 families took active participation in the program.

Govinda Acharya from Lansing in Michigan informed BNS that around 200 Bhutanese refugees received teeka from senior Nepalese pundit Khem Raj Keshab Sharan. A cultural program was staged in a hall that lasted for almost six hours making the day light wrapped up.

Refugees in Burlington city in Vermont State also observed the festival today amidst a special function by receiving teeka from Bhutanese pundit Dadiram Nepal.

Padam Monger informed BNS that around 250 refugees gathered in a hall provided by Unitary Church in the city where children and youths performed typical Nepali dance to mark the day.

Meanwhile, our correspondent in Washington said around 150 refugees gathered in a meeting hall yesterday to perform Durga puja. Refugees in Spokane city in Washington received teeka on their own apartments beginning yesterday evening.

Around 500 people in Dallas in Texas gathered in a hall to exchange the wishes yesterday. According to Lachu Bastola, representatives of resettlement agencies also observed the program where refugees staged a power point presentation and other cultural shows highlighting the significance of Dashain festival.

Refugees engage in performing Durga puja in Virginia. Photo/Mohan
Refugees engage in performing Durga puja in Virginia. Photo/Mohan

Laxmi Acharya from Canada informed BNS that around 40 refugees in Regina celebrated the day today by putting teeka at his apartment.

He further informed that in Quebec in Canada, where larger group of refugees dwell, the day was marked with typical Nepali dances along with teeka-receiving program.

Ichha Poudel reported that resettled refugees at Adelaide in South Australia celebrated Vijaya Dasami, the most important day of the ten-day long Dasain today.

A small but not too congested community hall at the heart of Adelaide city was full of participants who were seen rushing to take blessing with teeka from the senior members of their community.

And, there were seniors from seventy eight year old Bhadra Maya Dhakal to ninety six years old Dhana Pati Poudel who were busy offering teeka, chanting hymn and blessing junior members of the community with longevity, prosperity and peace of mind. Around fifty resettled Bhutanese received blessings from seniors who gathered at the hall at  2 PM after having received tika with blessings from the senior members of the family.

Refugees in a get together in Australia. Photo/Vikram
Refugees at a get together in Australia. Photo/Vikram

A team of four priests had been praying goddess Durga since yesterday, which is believed to boost the strength of humankind to fight against the evil. The program was conducted with the support from Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia.

Similarly, resettled Bhutanese at other states of Australia also observed Dasain with joy. At Hobart and Launceston, they organized various cultural shows to welcome the approaching Dasain earlier.

Click here to watch a video kept at Youtube that reflects how refugees in Canada celebrated the festival.

By TP Mishra and Kazi Gautam in New York with inputs from other correspondents.


  1. Do you guys knows that there are refugees re-setteld in Canada’too???????????????????????Thanks for boyctting us,,,,,???????
    Off course Canada is nothing as compared to united states.
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    Please read the whole news story. We have included the news related to Dashain celebration in Canada…. Ed

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    Madan Kumar Giri
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    NOTE: Please read the whole news story. We have included the news related to Dashain celebration in Canada…. Ed

  3. Hi every one this is Kuber Poudel from Lasvegas of Nevada. When most of the refugees in the USA are busy celebrating the festivals, we at lasvegas are busy brainstorming on the petty looking but grave problems.
    Really, we have different TALE TO TELL. May goddess Durga and Laxmi empower all of us with strength and courage, Wisdom and Wealth,Knowledge and skills.

  4. This is based on the video kept at Youtube that reflects how refugees in Canada celebrated the festival.
    Haaa i have watched the video on youtube but what is identification of Bhutanese? why they have kept the Nepals flag in stead of Bhutan. i think the guys are not Bhutanese if they are then they should have kept the country flag in the programme show. Do not forget guys??????????????????to video kept at Youtube that reflects how refugees in Canada celebrated the festival.

  5. Dear Michel:

    I agree with you. Many Bhutanese refugees living here in the United States, also identified themselves as “Nepalis”, not “Bhutanese”.
    Most of them, never wear Bhutanese dress but wear Nepali dress or American dress. What I have heard from some of my Bhutanese refugees friends that when the King of Bhutan asked them to learn and speak Bhutanese language, and asked them to wear Bhutanese dress, they simply refused and claimed that they were emotionally atatched to Nepali culture, not Bhutanese.
    If I were a Bhutanese living in Bhutan, I would love to comply with the requests made by the King of my country. I would love to be speaking Bhutanese language and would love to wear Bhutanese dress.
    I have so many of Bhutanese refugees friends and I hate to offend them by asking why they wear Bhutanese dress here in the United States?

    And why they do not speak Bhutanese language here in America?
    How can someone claims to be Bhuatnese without knowing Bhutanese langauge and without wearing Butanese dress?
    Can someone expalin please?

  6. Dear Mr.Pasha,
    I have been to Bhutan, its a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual country. In this post second world war era I personally believe its not wise to talk about majority speaking language to be the nation’s only language. In your description you have written you live in US, now does not that imply you should be knowing the langauge the red indians speak???? Please do ponder about….