‘Desh Khojdai Janda’ movie targets premier show in Fall 2013


A feature movie based on the Bhutanese refugee issue, Desh Khojdai Janda meaning ‘in search of nation’, is expected to be ready for premier show in Fall 2013, informed its Director Prakash Angdembe.

Prakash Angdembe speaks to mediapersons at Damak

Angdeme made such an announcement during a press meet organized on Saturday at Fine Hotel, Damak, Jhapa .

“We have completed all shootings of the movie. If everything goes as per our plan, we’ll come up with its premier show within this Fall 2013,” said Director Angdembe, who has established himself as one of the best theatre artists in eastern Nepal.

The movie, which is a joint production of Ifacains International Foundation, Ifaca Bhutan, Gantabya Theatre, and presented by Line Cross Movies Pvt. Ltd, is expected to cost around 4 million Nepalese rupees, it is learnt.

“I am proud to announce that every character involved in the movie has played his role on a complete voluntary basis. This is how we are able to downsize the total investment for the movie,” added Angdembe.

The film is said to have featured most of Bhutanese refugee characters besides some known artists like Babu Bogati, LP Joshi, Sarita Oli, and Hemanta Budathoki, among others.

The Story Plot
In the much anticipated bilateral treaty of 1624 AD furnished between the then Nepal (Gorkha) and Bhutan, Nepalese immigrants were formally accepted as citizens in Bhutan. These innocent Nepali-speaking Bhutanese were betrayed by the Bhutanese regime in late 1980s and early 1990s as they were forced to take refuge in Nepal to lead sub-human life. The ongoing resettlement program has scattered these refugees to various western countries, but their search for a nation would continue forever.


Production Ifacains International Foundation, Ifaca Bhutan, Gantabya Theatre and Line Cross Movies
Genre(s) History, Drama, Family & Suspense
Run Time 1 hour 45 minutes
Premier Show July 2013
Director Prakash Angdembe
Associate Director Samten Bhutia
Executive Producer Birendra Chhetri
Screenplay Upendra Subba
Cinematographer Sanjay Lama
Art Director Pralhad Gurung
Lead Characters Hemanta Budathoki, Babu Bogati, Sarita Oli, Aruna Karki, Mina Koirala, Ram Chamling, LP Joshi, Dhankute Kancha, among others
Country of Origin Nepal
Places Featured Bhutanese Refugee Camps, and Nepal
Language Nepali
Theme Nostalgia, History, Identity Crisis & Hardship
Film Budget Rs 4 million (approx.)

(With inputs from Vidhyapati Mishra in Kathmandu and Shekar Rizal in Beldangi)


  1. Great work Prakash ji. A loud applause and sincere appreciation.We the Bhutanese are indebted to you for your art of documenting our history which we haven’t been able to do so for as long as today. I am not sure if we’d be able to pay this debt off. All the best wishes for the grand success of your hard work.

  2. In one of my comments to Ram Bahadur Lamichane Gurung, I had written that movies must be in the making. Co-incidentally it has come true. I hope it depicts a story that can stand ethical grounds when scrutinized by principled writers or commentators. A movie is a powerful medium that can capture people’s mind pretty well and convince them of the main idea. Whether it is a fiction or documentary or amalgamation of both, the movie, if it depicts the Bhutanese Refugee accounts, should be ethical and free of prejudice.

    This movie, as mentioned in the write up, includes the treaty of 1624. What exactly is this treaty? Why is this treaty so important? We are living in 21st century now. Are some of you trying to say that only the descendents of those 42 families will be Bhutanese and others will be aliens. What are you trying to prove by dragging the historical anecdotes? Just like Guru Rimpoche flew on a flying tiger to Tagstang. I commented on this historic perspective earlier on Gopal Acharya’s GNH article. And it goes:

    ” I have trouble with people referring to the history that they don’t even know. What is this business of 41 or 42 Nepali families coming to Bhutan two hundred years ago? Who cares???? My life now is my life. I should not be punished for the reason that I did not come to Bhutan 5000 or 200 or 100 years ago. You don’t have to land 200 years ago in Bhutan to become a Bhutanese. If you argue on this illogical foundation then you will be an American or British or Canadian or Australian after 200 years. A country has to have a law that satisfies the country’s as well as the international standards of citizenship and not 5000 years. I have seen quite a few write ups illustrating this historical mantra to justify Bhutanese citizenship. Stay away from this BS (pardon my language).”

    I don’t see any validity on such sightings to support an unrelated topic. In many of my comments I have asked questions to writers and commentator to clarify some of their views or comments. They haven’t except for DNS Dhakal and RBLG in few occasions although they have tried to avoid direct answers to the questions. Some others of course have plagiarized the ideas by changing the words here and there. That’s a shame!

