Dead or still alive?


Dal Bahadur Khadka, who is a volunteer at the camp management committee of Beldangi-II camp, has received a letter from Chemgang Central Jail, where dozens of political prisoners have been spending their pathetic lives since late 80s and early 90s.

Katwal in his in hut in Beldangi-II camp prior to his arrest

The letter has asked Khadka and the exiled community to raise concern over the deteriorating health of 61-year-old N.L. Katwal, a senior leader of the Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front.

According to the letter dated November 12, Katwal was reportedly undergoing fast-unto-death since October 17. The family source claimed he has been demanding unconditional release of all political prisoners.

“He has been fasting-to-death since 27 days. We are worried about his deteriorating health. He has lost almost 10 kilogram of the body weight,” reads the prison letter, which Khadka received this week through one of the ICRC visitors.

The letter also claims that the government was silent towards the protest inside the jail.

Interestingly, the UN agencies in the capital city and media operating within the country have all remained mum over this issue.

“We ask you to highlight his hunger strike through various national and international media to put pressure on the government. Otherwise, his situation is really critical,” adds the letter.

Tek Bahadur Katwal (left) with Dal Bahadur Khadka, who together visited the Central Jail in September this year

Meanwhile, Tek Bahadur Katwal said he has already alerted the ICRC office in Kathmandu about the ongoing hunger strike of his father inside the prison.

“We have been told that ICRC office in New Delhi will monitor his situation inside the prison. However, we are very much worried since no one knows if our dad has ended the hunger strike or not,” expresses he.

His father was preparing for fasting-to-death when he last visited the Central Jail in Thimphu earlier this September, he claimed.

“This is the second time that my father has chosen fast-unto-death demanding unconditional release of all political prisoners from various jails of the country.”

In 2009, activist Katwal fasted-to-death for a week before a team of doctors forcefully administered glucose to him, bringing the hunger strike to an end.

Katwal, who was arrested in 2000 from Phuntsholing while leading a peaceful rally, has been serving a jail term of 13 and a half years after the country’s highest kangaroo court found him guilty of ‘demonstrating against the government and disturbing peace and harmony in the country’.

Unfortunately, the Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front that was fighting for dignified repatriation of exiled Bhutanese and unconditional release of political prisoners from various jails, has become a defunct party and is not in a position to raise this issue at present, as most of the central leaders have retired from the exiled politics or already accepted the third country resettlement.

“The party will not do any thing to save the life of my father. Various human rights groups, ICRC and media should put pressure on Bhutan to fulfill demands of my father,” he clarifies.

According to him, the family has been requesting the ICRC to schedule a prison visit immediately to know the status of his father.

“So far we haven’t received a positive response in this regard. However, we regard that it is our right to know if our father is dead or still alive.”


  1. In fact our folks in those western country should bring this type of issues forward and aware the international community about the situation of Human Right and suppression of Voice for freedom inside Bhutan.

    What is mean by NGH ????……..

  2. THIS is a really burning situation for the country folks. One shouldn,t remain silent when some one is sacrificing his life for the love of motherland . Let our leader take serious concern about his health and further situation.

  3. Dear friends
    This is a really concerning matter to raise for international community, Amnesty ,Human right organization.
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  4. We nepali destroyed our community service like health center/schools and bridges in Bhutan and kidnapped and killed innocent fellow citizens during 1990 unraising against the Royal Government.

    The bomb blast in Phuntsholing bhutan ,injuring innocent Indian people..ambush to innocent forest gurads at Sarpang bhutan and burning them alive……and you are proud to claim responsibility.WHERE IS HUMAN RIGHTS ? WHERE IS AMENESTY INTERNATIONAL ?

    You have no right to seek help from such organizations Coz you have committed crime against the innocent people and destroyed public facitily like hospital/schools and bridges.