Deushi Special


Click to enjoy Deushi and Sangini reflecting the history of  Nepali speaking Bhutanese and their present situation.  We are grateful to those who gave their voice for this Deushi.  We regret the delay due to the technical difficulties.

You can contribute “Deushi Ko Dan” with your credit card too. Please note that the payment is done with secure connection.


  1. It is great to know radio bhutan can be listen every where in the world. I hope some sharing point is necessary;it will be more popular, if we can share these audio programme in own homepage of facebook, hi5,worldpress,twitter, livespace, Digg, Bebo etc.

  2. i am so glad that i can know what is going on Bhutanese refugee camp and i want to thank you all about this. and my old grandfather and grandmother are also happy not only my family lot of people are happy…..