    My fear is that, if we keep on producing biased views then we will become just like many office holders of the Bhutan Government with an opinionated story. Many foreigners I have met and who know Bhutan quite well say that the Bhutanese officials are untruthful in relation to the 1990 exodus. In our story we should be believable. That is possible when we try to tell our story truthfully as far as possible.
    So we should make sure that the movie story is noteworthy before we jump on the bandwagon. I hope it is not made for only money!


  4. No matter how far the Bhutanese regime and monarch denies our cause, no matter how well Bhutan frame shadows to cover the ethnic cleansing done in my nation, truth will be always truth.

    Thanks to the producer and director for honoring the forgotten people- Bhutanese Refugee. Please keep on forecasting the injustice done by Bhutanese 4th Monarch towards our fellow Bhutanese. God bless you!

  5. I do not know about the 1624AD and any relevant documents in this regards so far.
    But it is heard that group of Nepali(Newar) on the command of Gorkha king was sent to Bhutan during Shabrdung period to work for metal items for monastery construction and similarly ,group of Bhutanese were sent to Nepal for wood/stone/tangka and traditional painting works.Ofcourse, few Nepali visited Bhutan with British officers as (Cooliee/Bha..reya) porters .
    So I believe, if there were agreement also,. it was for trade/business/cultural and religious purpose only ,I mean not to settle down in Bhutan.
    Moreover, it is also understood that, most of them who entered Bhutan for above purpose went back to Nepal after the completion of their projects.
    And the relatives/ family of those few Nepali who decided to settle down in Bhutan are still happily living in
    Bhutan as proud Bhutanese.
    The entry of Nepali in large number from Nepal and adjoining states of India into Bhutan was taken place during road construction/development projects between 1950 to 1980.
    It is learn t that, considering their sincere AND hard work,Royal Govt. granted land to the landless people (Sukambasi) and allowed to settled down in southern part of Bhutan,provided free education,provide employment (Govt. job)including in Army,police and Kings body guards.
    But……the group of migrant Nepali took it as weakness of Bhutanese leadership and tried to revolt against the regime with the support of few Nepali leaders(relatives) from the adjoining states of India (Kalimpong/Darjeelin/Assam/Bengal) and political leaders like Koirala brothers from Nepal congress of Nepal.
    The creation of Bhutan congress in 1950 was taken place at Samchi/Chirang/gelephu etc and tried to over throw the King Wangchuk Regime with a dream to create greater Nepal ,bringing together sikkim,kalimpong darjeeling,part of Assam/Bengal doors and southern Bhutan but failed.
    However, the regime granted amnesty .The Nepali language was included in school syllabus, patshala opened ,Nepali news paper/magazine were introduced and even Nepali cultural/traditions (Royal dancers) was included in the National programs and events.
    The some old leadership died and some realized the mistakes ,the new leadership not properly knowing the past records/history tried their hand to start agitation in 1990 supported by outsiders.
    The so called leaders never realized that, Royal Govt. was/is strong enough to deal with such cases in the interest of National security.

  6. Dear RBLG, as you have stated “it was for trade/business/cultural and religious purpose only ,I mean not to settle down in Bhutan.”

    That means you-Gurung should definitely falls in to this circle if your name is not fake. And if Gurung is your last name it would be justifiable to tag you as a speaker or bureaucrats of Wangchucks!

    But, I completely understand after reading your comments from today to past that you are no other than a close minded relatives of Wangchuck(The Monarch). Because a educated and open minded Bhutanese knows what it takes to be Bhutanese.

    Speaking Dzongkha wearing Ghos and Kiras, and saluting the Monarch for 24 hours 365 days does not makes you Bhutanese. As well as coming to Bhutan with Shabdrung or being at Bhutan before 1000 century doesn’t does not provide you a tag of Bhutanese.

    A person whose dad was citizen of Kenya is now president of USA Do you know “President Obama”. By your definition he would be Kenyan and should not have a single right to be US president. Think again how matured and educated your thoughts are. Every can make a mistake, but a foolish could repeat again and again.

    So, it is your option to choose your own status- Will you Still want to argue that Bhutan only belong to one who looks like Tibetan descent?

    If you don’t know how to appreciate multiculturalism and diversity, if you still believed that a country should be identical to only a single ethnic majority, or if you still believed that Bhutanese are only the one who speaks Dzonkha, who wear Ghos and Kiras, and who are here few century ago. Then I have no thing to suggest you, than to open your narrow minded attitude and thoughts.

