‘Desh Khojdai Janda’ movie released as Iowan Bhutanese first watched it 


The much-awaited feature movie on the Bhutanese refugee issue, Desh Khojdai Janda that literally translates as “in search of nation”, was released on May 3 from Iowa, granting the Bhutanese community in Des Monies and its supporters an opportunity to become the premiere show’s viewers.

Representatives of Ifacians International Foundation and Ifaca Bhutan screened the first public show at the Valley Community Center hall.  The Bhutanese Youth in Iowa hosted the event.

Movie’s art and postproduction director Prahlad Gurung, costume designer Neelima Sharma, and assistant art director Deo Kumar Rai were among the crewmembers attending the premiere show.

More than 200 Bhutanese residents and guests from local United States Commission for Refugees and Immigration, Lutheran Services in Iowa, teachers and staffs from Des Moines Public school and Grimes Public School, and Burundian Community in Iowa were present at the premier show, Gurung told Bhutan News Service.

Chida Dahal is one of senior community member to watch the movie. “The movie is emotional. It represents the true story of our life between 2000-2008 and also defies the Bhutan government’s claim of Lhotsampa being the economic migrants to Bhutan. It does represent a part of our history,” Dahal commented.

Harka Biswa, Gopal Khadka, Manish Adhikari and Chida Dahal were designated as VIP guests of the premier show.

Organizers decided not to postpone or cancel the show as in the case of other entertainment shows involving Nepali comedians and singers.

“We already have our team with relief aid in Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot. Our Director Prakash Angdembe is leading the relief team. Thus, we decided not to cancel or postpone our scheduled screening,” Gurung clarified.

According to Gurung, they also observed one-minute silence prior to screening in order to honor all those who lost their lives in Nepal’s earthquake.

The movie, which is a joint production of Ifacains International Foundation, Ifaca Bhutan, Gantabya Theatre, and presented by Line Cross Movies Pvt. Ltd, is being planned to screen in various other states in the U.S. and in other country of resettlement, it is learnt.

(All pictures used here in are courtesy of Nabin Khadka from Bhutanese Youth in Iowa)