Dhakal replaces Mishra in BNS editorial team


Buddha Mani Dhakal has been appointed as new Chief Editor of the Bhutan News Service after T.P.Mishra tendered his resignation from the post.

Buddha Mani Dhakal (right) has replaced outgoing Chief Editor T.P.Mishra from August 3, 2012

Issuing a press statement, Bhutan Media Society (BMS) on Friday said a decision was made at its board meeting to appoint former editor of the APFA Bhutan as the Chief Editor, replacing the outgoing chief editor Mishra with effect from August 2.

Dhakal joined exiled media as Chief Editor of the Bhutan Reporter in 2004. Currently, he is based in Kentucky, USA.

The statement said, “We want to inform our valued readers and donors that Buddha Mani Dhakal has been appointed to lead the editorial team of the Bhutan News Service from August 3, replacing the outgoing editor Mishra.”

The statement further mentioned that the Society shall remain forever indebted towards the contributions made by the outgoing chief editor T.P Mishra.

North Carolina based T.P.Mishra, who was leading the BNS editorial team since 2009, resigned from his post, citing lack of time to take his editorship and regular studies together.

A three-year graduate on mass communications from the Purbanchal University of Nepal, Mishra started his journalism career as a reporter for the then published Bhutan Reporter from 2004. Later Mishra also worked as Chief Editor of the Bhutan Reporter from 2007 until 2009 and is author of ‘Becoming a Journalist in Exile’. In a resignation tendered to the board, Mishra has extended his gratitude to his media colleagues and friends of BNS/BMS for their support and coordination during his tenure.

Reinstating its commitment towards professionalism of Bhutanese media in exile, the Society has also thanked all of its donors for continuously extending their helping hands in effective operation and management of Bhutan Media Society and its affiliates.

“We hope that the supports from our esteemed donors will continue as we have received a dynamic person to lead the BNS editorial team,” added the statement.

BMS clarifies position of I.P. Adhikari

The Bhutan Media Society said that it also has reviewed the affiliation of I.P.Adhikari at Society and its affiliates.

Indra Adhikari (Picture courtesy : Yubasansar.com)

Accepting the fact that Adhikari has started operating his own news site as a parallel entity from Adelaide of Australia to compete with Bhutan News Service, the Society decided to announce publicly that Adhikari has been focusing simply on his own site since early this year.

“We are extremely sorry to inform our donors and readers of the Bhutan News Service that Indra Prasad Adhikari is no more associated with our team,” BMS said in its statement.

Adhikari, who is one of the founders of Bhutan News Service formed in 2006, was President of Association of Press Freedom Activist (APFA) Bhutan, Chief Editor of the apfanews.com and former Editor-In-Chief of the Bhutan News Service.

BMS also mentioned that it was compelled to clarify his non-affiliation to the Society and its affiliate BNS to avoid confusions among readers and well-wishers.

According to the Society, Adhikari’s personal correspondence with some of its well-wishers and regular writers were found to be highly sensitive, aimed at tarnishing the image of Bhutan News Service in long-run.

“We want to inform our readers and donors that Adhikari will not represent Bhutan Media Society and its affiliates officially henceforth.”


  1. T.p Mishra-You have done such a commendable job. Appreciations from this part of the world.
    BMS & IP Adhikari-yasari futnu maa dherai faaidaa khaasai no holaa. This little boy feels a reflection-an example of a social setting we have seen as we grow. So sorry!

  2. Dear Buddha sir
    I heartily congratulate for taking over the responsibilities of BMS. You deserve it. I hope and wish you will take entire BMS team to the further culmination. I wish you all the best!
    I have no words to express for your services to BMS. Without your contribution BMS would never have reached this success. I am confident enough that you will be back to BMS as soon as you complete your studies. After all you are a part of BMS and BMS is a part of you. This two things can’t go without each other. I wish you complete your studies and return to BMS at the earliest!

  3. First of all I congratulate Buddha Mani Dhakal for being elected to the important post of Editor-in-Chief of BNS.

    We hope under your care BNS will be further made popular unit of Bhutanese people. God Bless you.

    In the meantime I must thank T P Mishra who has resigned from his post, for his dedicated and valued service to Bhutanese people. He has been very effective and good leader in this subject during all these time. I wish him good luck. Also I hope he will always be there to support the work of BNS.
    Thank you.
    N B Giri
    Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Nepal.

  4. I would like to congratulate mr. Buddha muni dhakal for being elected as the chief editor of BNS. And also would like to appreciate TP vai’s invaluable contributions. Hope he will still be around BMS helping the community with the news. Good luck of you guys.

    Los Angeles, CA.