    My friend, world is so globalized that even a human is on the phase of being a international citizen, and you are still arguing over your isolated jungle. Ridiculous!

  7. Movies and other arts works and always helpful in preserving the culture and history of all the society and it is the great tool which keeps the history intact for the future generations. I hope the film has done justice for the refugees. I am not sure who is Prakash. But hope he has done the fair work by creating this movie.
    If the movie depicts the wrong scenario of the refugee lives than that will pass the wrong message to the future generations.
    Therefore, it should be based on facts and figures so that it will be a fine piece of history that will pass down to generations to come..

    Who is this Ram B L Gurung? he is always pouring his anguish over the southern Bhutanese. The sentiment that he display does not match his name. He has rejected the history by saying that the 24 families of Nepali mansons went back to nepal after the completion of their assign project. Then he further says people from nepal and the adjoining area of Bangal and assam sneaked in and they are illegal. If so how legal you are?
    You are pointing finger at yourself by denying the fact that none of the Southern Bhutanese are legal and by your own version you are illegal too, if you are real Gurung.

    And if you are playing with your name and identity i don’t hesitate to call you an anti- social element and the black sheep of the society. That what your role is and over all you are against humanity.

  8. For robin,
    The people like you,having dirty mind/vested interest always trying to prevent the voice of poor refugee still living in the camps. If we try to raise our voice we are branded as Wangchuk’s agent etc…in one and Nepal police and authorities called us illegal refugee in other side.
    Regarding President of USA being from kenya..plez ,note that ,the president of USA never brunt down the national flag of USA like we Nepali did in Bhutan during 1990 violent demonstration.It is no doubt that, genuine Nepali are still living in Bhutan as proud Bhutanese.
    Yes we Gurungs are also falls in the same migrant circle,that’s why we are suffering today. We are like “dhobi ko kutta ghar ko na ghat ko” We must realize that, in fact we under mind the good gesture of Bhutan government and revolted and never thought that we have to suffer like today.
    We poor are suffering and you cunning are benefiting and enjoying luxury life in the name of Bhutanese refugee.

    To shyamber,

    Ohi,guys…this is the weakness of our refugee society, this is the real quality/mind of our so called leadership.
    The poor are neglected and always discourage to put forward their grievances and express their displeasure.If any one try to bring the facts she/he is called Govt. agent.
    Coming to the 24 family went back to Nepal as you have mentioned..plez correct yourself .I have never mentioned the number of (24) family,instead, I said..few who decided to settle in bhutan are enjoying happy life today.
    Further more,I have never mentioned that, nepali people from Assam/Bengal entered illegally ??? I said..entered into Bhutan to work for road construction/development project in 1950-60 in large number.

  9. This RBLG is no other than LOTUS FLOWER who used to comment often defending Druk Regime. He is no other than RGOB paid media defender. RGOB since mid 90s have fielded full timer media defenders. There are some paid Indians too in West Bengal, India besides Bhutanese . Now in the country of settlement there are a few. They monitor each and every onlnie news using Search Engines. And,they only comment on those topics that looks sensitive to RGOB. Otherwise, see the areas where the comments are made by them. RGOB but finally cannot bury the truth. May take some more years, but their crime towards humanity shall be dealt accordingly. Time is a great healer.

  10. this movie is rubbish. first get the facts right.
    moreover everybody know about the plight refugees world over…..what is so bloody special about bhutanese refugees. bhutanese refugees (i am a bhuanese refugee) had it easy compared refugees from war-torn countries (afgans, iraqis & the afircans). i tell you mate a lot of the bhutanese who went to jahpa at a later stage were opportunistic migrants.
    if you are looking to mint some money at the expense of the refugee issues it is a sick method of earning money. get some decent job & earn money honestly as we do. majority of the bhutanese settled abroad just want to carry on with their live (& they are doing well) & don’t want to be reminded of the dramatized time spent in jhapa.

  11. RBLG (Ram Bahadur Lamichane Gurung) says that entry of Nepali in large number from Nepal and adjoining states of India into Bhutan was taken place during road construction/development projects between1950 to 1980.

    Whether that is true or false can be verified by any neutral party from far away country (Americans, Australians, Canadians, Britishers etc.) from the existing records and other stray evidences where organized records fail. Although projected in the manner to look like the Nepalis were vagabonds that poured in hundreds of thousands in a short period of time, the claim still fails to level evil charges against them by reporting that they were generous helpers of this nation supplying its need of labourers for development activities, cheaply.

