Dasain celebration kicks off in Bhutan

Bhutanese monarch has given a little ease to its Hindu community  by allowing them to celebrate their greatest festival Dasain 2067 BS at the Durga Mandir in Thimphu.
With the theme of “Peace and Happiness through Spiritual Growth and Development” a team of nine Pundits headed by Pundit PL Nirola started Durga Puja on October 8 and that will end on October 17 on the day of Vijaya Dasami.
Talking to Choeday Lhentshog (Religious Commision) Pundit  Nirola said that Durga puja symbolizes the victory of good over evil.
During the nine-day puja, the Devi Puran, Devi Saptasati, Ramayan, Vedas and other sacred religious texts will be recited, and prayers offered to seek blessings for good health and long life of the monarchs and the people of Bhutan.
Besides those living in the capital city, the Hindu communities around the country have also been reported to have already started their Dasain celebration.
The fourth king of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchhuk declared Vijaya Dasami a national holiday in 1980.


  1. It is wrong to say that, Bhutan Monarch has given little ease to its Hundu community by allowing them to celebrate their festival at thimphu.Instead you must say that, now monarch is celebriting hindu festival (Dasai) with selected Hindu citizens in thimphu.
    In the past 30-35 years, Monarch used to celebrate Dasai with general public by inviting them to palace for Tika.Even Dasai has decleared National holiday by the monarch in 1980.
    Moreover, the celebration of Durga puja at thimphu is in practice for the past 30-35 years.