DDC recommends to simplify Dzongkha


Sept 19: The ninth Dzongkha Development Commission (DDC) Conference has made a series of recommendations to promote and simplify the national language Dzongkha.

The conference that ended yesterday recommended this to ensure that people not only speak it but also find it easier to read and write it.

The conference attended by at least 75 experts and members also made about five dozens recommendations including the simplification of language.

The conference also recommended to make the curriculum uniform and interesting to future policies and plans.

The conference recommended simplifying Dzongkha by making the words easier to understand and use.

To make the curriculum more interesting it was also recommended that school textbooks should contain more words of daily use and also have a lot of pictures with interesting short stories.

To understand and use Dzongkha more effectively the experts recommended continuing the memorizing methodology in teaching Dzongkha subjects.

To promote the national language as many Dzongkha, English and Buddhist language dictionaries will be produced as possible.

The recommendations does not including the production of Nepali language dictionary. A vast majority of people living in southern belt of the country comprises Nepali-ethnic community.


  1. it is better to have Nepali language dictionaries in the country, you should not think Bhutan itself is a world. You need to have Nepali as well possible Hindi too. you have to depend upon others. Always have a correct direction for future.