    Despite meager wages and unsafe environment by any reasonable standards, they served our country. All that remained alive (after two decades of serving planned development activities that began in 1961) left Bhutan on completion of the projects wherever they were engaged having no wages/income for sustenance or place to stay after the projects ended. The last of the batches suffered harsh treatment of forceful deportations by PWD trucks that dumped them outside the gate in India. The claims that they were granted lands as SUKUMBASI for settlement to stay in Southern Bhutan is STRAIGHTWAY FALSE any third party can mediate and verify if situation so demands. None of the immigrant workers had family and civil registry in Bhutan to be eligible for land kidu that took some five to ten years from the time of preparing proposal, conducting eligibility survey and submitting reports that qualified only the citizens.

    Southern Bhutan was already settled much earlier than 1950s, of course by ethnic Nepalese that were already proud Bhutanese like any other, not as immigrant population as accused. They maintained own written records that helped government during the official census in later years (1981). Just because official census was conducted as late as 1981, should all the Bhutanese of Southern districts be declared as “immigrants that came in large number from Nepal and adjoining states of India into Bhutan during road construction/development projects”? There is criminal intent in the report of RBLG that twists facts to apply to wrong party (for similar looks/features) arguably for some perverted gains.

    Like this renegade by the name of RBLG acts as uninvited spokesperson representing Southern community falsely, I represent the views of Northern Community justly with purer facts disowning the claims of the self proclaimed immigrant, harming the causes of our genuine fellow Bhutanese. It is not wrong on the part of some that doubted him being the agent of adverse interest with clandestine agenda. His struggles with sweating to force the point validate my claims against him.

  12. Hi jigme,I must call you jigme prasad Bhatarai ,
    I’m 101% sure that, you are not a true Bhutanese,I mean Drukpa. I have been closely reading your comments and it is found baseless/self fabricated and it is understood that your comments are not matured to bring into this forum.
    Shame on you. This is computer world…..you can not bully international community ,as the people like you has been bullying our poor and innocent people for the past 23 years with false hopes/assurances and branding the people as Govt. agent, who dare to bring the facts.
    I realized that,it is waste of time and money to bring genuine grievances in this forum and discuss with narrow minded people like you. You are in fact…trying to discourage democratic rights of the people (freedom of expression) through your comments.

  13. Hey so called RBLG, So do you think that people have to believe you that your are not Drukpa. Common man don’t be fool while fooling other.

    Yes, I love Bhutan so do you, but keep your identity intact. There is no harm to speak the truth about our government wrong move during 1980s and 90s. I doubt, you are acting like a smart jack, pointing others mistakes and tagging other to be who they are. So, how is your comments and name different ?

    I saw you keep saying computer world, don’t you know it is globalized world. Computer world is of 90s, it is already 2013+, so, think and comment being aware about this globalized world. As one commenter stated above today, we human being are in the phase of being international citizen, and you are still arguing that we Drukpa are the only citizen of Bhutan. Please don’t make me feel shamed, though I am also a Drukpa but I am more open.

  14. @RBLG
    We could have discussed the differences face to face to share common opinion in the subject instead of contesting in the manner displayed in this forum. Your contradictory statements reveal the state of confusion regarding your stand with Bhutanese citizenship issue. Despite the weakness in glaring view, you appear expressing determination to bully the international community in this computer age, to the detriment of the facts which alone provide us secure ground for standing!
    I was trying to correct the wrongs with facts to help you stand with honesty, integrity and truthfulness which alone accompany us, acquitting us from charges of dishonesty. Does that make me the kind Jigme Prasad Bhatarai? This does not sound the voice of Lamchaney Gurung expressing gratitude to his guru for correction! I got the name “Jigme Da__l” from a dirty ghost the people in Bumthang call “deity” of Jakar Dzong that came to pick me to dump in the duthey among the corpses there awaiting cremation. He was seeing me through my own eyes when I was watching the dreadful activities being carried out there, in a trance. One of the mighty ghosts saw me in the bushes at Wangdichholing from where I was watching with despair over the fate of the souls in their captivity. He named me and came to pick me. As I dodged the path and closed the eyes in mix of fear and protests, the dirty ghost that came to pick missed me and made straight towards Kurjay Lhakhang. I got spared in relieving myself from its vision and I declare by this that all who remove its knowledge from their memory have chance of escape from being bonded, reserved for hell….
    So you rather answer that deity/dirty ghost if I am not Jigme and hence not true Bhutanese! I am not saying that dirty ghost is authority over me to decide my temporal identity (worldly nationality) or spiritual destiny but many poor Bhutanese elevate such evil power over them, believe and worship them in the hope of receiving helps from such wicked powers. Instead, none that do this will miss their guide to hell, to abide with them in the abode (if any agree to call abode for such place of torment) of everlasting fire.
    Your definition of true Bhutanese (only a Drukpa being the one) makes your stand clear in respect of general bias so many are brainwashed through strong doctrination of injustice and iniquity that emanates from the pit. Your preaching of this doctrine or appreciation of it as such makes you look other than Lamchaney Gurung that will not struggle tooth and nail to convince the victims of deception and worldwide spectators with per-version. Now the whole world has the living witnesses from Bhutan telling other side of the national doctrine we preach and as such it is proper for sane citizens to apprehend and handle that part as well instead of seeking escape in denial, while time still exists to make amends. Or else, we cannot escape the consequences of the actions when truth prevails. In this case of reality, the escape route lies in acknowledging the truth before time ends, confessing and correcting the mistakes at the earliest possible. It is unlike the cases of acknowledging and subjecting to the unknown powers of darkness beyond our control from which there is no escape once time ends taking defense hiding in it.