  5. Thank to you TP bhai for is amazing work during his time. Budhamani bhai, you will do excellent job and we will support you in any way we can to keep the BNS as good as it was and hoping for the best in future.
    Media is only our backbone to share the diaspora news and views. Please keep it free from all ills as you all have been doing until now.

  6. Congratulations Mr. Dhakal !! BNS readers expect you more than what TP contributed to media.
    Thank you TP Mishra for your time and efforts in making a BNS and good luck for your further studies. I presume you be back to BNS with same potantial after your courses/degree.

  7. Congratulations to Buddhamani Dhakal for being cheif editor in BNS. I still hope that BNS will not forget the contribution made by mr. Mishra in past. Time is precious in the US, but Bhutanese community around the globe aspect still more from Mishra and Adkhikari from BNS. I like to see you all in one forum. You guys are the face of the community and hope.

  8. Sad to know friend of mine and contemporary collegue TP has resigned from BNS. I appreciate contribution given by you to Bhutanese media for this long period and hope to read some more articles despite your resignation from BNS because I don’t think you have resigned from running creative hand. You are obviously a creative writer and I hope you won’t give up this. Good luck for your further studies.

  9. Congratulation Budha Mani bhai….I am sure you will contribute your best to the exiled media and all of our supports are with you. As a professional journalist the Bhutanese society in exile and in the country will benefit from your intellectual caliber.

    TP Bhai, I have known your contribution to the Bhutanese media in the last few years and I have admired your effort and dedication without reservation. You deserve a break from this heavy responsibility and need to focus on your studies. You had been a good model of young Bhutanese leadership and hope to see your contributions regularly even when you are not the editor. Your ethics and professional contribution will be remembered by all Bhutanese Diaspora and thank you for your time and dedication in building the community. When you complete your studies you should definitely come back with even bigger contribution to the society.

    All the best to both of you and thank you for keeping the Bhutanese Diaspora continuously informed of the latest community events and news.

  10. Thank you T. P bhai for your invaluable service to the Bhutanese community , after Bhutannewsonline.com was discontinued in 2005 there was a big vacuum in the media coverage of our issues. BNS team came forward, filled that gap and took it to the new height, thank you for your service, wish you success in your future endeavors.

    Congratulation to Buddha Bhai for taking the rein of BNS , wish you success in Chief Editorship position.

  11. Congratulations Mr. Dhakal for assuming the position of Chief Editor.
    Thank you to Mr. Mishra for bringing BMS to this stage and wish you all the best in your studies. Hope to see you back soon with BMS!!!

  12. Congratulations for your new responsibility BM Dhakal sir. I wish under you BMS will continue serving us as per new demands and expectations. TP Bhai has done a commendable job during his tenure and he deserves unequal appreciations for that. I hope he continues his input amidst his hectic schedule at his studies. I wish him a great success at his sutidies. TP Bhai- your hard work and toil in the service of our community will never go unrewarded.

    Ram Karki
    The Hague.

  13. Congratulations to Buddha and appreciations for taking responsibility.

    Still young boys then – VPM, TPM, IPA, Kazi, Teju, Iccha Poudyel, Ramesh Gautam, and many others have invested uncountable numbers of man-hours to bring BMS to its form of today. I know each one has as per his/her capacity worked hard and made contributions. Hereby acknowledgements and thanks for your contributions.

    The task of BMS to reach its reader is and shall with years become more and more challenging. The misunderstanding in the team shall definitely have a negative impact. However with time, priorities of people change – studies, families, additional responsibilities, volunteers-fatigue, etc. It is normal and a continuous generation of a pool of volunteers is essential.

    However, appearance of few write-ups of IPA (though a misunderstanding in team, it is not with your readers) and TPM (however busy you may be with your studies, a few articles per year to your capacity should never be a problem) in BMS, shall make your (all) initiative living in days to come and more meaningful.

    Lots of success to all.
    Lakshmi Prasad Dhakla

  14. Earnest appreciation of Mr. Mishra’s volunteer service to the community. Congratulations and a warm welcome to the new CE, Mr. Dhakal. It’s a pleasure to know that we don’t have to feel the vacancy. As expectation grows along with the birth of a child, I think it is not an idiocy to anticipate something innovative by readers like me from the new CE.
    The significance of media to us has never been so immense before than now. If there is something that keeps the globally scattered Bhutanese folk together, it is none other than BNS. It has been letting people keep their finger on the pulse of what has been happening in our communities around the globe. It’s an unavoidable fact that our youths are busier than the rest of the categories of our community still then Mr. Mishra has spared some of his invaluable time allowing us enjoy the right to information. We shall ever remain indebted to what he has contributed to us.
    Best wishes to the new and tanks of thanks to the outgoing CE.