  15. “GUILTY MIND ALWAYS SUSPICIOUS ON GUILTY THINGS”so if we are genuine Bhutanese ,we are called DRUKPA. the son/daughters of DRUKYUL. I am against the pointing differences in caste/creed and religion ..like you people are trying to propagate today……………………………………. Ngalong/sherchop,bumthab and Lotsham

  16. It is not about pointing differences, it is about justice and equality for all.
    Today, every culture, tradition, dialect, dress-code, values, and religion in Bhutan is dominated and clouded Mahayana Buddhism.

    Unless, you understand the beauty of ethnic diversity and multiculturalism, you will keep on ignoring the voice for justice and equality. Equality and inclusiveness is what Sherchop, Lotsham ,Bumthab, and other minorities are looking for. It is not about differences, if you look it positively.

  17. we Nepali failed in all respects… to force Bhutanese leadership to accept the our demands so far , now trying to hang on social/community and religion sentiments with a hope to brain wash and divide innocent people and create communal tension/clashes within the peace loving society in Bhutan.
    Now Bhutanese citizen has learn t good lesson from 1990 unprecedented revolt lunched by group of Nepali people for vested interest and watching violent demonstration among the communities in other part of the world.
    No more please.

  18. “GUILTY MIND ALWAYS SUSPICIOUS ON GUILTY THINGS” as acknowledged by pathetic sufferer Ram Bahadur Lamchanay Gurung bearing the weight of the supposedly weightless matter of the matter less substance called MIND.

    I express my kindness to cite that evidences of them all rest with yourself. You look loitering around turning the “lag khor” reciting the pre-meditated mantra carved on it, accusing the victims for the crimes of taking the sufferings. You will heal yourself from the pain of any GUILT if you turn to the source of crime, acknowledge your part in perpetrating it and make amends to heal all. In the healing of your misdeeds you will truly be healed and no longer will there be SUSPICION and GUILT to be suppressed by its weight.

    If you are Buddhist, do not try to precede the noble Buddha. Take him as teacher of SOCIAL PEACE if you have not accepted him as Lord or God that so many presume. If you profess part with Hinduism, you can go to the extent of proving yourself as someone you claim to be, demonstrating it with power. There is no place or peace of mind for self proclaimed “ILLEGAL ECONOMIC IMMIGRANTS” like Ram Bahadur Lamchanay Gurung and his types in Bhutan, the country of the Bhutanese, the GREAT ECONOMIC POWER HOUSE in the region that sucked in several HUNDRED THOUSANDS of immigrants from NEPAL and adjoining states of India, long before several centuries the money was minted or any economic activities existed!!!.

    These seek PEACE and HAPPINESS against their consciences in pleasing their masters skilful to create and impose SELF LEGACY on their listeners. But the descents of the feudal lords struggle to show they lived in the past and by this express determination to kill the future for their admirers and listeners, DUMPING THEM in the bin as ILLEGAL after their tales are done! The poor Lamchaney Gurung in captivity serving us with body, speech and mind!!

    By the way, none of the common Bhutanese have advocated divisions and differences on line of caste/creed and religion like you are trying to enforce the order of DRUPKA KAGYUD everyday on Ngalong/Bumthab/Sharchop and Lotsham, determined to deny any holding their heads on them, accusing such people as ILLEGAL, ECONOMIC IMMIGRANT etc. Your very definition of true Bhutanese being a Drukpa is true manifestation of your guilt, making your appearance suspicious. What you are saying is already in the policy guidelines documents and as such you would do service to truth in citing the source instead of making them appear like your own statement. You could bear your personal identity instead of camouflaging to look like Ram Bahadur Lamchanay Gurung arguably accepting your charges against him in the TORTURE CAMP seeking rest from unnecessary pains, if you were not convicted, bearing and expressing guilt.